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Now We Have Love ♥A 1D and 5SOS Adoption Story♥


One tear, two tears, three tears, they all add up. They come down my face as I stare at the hurtful message. Mom and Dad have told me many times not to worry or care about the haters, but it's hard not to. They get to my brain, and sit there and I wonder if I really am like they say I am.

"Vinnie, I need you." I leave a my boyfriend a message, and lay back on my bed. "Please, baby."

And I knew as soon as he got my message he'd be over here faster than the Flash. He was my Superman, and I was his Lois Lane.

Jasper hopped on my bed, and put his furry body on my chest. He licked my face, leaving slimy dog slobber. "Uck." I laughed, grabbing a tissue from my night stand, careful not to make him leave me.

I took my phone back out and saw I had some text messages. They all had the name Vincent with an emoji heart.

'What the hells wrong?'

'Baby don't even think about it.'

'Im coming over!'

I gazed at the text message that said 'Baby don't even think about it.' did he think I was going to do that?

My door flew open, and Jasper hopped off of me, greeting Vinnie, licking his fingers. "Jasp, out!" he quickly obeyed, and I handed my boyfriend hand sanitizer.

"What's wrong, beautiful." he asked, getting under the covers with me. He pulled me close to his body, and kissed my neck.

"People. People are my problem." I started to cry, remembering the comments they made on a simple picture. "They called me a slut. Just because I had a boyfriend at thirteen. they also called me names I can't even repeat. They said that they wish I had cancer and that I should just go die because I'm not special to anybody."

"Is any of that true?" he mumbled, putting his hand under my shirt and placing it on my stomach. "Many girls have boyfriends at thirteen. And how they joke about you having cancer, it makes me sick because many people out there are dying of many different kinds." He paused to kiss my cheek.

"And, baby girl, you are very special to me, to your family, to all the people who want to be like you, so don't even listen to them. They're just hurting you to make themselves feel better out theirselves." I nodded my head.

"Love you, Vincent."

"Love you, Carm."

Vinnie kissed my neck a few more times before I fell asleep in his arms.


Sorry :C


Lol totally



(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)


(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)