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Do you wanna write a story?


Okaykay. You've come this far. So you want to help me write a story??
Read the first chapter.


  1. Step One

    Let's make this interesting.

  2. Step Two

    Are you ready?

  3. Step Three

    As you can probably tell at this point I have no life.

  4. Step Four

    Okay one more after this.

  5. Step Five

    Last one my loves.

  6. Nobody wants to write a story?


My name is Lauryn I'm 15 and i'm in central time zone.
I don't really have any ideas at the moment but we can talk and definately come up with some great stuff. I would love to help someone with their writing. I have a total of 88,587 views on all of my stories, 278 votes, 1,021 comments, and 261 subscribers . My favorite subject to write about is slightly realistic sad stories. I love being able to make people feel strongly about what they are reading. That's why a lot of my stories and most of my one shots are sad.

You can message me on here

Zaynlove Zaynlove

I've never written a story before and i want to try first with a partner and ill write about pretty much anything

here on message

harry styles punk, is in love with the girl he bullys, friends help by locking them some were fo 2 weeks or sumthing

kim rogers 14 and its tuscon arizona