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Chapter 1

"Cadyn, give us a smile!" "Are you really dating Mick Jagger?" "Is it true that you had a face lift?" John pushes me into our car and runs to the driver's seat as I duck and hide my face from the countless paparazzi. Once we get going, I collapse against the seat. "Vultures," I grumble, pulling off my sunglasses. I don't think I've had a moment of peace since the premiere of my first episode on "Distortion". "Where do they even get those rumors?" John asks, speeding up. Our relationship is much closer than you'd expect of a bodyguard and actress. He is my sister's fiancé after all. I shrug in response. "Isn't Mick Jagger in his seventies? And I'm twenty-four, so why would I get a face lift?" The absurdity of their questions grows with my fame, and I hate it. Everyone seems to want something to rag on about me. I have yet to go to an official interview, but I know that it's coming any day now. I've been requested more than enough times, and my publicist, Dianne, will only let me deny them for so much longer. Hardly anyone knows a thing about me. Judging by my infrequent social media posts, I think my "fan base" has realized that I'm a lover of privacy. My phone buzzes. I have new followers on Twitter. That's normal. One name, however, does surprise me. Niall Horan @NiallOfficial I don't follow him, or any of the guys from One Direction. I don't listen to their music, not that it's bad or anything. Knowing Dianne, she'd kill me if I don't follow back. Once I click the button, I relax into my seat again. Home is close. Sleep is close. A van of paparazzi is parked outside when we get there, but John manages to shove me inside quickly. He takes care of camera proofing the house while I work my way up the stairs drowsily. We were shooting for thirteen hours. I am tired beyond measure. Right now is one of the many times that I'm thankful for the average size of the house that I share with my sister, Victoria, and John. If I were to blow my money on some kind of three story condo, it would take me so much longer to reach my room. Instead, I go up one short stairway, turn to the left, and go in the first room on the right. When I collapse onto the bed, my entire body relaxes. Finally. My phone begins to ring. Groaning, I pull it out of my pocket. "Hello?" I mutter, obviously exhausted. "I see you have a new famous follower." I want to cry at the sound of Dianne's voice. Yawning, I huff, "So I saw." She scoffs at my tone. "Aren't you excited?" "Yeah," I breathe tiredly. "Have you not checked his tweets? He's a fan of the show! If he is, then you could end up with the whole lot of them promoting you!" Sitting up, I feel frustration knotting in my stomach. "I don't want them to promote me." "Don't you want to be a star?!" She sounds upset. To keep her calm, I only say, "I act because I love doing it, not because I want recognition." Dianne sighs into the receiver. "Well, fame comes with the territory. Just... Please DM him? Make a friend. You may not want fame, but I want it for you." "Fine." If it will make her happy. "Thank you! Now, get some sleep. You sound tired. Bye!" The line goes dead, and I fall onto my back. Great. Rolling over, I groan into my pillow. DM him. Sure. Like he'd respond. Whatever. I'll do it when I wake up. I drift off without another thought, and wake up to my phone ringing loudly. I check the time before answering. 10:34 a.m. I overslept. The number isn't saved. Hesitantly, I say, "Hello?" "Hi, Cadyn! It's Derek from drama club back in high school," says a husky voice. "I just wanted to catch up with you! It's been so long, and we were such good friends!" A memory makes me shudder. Derek happened to be one of the many people that bullied me relentlessly. Before he can even ask if I'm still there, I hang up and block his number, sighing into my hand. My promise to Dianne comes into my head, and I open Twitter. Judging by my feed, it's definitely Wednesday. More specifically, "woman crush Wednesday". The difference between this and other ones is the first tweet that I see in my mentions. @NiallOfficial: My #wcw followed me back!!! @cadyn_moore A picture of me from one of the promo shoots for the show I'm on is attached. My first reaction is confusion, but then I'm smiling slightly. I decide to reply, thinking like Dianne would. @cadyn_moore: @NiallOfficial I had no clue I'd be given the honor of being a woman crush! XD I go to my DM mailbox, only to find that I don't have to DM him. He went ahead and did that for me. Niall Horan You have no idea how much I love your show! He sent it about ten minutes ago. Cadyn Moore I'm glad you're a fan! It's nice to "meet" you, by the way! I don't have to get to the set until 1:00, so I lie in bed until noon, messaging back and forth with Niall. Contrary to what I thought, he's actually very funny and nice. Maybe fame hasn't gone to his head. Then again, it could be an act. "Are you up, Cadyn?" Victoria asks through my door. I sit up lazily. "Yeah. I'm about to shower." She pushes the door open and smiles sweetly. "Okay. John said you guys have to leave in thirty. Please be ready." My older sister closes my door again, and I sigh. Cadyn Moore Gah, I have to get ready for filming. Niall Horan Oh no! :( Will we still be able to talk while you're there? Cadyn Moore I can try, but no guarantees! We have a lot of work to do, and I can't always get WiFi either :P Niall Horan Well, in that case, here! Following that message is his cell phone number. I think of how many people would kill me to be in this position. A little smile comes to my face. I didn't think I would be making a friend anytime soon. Cadyn Moore I'll text you when I get out of the shower! :) I set my phone on my bed and walk to my closet. There isn't really any need to dress nicely, since I'll have my hair, makeup, and outfit done on set. I grab sweatpants and a sweatshirt, as well as underwear, but then I remember that I'll be changing those, too. We're filming a scene that involves me half-naked. Crap. I forgot about that. My nerves begin to buzz as I step into the shower. It's one thing to be on camera constantly. It's another to be in my underwear. I haven't done that. Ever. I take deep breaths and wash away yesterday's coat of ick. My mind wanders, and I catch myself thinking about Niall. I don't really know anything about him. If I wanted to, I could google him and know close to everything. Yet it seems like it would be better coming from him. I haven't listened to One Direction outside of hearing them on the radio occasionally. Something in me wants to look into them. I don't get why. Maybe Niall is just that appealing to me. Shaking off the thoughts, I step out of the shower. My heart pounds as I dry off. My co-star, Ryan, is going to be removing my clothes on camera today. The scene isn't exactly a sexy romance thing. My character, Rachel, is the new girl in town. Her first appearance was briefly showing up in the grocery store that Ryan's character, Jonathan, worked at. She didn't know anyone, so she accepted his invitation to show her around. Jonathan, however, had a reputation that she knew nothing about. He got controlling very fast once they got involved with each other. It started as a side story, but fans loved it so much that I became a main character, and our story became a key point in the show. He started hitting her last season. The season that's about to start airing, the one that we're filming the finale for today, is going to end with a mild scene of Jonathan taking Rachel's virginity forcedly. So, rape. It'll be controversial, but at the same time, I think it helps push the truth about domestic violence to the forefront of media. Pulling my clothes on, I shudder at the thought of my body on display. Maybe I should ask if my stand-in can do it. No, that would be unprofessional. I wander to my phone and add Niall's number in. What to say... To: Niall Cadyn here! Told you I would text you XD John calls me, and I hop out of my room, run down the stairs, and pull on my shoes by the door. "See you soon, Victoria!" I call Once we exit the house, I feel my phone vibrate. From: Niall Is it stupid of me to fangirl about you texting me??? Smiling, I respond while I climb into the car. To: Niall I think it's sweet, don't worry! John drives like a maniac to get me to the studio on time, and he rambles on about the underwear scene we're filming today. "Don't let them force you into anything. If you decide not to take your clothes off, don't take them off. Are you sure you don't want me to stay to back you up?" I smile at his overprotective concern. "I'm fine, John. Go home and spend time with Victoria. She can't plan an entire wedding by herself," I tease. He laughs as I feel my phone buzz. From: Niall Fangirling again! Do you really think it's sweet? We pull into the studio. To: Niall Of course! Gah, about to spend forever in the makeup and hair trailer >:[ John walks me to the area where I'm supposed to meet the director. "Have a good time, okay?" I nod. "Thanks, John. Tell Victoria I love her!" Another text from Niall comes in, and I smile.


Just a quick disclaimer: none of this story is true. It's all fictional. The tweets mentioned aren't actual tweets. Yada Yada yada...
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