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Now We Have Love ♥A 1D and 5SOS Adoption Story♥

Chapter 5

I wake up and remember what today is it's October 27th. I get this day might not mean much to others but to me Its everything. It was her birthday. When I was 16 I was sent to live with a new foster family It was okay the first few days until their son Luke came into my room one night I found out three weeks later I was pregnant. As soon as the baby was born I was sent back I got to name her though I named her Haylee Rose. All I know is she lives in Australia now. I get pictures every now and then. I just got this one a couple of days ago Cindy forwarded it to me.

I cry and I look at the photo I miss her I miss holding her and I miss everything about her.
"Knock Knock." I was brought out of my thoughts by Niall's voice, but as soon as he sees my face he rushes to my side and pulls me into a hug.
"Whats wrong love?" He asks clearly knowing somethings wrong. Should I tell him?
"It's her birthday." I sob into his arms.
"Whose birthday love?"
"My daughters." I just couldn't look at his face I knew what would happen know he would hate me and send me back to the orphanage.
"Where is you're daughter Isabella?" What?
"Umm with her dad's family." The look on his face was one of concentration. Who knew what he was thinking. It cold have been on saving my daughter or of dolphins most likely dolphins. Just kidding.
"Whats theirs names? I can look into finding them and helping you get her back." After staring at him for a long time I show him the name on the envelope, but what I wasn't expecting was the look on his face.
"Niall whats wrong?" I say with caution not wanting to push him.
"Is this some kind of joke?" What?
"No it isn't why the hell would I lie about this?" Without saying another word he gets up and leaves. And a few seconds later I hear the front door slam. What did I do?

Niall POV
He did this to her what the hell. Oh my god I'm going to call him.

"Hey Niall. What's up man?" I hear Luke's voice come through the speaker.

"So When were you going to tell me about what you and Isabella did?" I say furious.

"What?" I can tell he is nervous due to the shakiness of his voice.

"Luke I'm going to say this once send the girl to my house I will pay for the ticket. Hell I'll fly out there and get her myself." I should just fly down there I need to get her little girl back. "Luke I'm just going to fly down there see you In a couple of hours." I say before hanging up the phone.

Isabella P.O.V
After crying for an hour I decide to take a shower. As I turn on the faucet I wait for the water to heat up before stepping in the shower. The warm water calms the ache in my body after about thirty minutes I hear my bedroom door open.
"Isabella?" I hear his voice call out. Harry.
"In the shower." I call out I'm not going to lie we have had sex before, but we never told anyone. We love each other and that's all we need.
"Can I join?" He asked.
"Of course." I reply just as quickly. I soon see him come into the bathroom.
"Niall called he asked for me to keep an eye on you said he was going out of town for a bit." that's strange I hope I have nothing to do with that.
"Okay enough about him let's just be me and you."

After a very eventful shower We go downstairs and decide to invite Louis and Scarlet over. once they get here we all go sit in the lounge I sit on Harry's lap which is fine All of one Direction know about us now. All of a sudden I get a twitter notification on my phone saying harry posted something.

Sitting on the couch with the love of my life.


Aww love you too boo bear

No @Louis_Tomlinson He is talking about me

Not true stop lying Isabella.

What im not lying.

Will you to cut it out here is a pic Issy is on Harry's lap and Louis is a loner in the corner.

Thanks scarlet you ruined my fun.

Your welcome daddy :D

@Louis_Tomlinson I win
Issy-1 Louis-0

This is my post not yours gees.

After my twitter debate I get up and go to the kitchen its on 10:00 A.M Niall has been gone since five this morning. I'm just tired. Louis and Scarlet decide to leave after I made everyone breakfast. I think I'm a good cook Niall and harry are better, but It works.
"Hey Beautiful." Harry says snaking his arms around my waist.
"Hey handsome. I'm tired wanna go lie down with me. I didn't get much sleep." I say hoping I can just sleep through the day so I won't have to think about Luke or Haylee, because it hurts too much.
"Yeah Why don't I put on a movie and we can lie down in your room." I smile as he takes my hand and leads me upstairs and into my room.
"What movie?" He asked once we are in my room.
"Umm how about Hunger Games." I suggest. Harry mumbles an okay before sliding the disc in to the player. Then proceeds to climb into my bed and get comfortable.
"I love you you know that right." He says looking me in the eyes.
"Yes and I love you too." I say before drifting off to sleep. Thinking about Haylee.


Alright put down the pitch fork yes you put it down.
*Runs and hides in a box.


Lol totally



(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)


(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)