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Mafia's Brat ( Harry Styles A.U.)


The shots rang through the air. I quickly ducked my head under the table I am currently using as a shelter. I quickly peeked over the table only to go back under cover again.
"They're closing in, there's a five out of one-hundred chance we'll make it out here alive."
"Well that's why we have these bad boys," I say pulling out the bag full of grenades. "Each count as at least 20 people. I bet you 50 bucks we'll make it"
"That is if we actually get out alive." Another shot zoomed past us. I don't think we can call our shelter a table anymore. The metal is dented where each each bullet impacted the object. I bit off the metal chain of the grenade and threw it at the intruders. I immediately put my fingers to my ears. Once I heard the satisfying explosion I took my fingers back out.
Harry quickly set off another grenade while everyone was still vulnerable and shocked. My hands darted back up to my ears again in an attempt to muffle the sound.
"You know," his deep raspy voice said breathless."Maybe we should tell someone before we leave in the middle of the night to go on an 'adventure'." He said, making quoting motions with his fingers.
"Well-" I was interrupted when there was a small explosion about 15 feet away from us. Those fuckers tried to bomb us. Cheaters.
"Shit just got real." I whispered angrily. I set off four grenades at once and watched it wipe out every last person.
"Rama! Watch out!" I turn around in time to see a man about to shoot me. I close my eyes waiting to be hit but it never happens. I open my eyes to see him lying on the floor with a bullet hole right in the middle of his head. I turn to Harry.
"He was about to shoot you. Figured you wouldn't have liked a scar on your leg or something."
"Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny." I replied sarcastically. I crossed my arms over my chest while we started walking back to my house.
"What, no thank you?" I rolled my eyes then grabbed his shirt and slammed my lips to his. After what seemed like two minutes I pulled away."Thank you," I whispered breathlessly. "You didn't do half bad, Styles."


First chapter is up!

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This looks exciting!!