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Please Stay With Me

Chapter 6

Gabriella’s P.O.V

Two weeks had gone by since Rebecca and Niall’s date and I would say they are both smitten on one another. I haven’t heard from Rebecca or Niall since the date and according to the boys Niall and Rebecca have seen each other every day since their date.

We all leave for California tomorrow and leave it to me and Rebecca to do all of our shopping the day before. I was such a procrastinator, it was bad. I don't know how I made in through school honestly. Rebecca and I arrived at the mall and immediately began gathering every type of clothing needed for our trip. We decided to stop by Forever 21 and we were just browsing until I finally asked Rebecca about Niall. I couldn't contain my curiosity any longer.

“So I take it you and Niall have been pretty busy lately.” I said and I saw Rebecca blush. “Oh my gosh Rebecca you're blushing! You like him a lot don't you!”

“Yes! He is so sweet and caring! I know its been a short amount of time but I’ve never felt like this about any guy Gabby. I really like him.”

“I knew it! Now I think I deserve a thank you. Without me this would have never happened.” I said teasing.

“ Yeah yeah whatever thanks Gabby.”

“Pleasure is all mine beautiful.” I said smirking. So now that I know that like each other it was time to find out the details. “So… have you two like, ya know?”

“No!” She said. Rebecca was shy when it came to talking about sex and I was more open about it. We’re complete opposites Rebecca and I, I guess thats why our friendship works out so well.

“Well I mean we’ve done other stuff, but no we haven't had sex yet, nosey!”

“Excuse me for wanting to know whats going on Becca! I’m curious you know that.”

I was very curious and observant. I was very persistent as well, I guess you could say thats my downfall. Nobody can ever surprise me before I figure it out long before I’m ever surprised. Liam tried to throw me a surprise party one year, total fail. I got it out of him months before the actual party. He wasn't mad though he thinks my curiosity is funny, but I still acted surprised the day of the actual party.

“So is he like… big?” I said curiously.


“I’m sorry! Hey I told you about Harry’s size!”

“I know I remember you telling me all about his penis, with lots of unwanted details!”

“Come on Rebecca! Just tell me I’m your best friend!”

“Okay fine fine! I will tell you everything you want to know. Damn you're so pushy! But to answer your question, yes its very big. It was hard to fit it all in my mouth really.”

“Becca you blew him?! I didn't want to know all that!”

“Hey you wanted to know so I told you! You know what they say curiosity killed the cat.”

“Ya I’m starting to think there is some truth to that saying.” I said as I fake gagged, making Rebecca laugh. We started to look through the racks of dresses since we would probably be going out at night.

“Do you like this dress or is it too sluty?” I asked Rebecca. She looked at it and shook her head no.

“Are you kidding! That dress is hot and if you don't get it I’m getting it for myself! Harry wont be able to keep his hands off you.”

I took that as the answer to go ahead and buy it. Rebecca decided to buy this tight black dress that I knew Niall would love, so I encouraged her to buy it. We picked out more clothes and then we headed to Victoria’s Secret.

I came across this black bikini that I had to have. It was a black bandeau top that had tribal print strings in the middle that connect the top together and the bottoms were back as well but had the same tribal print strings on the side. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to buy it.

I picked up this new black lace bra and pantie set as well. I figured I needed some new underwear to show Harry. I was getting pretty bored with my old ones. As we were in line to pay I began to think about Sophia.

“You don’t think this bathing suit looks to much like something Sophia would wear do you? I mean black is like her signature color almost, she always wears black.”

“Are you kidding me? No! Even if she did have it, she wouldn't look as good in it as you do. You look amazing in everything Gabby.”

“Oh please you're just saying that!”

“I’m serious! Completely, one hundred percent, tota-” I cut her off because she was getting ridiculous at this point and everybody was looking at me funny for laughing so much in line.

“Okay I get it Becca!” I said still laughing.

“Just making sure.”

We paid and decided to grab some food from the food court. Shopping does make you hungry. As we got our food we sat town at a random table and began talking small talk as usual until she brought up Sophia again.

“So are you excited to spend the next few days with Sophia?” I almost choked on my food.

“ Ha. Are you kidding? I hate her so much and I hate it even more that she is dating Liam. She is such a bitch to me! I don’t even know why Liam puts up with her! Now we have to go on the trip and Liam expects me to be nice and act all buddy-buddy with her. Fuck that! I’m not going to kiss her ass.” I had to stop to catch my breathe that was a mouthful.

“Jealously was never a good look on you babe.”

“Wow really Rebecca? You think I’m jealous of that skank?” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. Childish I know, but I hate when people thought I was jealous especially of someone as shallow and as rude as Sophia.

“I don't think you're jealous of Sophia. I think you're jealous of the fact that she’s dating Liam.”

“What? That would mean I like Liam as more than a friend. We are best friends Rebecca you know that.”

“Yeah best friends who secretly have a thing for each other.”

“We do not!

“I see the way you guys look at each other Gabby. You two many be able to hide your feelings from one another Gabriella but I can see right through it.”

“Rebecca I have a boyfriend, who I love very much! In case you forgot!”

This was ridiculous. I honestly never thought about Liam in that way. I mean don’t get me wrong, Liam was very attractive, but we where best friends. We didn't think of each other like that. I knew for a fact he didn't think of me like that.

“I know you love Harry, Gabby. I just don’t think you love him the way you love Liam. Don’t take this the wrong way I love you and Harry together, but I always sorta thought you and Liam would date. I think you too would be quite cute to be honest.”

“What!” I shouted louder than intended.

“Stop screaming! It was just a thought! I’m not saying act upon it.” This was so crazy, I actually laughed.

“You’re insane Rebecca.” I said still laughing slightly.

“That’s what they tell me?” She said causing us both to laugh.

I left the mall and on the whole drive home I thought about what Rebecca had said about Liam and me. That just didn't seem right. She wanted me and Liam to date? We’re best friends there is honestly know way that would ever happen. I guess I couldn't see it happening because I never thought of him in a romantic way before. He had Sophia and I had Harry, I think it would be best for both of us if it stayed that way. Well actually anyone else but Sophia.

I came home to see Harry’s clothes everywhere and him trying to force his suitcase shut by sitting on it.

“Need some help babe?” I said smirking.

“Uh. Yeah, help would be be great.”

“Here I’ll sit on it and you zip it.” He did so and we finally got it to close. Damn how much clothes did he need?

“Have you packed yet Gabby?”

“Are you kidding me? I just bought my clothes today.”

“Last minute as usual babe.”

“Yup thats how I do it.” I said making us both laugh.

I would pack later but first I needed a shower to clear my head of Rebecca’s crazy assumptions.


Here's the six chapter! What do you guys think about Rebecca said about Liam? Do you think they would be good together?

Do you like:
Harry and Gabriella
Liam and Gabriella

Let me know in the comments! Keep reading, another chapter will be up later! Its about to get really good I promise!!


It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

Beautifully written. I'm a Liam girl but im pulled to the love that She and Harry did experience. Great update!

Dew4ever Dew4ever

Ahh Harry!! He should've had the baby <\3

melanie0905__ melanie0905__

I love this and my name is Gabriella Marie Fuentes CX if only my last name was carter -.- then I would be the character CX jk jk tho but its a really good story cx