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Pain & Payne

Chapter 5

Katie's POV
*1 week later*

I swung my legs off the edge of the high windowsill as I sighed.

I'm am so bored being stuck in this tiny little room all the time! I started to look around and noticed the high half circle kind of window and very difficultly climbed up here. The windowsill was only just big enough to sit on and the window didn't open at all but it's better then being ground level when Liam comes back in here.

I did try and find a way to open the window but after about twenty minutes I gave up trying.

My subconscious has been calling me an idiot for the past week I've been here. I haven't tried very hard to escape but even if I do where the hell am I meant to go?
I am literally halfway across the world from my old life and I haven't been outside this house once so how am I meant to find someone to help me?

I'm stuck in this hell.

My thoughts that seem to repeat themselves since I have nothing else to do were suddenly disturbed by the sound of the door knob rattling.

I found myself praying that it was Liam and not one of the others. Liam still scares me to no end but I haven't talked to any of the others and don't really know what their like.

Finally the door creaked open slowly and the blonde one stuck his head in slowly and looked around, Once he caught sight of me sitting on the windowsill he walked in completely and closed the door behind him.

He was holding what looked like a bobby pin in his hand.
Did he seriously just pick the lock to the door with a hair pin? And where did he even get one of those from?

"What are you doing up there? That window doesn't open." He looked amused by the fact that I pushed my legs up close to me as he sat on my bed that was right under the window.

"Staying safe." My voice came out a lot quieter then I wanted it to but he just softly chuckled.

"I'm not the one you need to be safe around. I wouldn't hurt someone who is already ranked higher then me in this gang." He looked up at me and patted the spot next to him on the bed.

I shook my head a little to hard before speaking.
"I need to be safe around all of you." My voice again came out quiet as I tried my best to hide my emotions.

"Katie you're one of us now. It doesn't matter if you like it or not you need to start getting use to it. Eventually Liam will start making you come out of this tiny room a lot more often." He gave me a stern look and pointed to the spot next to him on the bed again.

I gripped my fingers onto the edge of the window and lowered myself down before bouncing onto the bed and sitting at a safe distance from him.

"Liam isn't home right now." He rested his hand on the bed next to mine. His fingers brushed over mine making me pull my hand away and rest it on my lap.

"Then why are you in here?" He grabbed my hand off of my lap and placed both his hands around my small one.

Don't fall for any of this Katie! This man is a criminal.

"I wanted to get to know you a bit better Katie. Liam asked me to be your protection when he isn't around, sort of like a personal bodyguard." He stared down at my hand as he talked and I pulled it away not wanting to feel his touch any more.

"Oh. Thanks..."

"Niall." He finished for me before smiling and shifting on my bed to get comfortable.

"So tell me something about you." He pushed while resting his chin in his hands.

"I'm sixteen." I didn't give him anything else as I thought it was a little weird that he wanted to get to know me all of the sudden when I've been here a week now.

"Well duh. You're tiny I could of guessed that you were sixteen." He laughed slightly and I looked down not knowing what else to say to him.

"C'mon give me something good." He said again and I just shrugged letting him know it was okay for him to ask something.

"Okay. Did you have a boyfriend before you moved here?"

"No I didn't." I blushed slightly looking down again.

Niall grabbed my chin in his hands and made me look up at him.

"Have you ever slept with someone Katie?" I pulled my chin out of his grip and moved back slightly.

"No I haven't." Again I blushed and looked down. I'm only sixteen so why the hell would I slut around?

"Have you even kissed someone?" I just coughed slightly at his words and didn't look into his eyes. I really didn't want to answer that question.

"I take it you haven't. Okay lets move on from that subject." I nodded while he smiled almost sympathetically at me.

"Um what do you think of Louis?" His question caught me off guard and I gasped before moving even further away from him and pressing my back to the wall next to my bed.


"Calm down Katie it was just a question. I thought you would like him after the way you two looked at each other when you first met." I can't believe he actually thought I liked Louis!

"I don't like him! When he touched my arm it felt like his hands were burning me. It was scary." He looked at me blankly for a minute before he gulped and opened his mouth to talk but his phone cut him off.

He looked slightly panicked as he looked down at the phone.
"Hey Liam. How'd the deal go?" Drug deals. Should of seen that coming.

"That's great. So when are you going to be home?" I couldn't hear anything Liam was saying but judging by the look on Niall's face it couldn't be to good.

"Well kid. I gotta run but Liam will be home soon so I suggest not going back up on the windowsill." He shot me another sad smile before standing and walking out without another word.

I didn't want to be around anyone.

Right now all I could think about was the way Louis' touch felt on my skin.

I said it was like a burning feeling but in reality, it was worse then that.

Louis' POV

"You don't get it Niall I need her!" I pulled at the roots of my hair as I paced around my room with Niall sitting on my bed quietly watching me.

"No you don't Louis. You want her but you don't need her." What is this prick on about?

"NO! I need her! Every single thing about her just amazes me. Her long brown hair, the way her eyes are the exact same colour as said hair. Her perfect little face. My god I have to make her mine." I picked up the speed of my pacing as I thought of all the different and perfect things about Katie.

Even her name is perfect.

Katie Payne. Katie Payne. Katie Payne.

I abruptly stopped my pacing and sat next to Niall on the bed giving him a fright with how fast I moved.

"Imagine those little pink lips of hers around my manhood. Or what about how tight she mu-" I was cut off by Niall standing and shaking his head.

"Louis stop, just stop it. She hasn't even kissed someone before let alone given blow jobs or sex!" My eyebrows scrunched together when I heard those words leave his mouth.

"And how the fuck do you know this?" I stood right in front of him and jabbed his chest with my finger.

"Like I freaking told you when I came in here! I found out some stuff for you earlier!"

"You mean when Liam was out? Did you pick the lock?!"
Damnit I should have thought of that first! She would already be mine if I had thought of that from the start.

"Yes I picked the lock to get you information like the great friend I am! She's never kissed someone, she's never slept with someone and she didn't have a boyfriend so she has no lingering feelings for someone." The words coming out of his mouth made me utterly happy to no extent.

I get to be the first guy to touch her and kiss her.

The innocence of this girl turns me on so much.

"Wait... How did you get her to tell you all this?" The thought of Katie and Niall getting close actually pissed me off more then I thought it would and a whole lot more then it really should.

"I-I lied to her." He looked down at the floor in a way that made it seem like he was ashamed of what he had done. He's a bloody gang member not a saint. Lying comes with this life style.

I didn't say anything so Niall took it as his cue to continue.

"I told her Liam wanted me to protect her, I told her I needed to know more about her in order to do that."

He's good.

I nodded at his words and let them sink in before speaking up.
"What else did you find out about my soon to be girl?"

"Just one other thing." I gave him a look as if to say carry on and he took the hint but gulped before opening his mouth.

"She's scared to death of you. She said your touch felt like it was burning her skin."

I was angry. Beyond angry but then a thought occurred to me.

"Isn't that what it's meant to feel like when you touch your soul mate? I felt like that when I touched her!" I remember the stories Liam's dad would tell us when we were younger. About meeting your true soul mate and feeling heat all through you when you touch them.

I have never felt so many sparks just from brushing skin with a girl until Katie.

She was meant to be mine.

"You don't really believe that do you Louis? Those were just stories." I opened my mouth to protest with him when the sound of screaming was suddenly heard from what sounded like the kitchen area.

"KATIE THIS IS YOUR LAST FUCKING CHANCE!" Liam was yelling at the top of his lungs. I was curious straight away and ran towards the kitchen without another word to Niall.

I stood around the corner from the kitchen door which was open. I could see both of them perfectly but they couldn't see me.

Katie's hands were tied together in front of her with rope and she was holding her arms close to her body as she walked away from Liam.
I could just spot the needle in Liam's hand, it was the special kind of needle that injects a tracker into a persons arm. I'm not really sure why the tracker has to be injected into the arm but obviously Katie knows where it has to go which is why she has her arms so close to her chest.

Liam was almost shaking with anger and dropped the needle onto the counter before trying to walk towards her again. She yelped and ran to the other side of the large kitchen.

"For fucks sake Katie! Stay in the fucking kitchen for a minute okay! I need to cool off." He caught up to her and pushed her into the corner of the kitchen before walking out the other side of the kitchen to where I was so luckily he didn't know I was here.

He was completely stupid for leaving Katie in the kitchen by herself when I was home, and not to mention the fact that her hands were tied. This was just going to be too easy.

Now was my moment to make her mine.

This may be my only chance in a long time so I'm taking it.

"Hey baby girl. What are you doing in here all alone?" I walked in and tried to keep my voice at a hushed level since I didn't know exactly where Liam ran off to.

She opened her mouth to scream but I quickly cornered her and placed my hand over her lips.
The sparks that I could feel just from this small touch was amazing.

"Woah there Katie. No need to scream." She nodded slowly and I lowered my hand.

"P-please don't p-punish me. I promise I w-will be good." I smirked straight away as I looked down at her.

I leaned down slightly so my face was closer to hers.

"You promise huh?" She nodded slowly again at my words but tensed automatically when I placed my hands on either side of her waist.

I pulled her body closer to mine loving the feeling of being so close to her but she shook her head and tried to push me away. With her hands being tied together and all, her attempts didn't do much.

"Don't touch me!" She kept trying to get away but I didn't let go. I need this girl.

"You promised you would be a good girl Katie." I lowered my head towards her neck as I talked but she didn't listen to my words and kept struggling in my grip.

Using all her strength, she pushed at my chest just as my lips touched her beautiful skin on her neck. I stumbled back a few feet giving her just enough space to run off but she didn't get very far as I wrapped my arms around her small waist and pulled her back flush against my chest.

"Be a good girl for Louis." I cooed in her ear and didn't waste any time as I placed my hands on her arms to try and keep her slightly still while I reconnected my lips to her neck.

she began to grow weak with her struggling as she whimpered at my harsh biting of her neck. The pain was needed so I didn't stop. If she was going to be mine then I had to do this.

Once I was done and happy with the decent amount of time I knew the mark would last, I placed one last gentle kiss on top of the large reddened area.

But before I had a chance to pull my head away from her neck another voice was heard in the kitchen.


Oh crap.


Here you go! Another chapter!

Enjoy xoxo

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YASSS!!!! After this, I can die happy!

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An update for you love.
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