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All We Need Is Love ♦A 1D & 5SOS Adoption Story♦

Chapter Sixteen

After the long flight to London and when I say long I mean long flight. I mean the entire trip Harry keep looking at me.

Dear god he wont stop staring at me you know what I'll just go to the bathroom and get a break. As I get up I nearly fall due to Niall's damn legs being in my way
. After recovering from my near death experience I made my way to the bathroom on the plane. I don't get it I mean Harry is hot, but why would he like me. I know what you're thinking, but no i'm not going to say it's because i'm not pretty no I know I hot as hell. What I mean is I don't even know what I mean.

"Hello Beautiful." I hear a raspy voice say pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Oh hello Harry." OH MY GOD he followed me.

"Damn you're so beautiful." he say while pushing a strand of my hair behind my face. I turned to face the mirror due to the fact that we are stuck in this tiny bathroom on the plane. While looking in the mirror I fell him move my hair to the side and kiss me on the neck. As soon as he finds my sweet spot. I let out the moan I was holding in.

"Harry we shouldn't do this." I say while turning around to face him. After he removed his lips from my neck, he grabs my face and kisses my lips. I hesitate at first not really knowing what to do, but soon kissed him back.

"Harry." I mumbled against his lips.

"Yes love." He mumbled back.

"As much as I want you not right now." He pulled away and smirked and quietly walked out of the the bathroom leaving me starstruck thinking Damn.


"Hey Isabella we're here." Niall said bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Oh okay I'm really tired can I see the room I'm staying so I can go to bed?" I ask really out of it.

"Um yea one sec let me get my keys out." he said getting out his keys and opening the door. As soon as we were inside he started to walk up stairs. Once he got upstairs he opened a door to reveal a beautiful room.
After showing me the room Niall mumbled a goodnight and left. While walking around my room I noticed a door leading to the bathroom when I opened it I seen this.

I think I just died yep I died I had a wonderful life and this is heaven. I'm just kidding but I wanna try out that bathtub. After filling up the bathtub I quickly stripped and hopped in. After about on hour and lying there thinking I got out and got into my PJ's and headed off to bed. Can I just say this day has been long.


DO you hear that oh yeah its the sound of our hearts exploding yep haha comment what you think he is saying


awesome sauce

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

@Jennah Wismer
Lol glad you like the story :) the sequel is up and thriving :)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life


Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

chapter 20 is AMAZING

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

"everyone is" then it says something after that

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne