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You and I (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Chapter 50 (Last Chapter)

Niall’s POV

Connie and I were getting ready for bed. I didn’t say much to her because I was still deep in thought. She was lying down on my chest while I was still wide awake. I know it seems like I’m overreacting, but I just care about her a lot.I want to be able to protect her. And I know, sometimes I can’t do that because I can’t always be there for her due to my hectic schedule. Sometimes, it makes me realize if I can be the best person for her. She deserves someone so much better than me.

Connie’s POV

It was seven in the morning when I woke up. I was lying down next to Niall.He was still sleeping, peacefully. I carefully tried to get out of bed without waking him up. I went into the washroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I got out of the bathroom, Niall was already wake and changed.

“Good morning to you too!” I said as I went to hug Niall.

He seemed very reluctant to give me a hug, but he did anyways.

“Morning.” He said in a soft voice.

“What’s wrong? Are you still upset?” I said in a concerned voice.

“No I’m not.” He said as he walked out.

He kept on walking while I was just watching him the hotel room. I knew he was going to one of the boys’ hotel room. I walked to Bernice’s hotel room and knocked on the door.Bernice opened the door and she was already ready.

“Hey Connie!” Bernice said.

“Hey Bernice” I said in a sad voice.

“What’s wrong?” Bernice asked.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Niall. He seems to be ignoring me and I don’t know what I did. I think he’s still upset about what happened yesterday, but I told him that it was fine.” I said.

“Maybe, you should try talking to him.” She said.

“Maybe tonight, I think they have a busy schedule today with a concert.” I said.

The whole day they boys were doing sound check and prepping for the concert. Not once did Niall even make eye contact with me or even talk to me.

I just don’t understand why he was acting like this.

While it was the concert, I wanted to stay back and watch from the dressing room. The girls went to actually go watch in the crowd. I’m just too upset to do anything right now. Niall would occasionally appear on the screen and he didn’t seem like himself. Yes, he would sing his parts and try to look happy, but I can tell he wasn’t.

When the concert was over, the boys came back in.Niall passed by me as if I wasn’t there. We got onto the tour bus and back to the hotel.Niall and I still shared the same hotel room. When we went inside, we didn’t talk at all. Fifteen minutes have passed and I was getting annoyed.
I walked up to Niall because he was sitting on the bed watching television.I took the remote and turned off the television.

“Niall, why are you ignoring me? Did I do something?” I said in a calm voice as I sat down.

He looked at me and didn’t say anything.

“Niall, I know you are upset about what happened. It’s not your fault because it was honestly an accident. I’m happy myself that it wasn’t as bad as I thought.” I said.

Niall just kept looking at me.

“Niall, please answer me.” I said.

“Niall why can’t-“ I said.

He stood up and started raising his voice.

“Connie, you don’t understand!”He said.

I looked at him, shocked. I still tried to act calm.

“I really don’t understand why you’re getting angry.” I said.

“None of this would have happened because of me. And I don’t want it to happen again. This also made me do some thinking. I can’t always be there for you because of my schedule. I can’t be there for you when you’re sad or angry because I’m half way across the world. I can’t be the one for you because you deserve someone so much better. You need someone who will actually spend more time with you more than I could.”

I looked at him, shocked.

“What are you trying to say?” I said, with a shaky voice. Tears were forming in my eyes.

“I don’t think this is going to work between us.” He said in a soft voice.

I was so surprised that he said that.

“Oh…I didn’t know you felt that way.” I said as I looked down.

“I think you’re right. This can never work.I understand if that’s what your decision is.” I said.

“Connie…” He said in a soft voice.

I started getting up and getting my suitcase. I was putting all my clothes and toiletries. Niall stood there just watching me get my stuff. I was just about to leave the hotel room, when I turned around.

“So, why did you even want to give us a chance in the first place if you thought it wouldn’t work?” I asked as I looked into his eyes for a minute.

“I…”He said.

“You have nothing to say? I thought that you said whenever I was with you, everything will be okay.” I said.

I opened the hotel room door and went down to the lobby. I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was leaving. I signaled for a taxi as I put my stuff in the back of the trunk. I was sitting in the taxi with tears streaming down my face. I can’t believe that everything he said to me that being together will be fine, when he doesn’t think that himself.

The car ride lasted for 45 minutes. I got out when we arrived at the airport. The taxi driver unloaded my suitcase as I walked into the doors of the airport.

I went through all the airport shenanigans and boarded the plane.

Within thirty minutes of waiting, the plane took off.

I was heading back to Toronto.

And this is the last time I will ever see Niall again.

Note: Before you guys get mad at me, I wanted to tell you guys what I was planning on doing with this story. As you can tell, Niall and Connie ended off on a bad note. However, I uploaded an alternate ending. This ending is where Niall and Connie are happily together (blah blah blah).

BUT I decided to make a sequel to this fanfiction. The ending where Niall and Connie ended off on a bad note is the official ending to this story. As a result, the sequel will continue from what will happen later on.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented, viewed, rated and subscribed to me and this fanfiction! Seriously, 41k people actually viewed this?! That's insane! It means a lot to me. I originally started writing this fanfiction for fun and to try to take my mind off an issue I had with my guy best friend since grade nine. It's been hard for me that we aren't friends anymore and he'll never know how much of an impact he made on my life. But I realized, things change and people change. Things need to move on. I'm not going to let the past affect my future.

Now, I'm doing so much better.

Thank you again friends :)




Hey, I think I did post on the Harry site but I'm not too sure. Glad you liked the fanfiction though :) My sequel is already posted actually!

Connie Sung Connie Sung

I remember I read this story, and now it's finished. The reason why I didn't know it, is because I don't log in here anymore, but on Harry site. Do you post it there, too? I must have missed it.
I'm excited about the sequel :) Hope you'll be posting it soon.

Please please start putting up where do broken hearts go. I actully cant wait! :)

niallsfood123 niallsfood123

@Connie Sung
Thats great i actully cant wait! :)

niallsfood123 niallsfood123


I actually finished writing two chapters! I just don't know when I should post it! Probably soon! :)

Connie Sung Connie Sung