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Somebody To You.

I woke up to the boys wonderful laughter. I smiled, and rolled out of bed.
"Look who finally got her butt up." Lou laughed.
"Oh hush, you." I glared.
"Someone's grumpy." he smiled.
"You would be too after a long drive home." I replied, grabbing a donut. "Where's Liam?" I added.
"Out with Gracie and Talla." Niall mumbled out with hiss full mouth.
"What has this world come to? We're all doomed." I joked.
"It does seem like a deadly combination, huh?" Niall laughed.
I laughed along, then cut in, "I'm gonna shower, maybe the mischief will be over by then." they laughed and I went upstairs. It was nice to be in the comfort of the boys flat once again, and I'm just glad we're staying here a while.
I showered and changed, then wandered back downstairs.
"Tid bit fancy aren't ya?" Niall asked.
"Nowhere near it deary, natural hair and all. I just felt dressy."
"You should feel dressy more often. It's a good look on you." Lou smiled.
"Thanks... I think."
"Don't worry, it was very much so a compliment." Harry smiled gorgeously.
I blushed and sat next to Niall, "No sign of them yet, huh?" I asked.
"Nothing yet." he shrugged.
Nialler and I sat and watched TV then Lou budged in.
"Got something for you, love." he spoke, handing me a note.
Meet me in the park 6 o'clock, you won't be able to miss me. Yours truly, Liam.
"Hey Nialler, what time is it?" I questioned.
"5:30." I spoke, staring at his watch.
"Perfect." I spoke, grabbing my jacket, "I'll see you guys later." I smiled, heading into the rain.
Liam's P.O.V.
I checked my watch. 5:30. Kat should be here soon. I took one last look around at everything Talla and Gracie helped me set up. It looked just like Kat's favorite movie. My heart was racing, I can't imagine how it'll react when Kat is actually here in my arms. All this time... Well since Dani and I broke up... I haven't wanted to settle down, then the other night with Kat... Everything finally fell into place. Ever since met her, I've looked for a way that I can see her face. It started off by getting Danielle to invite her places, then texting her after the break up, now I can't spend a day without her. Look at me now, I've fallen.
I looked up to see Kat's gorgeous body with my coat draped over her.
"Kat." I smiled, I probably looked like a school boy with a crush.
"Li." She smiled, and leant her a hand up the steps.
She took the jacket off and set it to the side. Her figure looked stunning in her dress, and her natural hair drove me insane, in the best way.
Kat's P.O.V.
"Finally." Liam sighed in my ear, as he pulled me in close.
"Finally what, love?" I asked.
He pulled back and smiled widely at me, "I got to hold you in my arms."
The butterflies in my stomach jumped and fluttered.
It took me a minute, but I finally looked up and saw exactly what Liam was setting up all day.
"Liam..." I gasped.
"Wait, it gets better."
My heart dropped as Liam bowed to take my hand, cello's and violin's began playing I'll Be.
I took his hand, and he took my waist. I rested my head on Liam's shoulder and swayed with him side to side. For the few minutes the song was playing I felt like there was no one else in the world, just Liam and I.
"Kat." Liam began still swaying me, although the music stopped.
"Hmm?" I mumbled.
Liam began stuttering and I giggled, "Spit it out, Li."
"All I wanna be... All I ever wanna be... Is somebody to you. Everytime I look at you, I just don't care about anything, or anyone else. I just wanna be somebody to you. Kat... Be mine."
I noticed it wasn't a question, yet I didn't care. Yes. Absolutely, yes! Oh... Helps if I say it outloud, right?
"Yes, Liam!" I jumped more into him and held on tightly as he spun me around.
Ican't tell you how long I've waited for this... Liam Payne... That's my boyfriend.


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