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All We Need Is Love ♦A 1D & 5SOS Adoption Story♦

Chapter Thirty-Three

Taylor POV

"Go without me." Liv said.

"WHAT?! NO!" I protested.

"Yes," She insisted. "Go,"

"But-" I began.

"Listen to me." She demanded. "Go through the door you unlocked and run. Don't stop running until you get to Cindy's. Go right in with this," She handed me a key. "and tell her to call the police. Tell her where it's at. Then have her buy you a plane ticket back to Australia. Tell Luke and everyone else that I'm okay and I want you to come get me. Got it?"

"Yes,'' I said.

"Okay, now go." She said. "I love you."

"I love you too." I replied.

And with that I was off in a run. I ran through the door and out to the streets. I took a left and kept running. Something kicked in and I suddenly knew the exact way to Cindy's. I ran up to her door after running a few blocks. I opened the door and stepped in.

"CINDY! CINDY!" I yelled.

"TAYLOR?!" She yelled back, coming closer. "Is that you?"

"Yes," I answered. She came into view.

"Have you seen Liv?" She asked.

"That's why I'm here." I said. "She got kidnapped, but I know where she is."

"Ok- WAIT SHE GOT KIDNAPPED?" Cindy shrieked.

"Yeah, call the police and give them this number." I handed her the address. "And I need a plane ticket to Australia."

"OK, umm, I'll call and you start looking for the tickets on the computer." She said.

I ran to the computer desk down the hall. I typed in Southwest Airlines and started looking for tickets. I found one and ran to Cindy. She was still on the phone, so she just handed me her credit card. I ran back to the computer desk and bought the ticket. I printed the stuff out and had Cindy sign everything that needed to be signed. She said the police were going over there right now. I said I would be right back and ran upstairs to our old room. I went into my dresser and rummaged through some of my old clothes. I Ripped the bloody ones off and threw them away. I put on the clean ones and grabbed a duffel bag. I threw some clothes in it so it would look like I'm visiting someone, not trying to save my sister. I put on a jacket, since it was kinda cold in New York. I ran back downstairs and Cindy and I went to the airport.

At the airport, Cindy got my ticket and took me to security. I hugged her than proceeded through. They tagged my boarding pass as a solo flying minor, whatever that means. I went through security and went to the gate. I was only sitting at the gate for about 2 minutes until the plane got there.

I wasn't flying first class this time, but at least it was something. Here goes a 22 hour flight. 22 hours of worrying about Liv and not being able to do anything about what's happening,


Hey, Taylor again!

I'm pretty much writing the entire climax, so yeah.

Thanks for reading!

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awesome sauce

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

@Jennah Wismer
Lol glad you like the story :) the sequel is up and thriving :)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life


Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

chapter 20 is AMAZING

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

"everyone is" then it says something after that

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne