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Long Way Home.

Liam's P.O.V.
I drove to get Kat the way I used to, to get to the X-Factor. It took me back to the middle of nowhere, the place only her and I share. I remember walking her home a few times, most the time behind Dani's back.
I pulled up to the cafe to see Kat and a blonde fellow smiling and laughing. What do I do? I want to interrupt, but I don't. Before I could react Kat was walking towards the car.
"Li!" she shouted, hopping in.
"Kat!" I smiled, pulling her into that awkward car hug.
"I thought you'd never come." she joked.
"I'll never leave you alone." I smiled, again. "Who was that?" I asked.
"Jealous, Li?" she laughed.
Yes... "Just asking." I half-smiled.
"His name is Luke, he offered to buy me coffee, he even bought the one I was getting for you." she handed me the coffee, and I couldn't hold onto the subject anymore.
I took a sip of probably the best coffee ever. "This is amazing." I gasped.
"Right? I wish we had tried it before." she smiled, gorgeously.
I began driving, then had a bit of a crazy idea.
"Where to?" I asked.
"Where to?" Kat questioned, "Not just home?"
"What's the fun in that?" I smiled, and so did she.
"Li, do you remember that time you and the boys took the dance team out to that old school yard to play your guitars?"
I knew where I was going.
We pulled up to the old school yard, and suddenly the memory hit me.

Dani thought our idea was stupid, but invited the other girls anyway. The lads and I wanted to play our guitars somewhere that wasn't an arena. We took our best two guitars, then waited for night fall. Once the sun was down we walked to a close by school yard. We had all taken seats upon a hill behind the playground. The lads and I had some new songs we wanted to play for the girls we cared for most. Danielle didn't feel it was the greatest idea, so she sat back, but I feel had she known that meant Kat would come, she wouldn't have stayed behind. I love her to death, but she's a bit possessive.
"What's the first song we get to hear?" Perrie smiled.
"One Zayn had the most inspiration for... Last First Kiss." I replied, then Niall began strumming.
I stared off in Kat's direction, and blushed as I began the song.
Baby, I, I wanna know
What you think When you're alone.
Is it me? Yeah.
Are you thinking of me? Yeah, oh.
We've been friends Now for a while.
Wanna know that when you smile.
Is it me? Yeah.
Are you thinking of me? Yeah. Oh, oh.

Harry smiled at Tallahassee, and almost forgot to sing.
Girl, what would you do?
Would you wanna stay
If I were to say?.
We all sat in awe of the girls in front of us and went through one chorus.
I wanna be last, yeah,
Baby, let me be your,
Let me be your last first kiss,
I wanna be first, yeah,
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this,
And if you
Only knew.
I wanna be last, yeah,
Baby, let me be your last,
Your last first kiss.

"Whatcha thinking about, Li?" Kat asked, taking my hand.
I smiled at her, then replied, "Last First Kiss. Remember?"
"How could I forget? That was the first time I felt like you had a crush on me. I thought I was crazy stupid."
"Crazy stupid..." I giggled, "Crazy stupid, that's you and me."
She laughed as well, "That's the way it's supposed to be, right?"
I laughed as my reply.
As we got back in the car I smiled remembering that night one last time. It was the night I knew this is how everything is supposed to be. Kat and I against the world. Telling her how I felt through the songs I wrote, every song from that night on had a piece of my feelings for Kat in them, and once the break up happened, I put all my feelings for her into them.
"I wanna get lost and drive forever with you."
"Alright, now I know you've really hit stupid crazy." Kat replied.
"Just being honest..." I became quiet.
"How about this... We drive around to everything that sounds, or looks, interesting. We have all night, and instead of getting lost, we'll go on an adventure." Kat smiled.
"I love your idea's."
We drove around all night, on our way back home. We hit every red light on the way back, if that's even possible, so I finally began kissing Kat at every stop. It made her smile, and that made me fall even more in love.
While we were still out in nowhere land... The car broke down. Kat turned to me and burst out laughing.
"Li, did you have enough gas for this?"
"Maybe..." I replied, truly not knowing, and highly doubting it.
"Liam..." Kat groaned, "Well. I guess we're stuck here for now. how close is the closest gas station?"
I pulled out my phone, "About a mile."
"Not too far..." she sighed, then slid down the side of my car.
I laughed and plopped down next to her. There was only field as far as the eye could see.
"Li... Look at those stars." Kat gazed up at the night sky, and I pulled her close.
Both Kat and I stargazed finding constellations and staying close to stay warm.
Although the car had shut down, the radio stayed on. Green Day began playing, and it was one of Kat's favorites. I stood up and looked down at her. I held out my hand, "May I?"
She gripped my hand tightly, smiled, and replied, "You may."
I took her by the waist and pulled her in close, as we stood in the light of my headlights. Of course I know Wake Me Up When September Ends wasn't romantic or anything, but what else were we supposed to do? Kat could out dance me any day, so I threw in a few spins to seem cool, but it just made her laugh. When the song came to an end, I think the car was done for. The lights and radio shut off, and before Kat and I could let go, we burst into laughter.
"Just our luck." she smiled.
"Might as well start our walk to the gas station."
We walked hand in hand down the lit road, and I looked over my shoulder at Kat, and gripped her hand tighter.
About an hour later we were back at the car with gas and a battery charger.
"As good as new." I spoke, wiping my hands off.
"Ready to finish our adventure?" Kat asked.
"Talk about the long way home." I laughed.
As I continued driving, I came to another realization... I don't wanna waste my time alone. I want it to be Kat and I forever, getting lost in drive, and taking adventures... Now how do I do it?




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