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All We Need Is Love ♦A 1D & 5SOS Adoption Story♦

Chapter Nineteen

Melody's POV
When we finally got to Calum's (and to an extent and mine) house I knew that his place was huge but was too tired to marvel at it. I hadn't said a word to Calum since we got on to the airport and I saw a few of the other girls with his band members. I could lie and say that it wasn't my fault but it most definitely was. I was secretly hoping that he'd get fed up with me and send me back- just like the others.

"Welcome to casa de Calum!" He said as we entered the home. I sighed in relief as my bones ached to be in a bed. I was too tired for his grand gestures and poked his surprisingly soft cheek to get his attention.

Calum stopped moving and smiled at me.


"My room?" I asked.

"Oh! Of course. Up the stairs and the third door to the left." He said and moved forward to kiss my forehead. "Goodnight."

The awake part of me wanted to scream at him that I wasn't his kid to kiss but the bigger, sleepier part of me just dismissed it and went upstairs to go to bed.

I flicked the switch by the door and almost gasped at the bedroom I had stepped into. It was almost as if Calum had a sense of fashion. It was a pity that I wouldn't be here long. It almost made me want to stay. Almost.

I looked on the bed and saw a change of clothes for me. I wouldn't have usually taken it but I was tired and my suitcase was still downstairs.

I took a look at the shirt and grimaced at the words on it. "Hood '86" as if I really was part of a family. I quickly put the shirt on, trying to shake the sinking feeling in my chest, and picked up the striped pajamas shorts, causing a small letter to fall onto the comforter. I changed my bottoms and stared at the envelope.

"To the newest honorary Hood." I read aloud and my stomach churned. I quickly placed the letter inside the bedside desk and got into bed, resolving to read it tomorrow.

"Hey, Melody, I'm gonna quickly go over to Ash's to give him his keys. Dumby left his pair in his house." Calum popped his head into my room and I nodded that it was okay. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight" I said quietly.

"Oh and Mel?"


"Welcome home." He smiled.



awesome sauce

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

@Jennah Wismer
Lol glad you like the story :) the sequel is up and thriving :)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life


Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

chapter 20 is AMAZING

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

"everyone is" then it says something after that

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne