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His or Mine?

Becoming Offical

Michelle’s POV

The girls and I were chatting in the dining room, while Liam was in the shower, getting ready. And I just couldn’t hold in anymore, what happened today!

“So guy’s…..you’ll never guess what happened?!?” I said as I slammed my hands down onto the table. All the girls jump like a foot in air with my sudden action.

“Jesus Michelle! You just scared the shit out of us!” Lindsey shouted. All the other girls agreed.

“Okay, well I’m sorry...but oh my god, something happened this morning, that was so… so…life changing for me,” I said leaning in towards the center of the table.

“Just tell us already!” Chance shouted.

“Damn… fine… so this morning I was taking a shower, and Liam said that he was going to be watching TV downstairs, so when I was down with my shower, I came dancing out in nothing, not even a towel, but Liam was there, in the room, laying out this outfit he had gotten for me for today’s outing. So I yelled at him and be ran out. So them, I got ready, and came downstairs, and kissed Liam’s cheek and said thanks for the clothes, and I sat down in the white chair, and Liam started to apologize and I said it wasn’t his fault, and I should’ve have had a towel, and it was my fault, then he got up and leaned in to whisper to me, and said “don’ be sorry, and to be honest..It wasn’t a bad sight love” and he ran upstairs and took a shower, leaving me dumbfounded,” I explained to the girls.

“OH MY GOD!” All the girls shouted at once. We all started chatting about the situation, we talked about how I felt about this, then I see Liam walking down the stairs, he looked over at me, and we made eye contact, then Liam quickly looked away and walked into the kitchen to where the boys are. About 15 minutes later, the girls and I came into the kitchen and told the boys what I wanted to do for my birthday.

“So birthday girl… where is it going to be?” Zayn asked me

“So, I’ve officially decided, were first going to go to the ZOO! Then, were going to get ICE CREAM! Then were going to ready for it…” she put her hands in her knees and started to mimic a drumroll. “CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!” Everyone groaned expect for Liam, he put his arm around my shoulders and told everyone to suck it up and to stop being babycrys. Everyone came around me, and we all filled two cars, as we headed towards the zoo.

After about 3 hours at the zoo, we were all going to a local ice cream shop, located just a couple minutes from Chuck e Cheese. We visited EVERYTHING at the zoo! Every single animal, & every single square inch of the zoo, if it was after this gates to get it, we saw it. We all had such a blast! Zayn held a monkey, Liam held a sloth, and I held a snake! I think I had more fun than any of us in our group! A few minutes later, we have arrived at the ice cream shop, and we all piled in, placing our order at the counter and getting them before we sat down at the booth located by the huge bay window. All of sat silently, for a few minutes, just licking our cones. After a few more minutes of silence, Liam broke the silence and started to talk about the day.

“So Michelle, how’s the day so far? So far, I’ve had a great time!” Liam exclaimed.

“It’s so great! I have loved every single second of today! And having all my friends here, to celebrate with me, have made it all the better,” I said smiling. Everybody touched my hand that was atop the table. I smiled at everyone, and they all smiled back. We all finished our ice creams and left to our next destination! CHUCK. E. CHEESE! As everyone complained and whined about going to the “Funnest place on earth!” aka chuck e cheese, I had ants in my pants! I was so excited, I love this place! We have finally arrived and I flew out of the car into the yellow and purple building in front of me. I ran through the doors and got my hand stamped, along with the rest of my group. As soon as I got past that violet, velvet rope, I ran to my favorite game… the car racing game!!!! I might’ve body checked some kids on my way, but I didn’t want anybody stealing my game! I sat in black, plastic chair, waiting for my group to get the tokens, because we all already knew right where I was going, so I sat there for a good two minutes looking like an idiot, but I waited because I didn’t want to lose my seat. So Liam, and the rest of the group, walked up to me and handed me two tokens as Chance got in the other seat, as we were going to race. Now, I was the queen of this game, so Chance had some competition. So we picked our race, car, and clicked started, and we were ready to go. The race started and I took off like a flash of lightening! I maneuvered my way around the track, like a boss. Minutes later, I pass the finish line, first, with chance coming in 3rd about 1 minute after me.

“Yay! I won! Who’s next?” I asked my friends. Nobody said anything, so I randomly reached out and grabbed harry, and pulled him in the seat next to me, again, putting in the tokens, selecting the track, and car, the race started and once again, I took off like a bad out of hell . Whipping myself around the sharp corners of the track, and crossing the finish line first, once again, with Harry coming in 2nd place. Friend after friends, I crushed them all, till there was one friend left to crush. Liam. As Liam, approached the chair, I decided to make things a little interesting.

“I say we make a little proposal… to make things a little interesting, what do you say “love?” I ask Liam with the same nickname he gave me earlier today when the “incident” happened. He gave me confused look and sat down in the plastic chair next to me.

“Okay Michie…what’s it going to be?” Liam asked me with a suspicious look in his eye. Everyone around us “ooohed” and “ahhed” and Liam and I just laughed.

“I have an idea!” Chance said with a devilish grin while rubbing her hands together. Liam and I just look at her with an “uh-oh” look because we knew just how over evil Chance was…when she wanted to be.

“Uh-oh….” Liam and I both said simultaneously.

Chance’s POV

As, we were all at chuck e cheese, for Michelle’s birthday. We were all having a blast, as we all waited around for Michelle to crush us all one-by-one on her favorite game, Fast n’ Furious…car racing. She has beaten us all expect for Liam. He was the last one to beat, and he was pretty good at it…. With Michelle knowing that, she decided to make things a little interesting by making a little proposal. But, she couldn’t decided what it would be… so I decided to make the proposal for them. Because, I knew something that they didn’t!

“So. If you win, Michelle. You have to tell Liam one thing he doesn’t know about you.” I said with Michelle giving me a death glare. I grinned back.

“And if you win, Liam. You have to tell Chelle one thing she doesn’t know about you.” I said with Liam starting to form a beads of sweat on his brow.

“Fine…” Both Liam and Michelle said confident, that they would win. They both knew everything about each other but one thing, and I knew what it was.

“BUT! If it’s a tie, then you both have to say one thing to each other,” I cleared up the rules a bit. They nodded as they both put in the gold tokens into the slot of the machine to start their race, they both chose their cars, track, and we were at the starting line. They both were revving there engines as they were both ready to win. The game counted down “3….2….1….GO!” Liam and Michelle both rushed off so fast, you would swear that the shell of the car was left at the finish lines. Both of them swerving around the corners, jumping the ramps, and quickly getting ahead, one-by-one. One lap was down, and all the guys were cheering Liam on and all the girls were cheering Michelle on. They were half way through the second lap, and the tensions were high. Currently, Liam and Michelle were switching who had first place. It’s like they were alternating. Liam. Michelle. Liam. Michelle. The finish line was just literally around the next corner, they whip around the corner, both of them approaching the line. Getting closer, Liam and Michelle both use their nitro, and floored it.

Boom! Both of them crossing the finish line at the exact same time, making it a tie.

“Damn it…” Chelle mutters under her breath.

“Shit….” Liam whispers harshly.

“Damn guys! That was a great race! But you know the drill now…. Let’s do this!” I said with excitement. Let’s see if they actually do this…

Liam’s POV

Shit! It was freaking tie! Now I have to tell my best friends that I have feelings for her. That’s the one thing she doesn’t know me!! Damn it… this isn’t going to a walk in the park for me….I’m nervous as hell!

Michelle’s POV

Holy Jesus hell! It was a tie!!! Can you believe it?! Now I have to tell Liam that I have feelings for him. Because that’s the one thing he fuckin doesn’t know about me! UGH! Damn Chance, She knew exactly what she was doing too. This is not going to be easy for me. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin our friendship.

Chance’s POV

Mwahah! I’m so excited for this. Now you might think I sound a little psycho when I say that, but this will be good for them. They feel the same way about each other, they just don’t know it yet, and I do because they have instilled their feelings for each other in me! I just hope this doesn’t ruin their friendship, or worse….our friendship.

“Okay, loves...it’s time! You both ready?” I ask Michie and Liam. Now we are all sitting at the park that was across the street from the children’s play place. The park was actually quite empty. There was one couple, at the swings with the boy pushing the girl, and there was an elderly couple sitting on the bench overlooking the water. Michelle and Liam sat across from each other, and It went, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall, Michelle, Me, Lindsey, Alex, Tyler and Kayla. We were all waiting with anticipation. I mean all except Michelle and Liam.

“Yeah I guess…” Michelle says, Liam nods to agree.

“Okay, since, I already know none of you two want to go first, your both going to say it at the same time. Understood?” I ask sternly. They both nod.

“Okay…ready…3…2…1…GO!” I shout

“I have feelings for you…” LI and Mich both say at the same time while looking down at their laps. Everyone gasps, and all the girl cover their mouths, and the boys, just sit there shocked that there best friend didn’t tell them. It was an awkward that was currently going on for the past 3 minutes. A couple minutes later…Kayla decided to break the silence.

“So….this is a little awkward, I think Michelle and Liam need to talk this out. Let’s give them some time guys, yeah?” Every one nods quickly walks to the park that was a few feet from the table. We all go run around and leave Li and Michie to talk out whatever they need to. I hope it all works out in the end.

Michelle’s POV

Can you believe what just happened?! Oh my god! I can’t believe it! But on the other hand, I’m so fucking happy that the feels the same way!! I just hope it all works out in the end

Liam’s POV
I don’t even know what to think right now. On one side, I’m so fucking happy that she feels the same way. On the other side, I’m just wanting this to work out so damn bad. I can taste it, I want this so bad!!

Michelle’s POV

As of right now, we are just sitting on a bench in the park, the others are over playing at the park. They are playing on the swings, the monkey bars, the slides…. And having fun and they left me sitting here to “Talk it out” with Liam. But I don’t want to talk, I just want it to work out, and skip the weird and awkward conversations, and skip right to our relationship! But I guess this conversation needs to happen.

“So….. Michelle… how bout this weather we’re having?” Liam says awkwardly. I just rolled my eyes, and smiled.

“Liam. Let’s skip this whole “Beating around the bush” thing. Let’s just get this over with...yeah?” I ask Liam with the hand now placed on the table. He sighs loudly and looks straight into my eyes.

“Michelle….I’m going to start. You’ve been my best friend for 2...almost 3 years. You know EVERYTHING about me. I remember the day I met you, you were wearing high waisted purple jean shorts, with silver studs on the front. You had on a black fitted, fitted, fitted tank top with purple toe nail polish on. Your hair was in a high ponytail, with a purple headband on. You had on warn out makeup because of the busy moving day you had that day. But you were still beautiful none-the-less. Oh! You also had on white nail polish on your fingernails. I remember everything about you Chelle. And ever since the first time I laid eyes on you, I was in complete lust with you, and over the years that lust was become love. Michelle I’m in love with you. You’re the most beautiful, the smartest person I know, your laugh is heaven on earth, and your smile is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You’re an amazing person and I’m lucky to be in your life Michelle. I love you.” Liam said while placing his hands on mine and he said that with such sincerity. I had tears in my eyes with them just freely running down my face. I didn’t even have a response. Liam gently leans forward and kisses my tears away. He gently grabs my face and says.

“You don’t even have to respond because I know how you feel just by your response to what I said. I just want to tell you, that no matter what happens, our best friendship will NEVER change. But I have one question for you Michelle. Will you do me the honor of become my girlfriend?” I just nod really quickly, and smile with tears still running down my face. Liam smiles and laughs, and kiss away my tears again, and then gently pushes his lips on mine and kisses me ever so softly. I was so lost in Liam’s kiss, that I didn’t even know where I was! But we finally pulled away with the sounds of cheering, and shutter sounds of everybody’s camera going off. I just smile and blush, as all the girls came over and we all just fangirled and all the guys just patted Liam on the shoulder and cheered him on. Liam and I are finally a couple, and I couldn’t be any happier. I honesty would say we’re the happiest couple in the world, and we’re definitely the cutest!


OHMYGOD!!!! HERE'S A FUCKING UPDATE!!! Finally right?! I hope you enjoy this! It's 5 pages long!!! Omg! Comment!!!


You're welcome!

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Okay cool! Your suggestion is taken into account! Thanks!

You're welcome! I think you should do a flashback to show how she met Chance.

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Any ideas as to what you think about the flashbacks again?


Damn autocorrect! Thanks for telling me! And thanks for the compliment! Muah!!