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Please Stay With Me

Chapter 18

Harry’s P.O.V.

It was nice to get out of the city for a few days. I missed being home and it was nice to visit my family for a day or two. I was kinda upset Gabby didn't want to come but I knew she wasn't feeling well, so I wanted her to rest. She’s been acting so weird lately but I don't want to ask her because honestly it would just start a fight. I feel like our relationship hasn't been the same in a while. We hardly ever showed affection, we haven't had sex in months, and she hasn't told me she loves me in I don’t know how long. I felt like we were losing the ‘romance’. Did I do something wrong that I wasn't aware of? I wish she wouldn't constantly push me away. I needed to do something about it, I was going to win her over again and rekindle our relationship. Maybe Gemma would know what to do, she’s a woman. I was having lunch with Gemma before I left so maybe she could tell me what to do. I drove down the cafe Gemma wanted to meet at and I saw her already sitting down.

“Hey little brother. I missed you.” She pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

“Missed you too Gem.” We both sat down looking at the menu and made small talk until she brought up Gabby.

“How’s Gabby? Why didn't she come?”

“She wasn't feel good so she stayed home, and she’s good really good.” Just thinking about her made me sad. I wish our relationship was how it used to be, it was so effortless. She must have noticed my sad expression because she continued to question me.

“Whats wrong Harry?”

“Nothing its just… Gabby and I aren't doing so great right now.”

“Aww why whats wrong?”

“I just feel like she is pushing me away constantly. We haven't showed affection towards one another in I don't know how long. I’m she won’t even tells me she loves me Gem. I feel like we are losing that spark and I don't know how to get her back.” I started to tear up and she gave me a sad look. “I love her so much Gemma and I don’t know what to do.”

“Okay I’m going to be honest with you. When a girl is usually pushing you away its when she needs you the most. If you love her as much as you say you do, you will get your ass back to London as soon as possible and fight for her. Go home, make her a nice romantic dinner, and tell her how you really feel! You fight for her Harry and you show her how important your relationship is with her! And after you take her into that bedroom and you have the most amazing se-” I cut her off before she could finish what she was going to say. I was very close to my sister, but still I didn't want t talk about my sex life with her. Thats a bit awkward.

“So this is just going to work? Are you sure Gem?”

“Well there is only one to find out. And honestly all that stuff is just extra, the fact that you tried and put in effort is what really will impress her. It shows her that you care Harry.” She did have a point. Maybe Gabby thought I didn't care anymore, and thats why she pushed me away because of resentment. All thats in the past now, I know what I have to do, and I’m going to win her back.

I headed straight home after I met with Gemma. I hoped Gabby was out of the house so I had time to do all this. I stopped by the store to pick up stuff for dinner. Gabby’s favorite was spaghetti bolognese, I also picked up her favorite flowers and chocolate. I got home and lucky she wasn't there so I had time to decorate. I put rose pedals all along the ground and table. I set up the table and put candles on it. Candles were always a plus. I also decided to run a hot bubble bath. I decorated the bathroom with rose pedals and candles as well. I hoped we didn't actually have to eat the food because then the bath would be cold. I have this all planned in my head that she is just going to come home and I’m going to tell her exactly how I feel and go from there. If we actually have to eat it will really ruin this plan. I had the last piece of the surprise, but I would give it to her after I told her everything. I thinking this is the right thing to do, I just hope I’m right.

I made two bowls of pasta and put them on the table in case she did want to eat. This night was going to be perfect.

Liam’s P.O.V

We had almost gotten all of Gabby’s things. All we had left was one box and then she would officially be moved in. I was on cloud nine right now. I can’t believe all of this is finally happening. As we got in the car to go and get the rest of her stuff, I noticed a little love bite on her neck that I had given her last night and decided to tease her a bit.

“Baby whats that your neck?” She looked in he mirror. Its obvious she didn't notice it until I said something.

“Liam! Another hickey!” I laughed instantly.

“Sorry babe I can’t control myself around you! Plus you gave me one as well! We are both guilty here.”

“You love leaving your marks, it never fails.”

“I want others to know your mine, and only mine.” I squeezed her hand tightly.

“Well thank you Liam! Thanks for another one.”

“You’re welcome babe.” I smirked at her and she rolled her eyes but I saw a small smile appear on the corner of her mouth. I was so happy, one last box and we were finally done. We pulled into the drive way to notice Harry’s car was here. Fuck, now we had to tell him as we are moving her out. I at least wanted her stuff to be gone before we told him. I could tell she was nervous so I laced my fingers with hers.

“Relax baby, it will be fine.”

“I’m just nervous to how he will react Liam.”

“Well he better not even think about yelling at you in front of me I won’t have it.”

“Lets just get this over with.” We walked inside to see a trail of rose petals leading all the way to the kitchen. I saw Harry standing there with two glasses of champagne in his hand. What the fuck was this?


“Harry what is all this?” Gabriella asked and she began to get nervous because she gripped my hand tighter. I don't even think he noticed that we were holding hands yet.

“I wanted to surprise you baby! I know things haven't been that great between us so I want to make it up to you. I just wanted to show how much I love and care about you. I promise things are going to be better and I love yo-”
Gabriella cut him off before he had the chance to finish. She was getting over whelmed, I could tell. Her face was red and her palms were sweaty and her breathes became short and uneasy. She started to cry and it was pissing me off. I know Harry didn't mean it and was unaware of how emotional she was, but I still didn't appreciate him making my girl cry.

“Harry that’s enough, you're upsetting her.” I spoke up and he finally turned his attention to me. Did he seriously not notice me the whole time?

“Liam what the hell are you even doing here? This has nothing to even do with you. Its between me and my girlfriend, so I suggest you leave.” He finally looked down at our intertwined hands and I saw him growing angry. “Why the fuck are you holding hands? What’s going on?”

“Harry I’m sorry.” Gabriella sobbed.

“Sorry for what?” He looked at me and then Gabriella. He noticed we were still holding hands. He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe. “Is this why you’ve been acting so weird? You’ve be cheating on me! With Liam! I should have fucking know! That’s why you both have been acting so weird! You both have been fucking sneaking around behind my fucking back!”
He walked up to the table and flipped it over causing food to go everywhere. He was destroying he living room. It was all happening so quickly, the first thing I did was put my arm around Gabriella’s back and my other hand on her stomach to protect it from Harry’s outrage. I didn't want him to hurt the baby by accident.

“Why are you holding her like that in front of me! Liam its bad enough you fucked her behind my back and now you’re going to touch her like that in front me! Why is your hand on her stomach like your protecting something…” He stopped what he was doing and he looked like he was finally putting the pieces together. “YOU’RE FUCKING PREGNANT AREN’T YOU?” He yelled so loud Gabriella pressed herself closer to me.

“Make it stop Liam.” She whispered into my ear.

“You’re pregnant! And by one of my best fucking friends! Is this what you do when I’m away! You fuck my best friends! Did you fuck Louis also? Zayn? Niall? Did you fuck all of them? It wouldn't surprise me if you did you stupid fucking who-”
Before he could even finish I hand my hands on the collar of his shirt and pushed him against the wall. I threw him on the ground and just started punching him. I couldn't control myself. He mad me so angry. He punched me in the jaw which caused me to lose my balance and he punched me again. I noticed a clear shot and took it. I hit him right in the nose and blood started spilling out instantly. I kept punching him and punching him not counting how many times I’ve hit him. Then I felt Gabriella tugging on my shoulder.

“Liam stop! You’re going to kill him!” I stopped hitting him and got up off the floor. He got up after me and spit blood out of his mouth. His white shirt wasn't even white anymore, it was stained red. I don’t think I broke his nose, but he did have two black eyes. He got me pretty good so I know my jaw would be bruised tomorrow.

I pulled Gabriella into my arms and hugged her. She was crying because I could feel her tears seeping through my shirt.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry.” I whispered and kissed her head.

“So you fucking took my girl and you got her pregnant also. Some fucking friend you are Liam!”

“Harry it wasn't like that! It just happened! We didn't plan to do this! I love you Harry, I always will. I just... I just don’t love you the way I love Liam.” Gabriella sobbed even harder. Harry grabbed his keys and before walking out her threw a little box at Gabriella and me.

“I really loved you Gabriella. I really fucking loved you.” He said as he stormed out and slammed the door. We heard his car sped off. Gabriella picked up the box and inside was a little ring with a note attached to it. She opened it and the note said “Will you marry me?” That made her cry even harder. He was going to propose to her? I pulled her into my chest and just let her cry. There wasn't much I could do now but be there for her, and thats exactly what I planned to do.

I wasn't going to fuck up this time.

As we drove home Gabriella cried the whole way. I could only imagine how she was feeling right now. Its bad enough we had to tell Harry about all of this and then we find out he wanted to marry her. This is only the beginning, we still had to tell the boys and management. They definitely wont be happy with me especially since its going to cause such a strain on the band. With Harry and I constantly going at it, I don’t even know how we would be able to work together from now on.

When we got home I noticed Gabby must have dozed off on the way. I didn't want to wake her up so I carried her from the car all the way to our bedroom. It sounds weird to say our bedroom, but it feels right also. I laid her down and pulled the blankets over her. She didn't even wake up. I went out to the car and grabbed her last box of clothing and put it in the bedroom. I would help her unpack when she woke up. I sat on my couch and just stared at the wall. Its crazy how in a few short hours everything could go from being perfectly fine to a complete and utter disaster. I knew this was bound to happen. For some reason despite everything that happened today I was happy. I was happy my girlfriend and baby were here with me, I was happy Gabriella moved in with me, and I was happy that we were finally together. Gabriella and the baby are my entire world, I wouldn't trade them for anything. I don’t care if management got angry with me, I don’t care about anything except my baby and Gabriella. At the end of the day as long as I had them I was happy. I’ve always wanted a family and the fact that I’m having one with Gabby makes it even better. I know my mum, dad, and sisters would be excited, my mum has always wanted grandchildren. Speaking of which Gabriella and I need to make a trip down to see our families and tell them the news. I was excited to tell my parents, but Gabriella’s parents might react differently. I know her dad especially wouldn't be too happy but I can promise I will always take care of both the baby and Gabriella. They were always going to come first to me and I would be sure to make that known.

Everything would be fine. As long as I had my girl and my baby, I had strong hope that things were going to be okay.


Aww poor Harry! I actually teared up writing this! :(

I hope you guys still enjoyed the chapter! Tell what you think in the comments!

Love you all!

Aww look how cute he is! He just has the most amazing smile!

are any of my readers Harry girls?!

Comment and let me know!


It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

Beautifully written. I'm a Liam girl but im pulled to the love that She and Harry did experience. Great update!

Dew4ever Dew4ever

Ahh Harry!! He should've had the baby <\3

melanie0905__ melanie0905__

I love this and my name is Gabriella Marie Fuentes CX if only my last name was carter -.- then I would be the character CX jk jk tho but its a really good story cx