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Hey Jude III


After a year of turmoil Jude is given a second chance to build her career. Facing both difficult and exciting changes, including her location, she agrees it's finally time to move on. But Harry doesn't want to stay in her past, he maintains their friendship at a distance. His attempts at moving forward have been publicized for all to see. However, with Jude ' s recent diagnosis, she no longer sees the point in chancing love again.

If you haven't read the first two parts, then I kindly recommend that you do :)

Hey Jude 1 & 2


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

21, 1/4 One Direction

Jude Pierce

Jude Pierce

23, Intern/Music Journalist.

Kade Allister

Kade Allister

30, Executive Editor

Linda Oldham

Linda Oldham

26, Marketing Director and Jude ' s best friend.

Liv Baker

Liv Baker

25, Receptionist

Roger Tates

Roger Tates

33, Editor in Chief of Orectic Magazine

Ron and Tammy Pierce

Ron and Tammy Pierce

Jude's parents


  1. Downtown

    The move

  2. Informal Invitation

    When opportunity knocks twice

  3. You Got What You Wanted

    We're happily living our lives . . . apart.

  4. City Lights 1

    The city that never sleeps.

  5. Blurry Nights 2

    "Bad things" can happen

  6. The Third Step

    Almost back to normal

  7. The Greatest Bastard

    "You asked for space. I gave you time."

  8. Superman Haze

    Don't let go...

  9. Office Allies


Omg thanks so much!!! I have litrrally been DYING to see what happens to Jude and Harry!!!! Thanks!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


hi go to


Has anyone found this story on wattpad like pls give me a link cos I cant find it and I really wamt to finish the story!!!!!!


https://www.wattpad.com /user/ ciaoniccie

Ciao Niccie Ciao Niccie

What is your wattpad name? I cant find you or the story

LittleGreenEyes LittleGreenEyes