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That mystery girl


Niall received a phone call about a girl who asked for him to meet her that was her wish she only had a few hours left to live or so they thought all of One Direction entered the room as they saw her lying on the bed she asked if she could see Niall so he came to her she had brown hair and blue eyes she whispers in his ears "I just want to tell you I think your amazing thank you for making me feel alive I know you feel like you're the less liked in the band but that's wrong your probably the most loved and I haven't had my first kiss yet I wanted it to be with you I was going to marry you when I got older but I suppose I can't know you have kept me alive for these hours knowing that you might show up"
Niall kissed her passionately like she was hers their lips intertwined
"Thank you she whispered in his ear he had tears in his eyes as she closed her eyes and the monitor went quiet he was touched and sad at the same time then she opened her eyes the blue was brighter but the monitor still wasn't beeping the boys were all shocked "It's about time for my transformation I had to die somehow gosh She ya boys" Then she grabbed her bag and she was gone before we could blink "What was that about" Harry asked in confusion

Niall Horan One Direction Main Character

Hannah Main Character the vampire girl who wiped their memories

Harry Styles Niall's Best friend /One Direction

Louis Tomlinson Niall's other best friend One Direction

Liam Payne Niall's other best friend One Direction

Zayn Malik Niall's other best friend One Direction


  1. Chapter 1

    The new girl

  2. Chapter 2

    Lunch time

  3. Chapter 3

    The story of the mysterious girl

  4. Chapter 4

    The Fear of the Unknown

  5. Chapter 5

    The boy in the vision


@Harry's Bae
I'm quite new to this website so I dont know exactly how to do much but do you like my story no one has really ever liked what I wrote before:D

Or you could add me and I could change wat you want me to.

Harrys Slave Harrys Slave

@Harry's Bae
if you want I think that means make a copy but change a few things I'm slow when I'm tired sorry

can I make you a cover!!!!

Harrys Slave Harrys Slave