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Imagines for mi Babes


Chapter 1



melbourne australia :)

thankyou so so much! i dont know hahaha maybe westend or something?

Or Australia?

Okay babe

Where in London?

Georgia May Kane :)

Can I please be nialls gf?
15 years old. you could make me older :)
im bubbly, random,fun, outgoing, trustworthy, MUSICAL and love food :)
I have medium brown curly hair,with a side fringe always twirled back. my eyes are blue, green with gold flecks, dark blue outline and are the pattern like when the sun shines on water. Body is curvy, not overweight, but not skinny. About average height. Music is my life, singing and trumpet, scared of what people will think so don't really sing in public. am pretty insecure about body image etc. I am extremely self conscious about my body. like dosent wear short dresses or shorts. loves being happy, with family and friends. likes to work hard and often stresses as a result. green tea with peppermint helps get rid of it :)
dreams of being a professional singer living in London or a journalist and playing in bars and busking on streets to make my voice heard :) I I wear pretty much anything :) just neat casual lke something off polyvore or whatever but I LOVE heels :D could I be bestfriends with niall and secretly in love with him and liam as my bestfreinds and is really protective but in a cute brotherly way? setting? either London or Australia?