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Her Farthers dark secret


"Jessica we shouldn't be here the musieum is closed" Niall said
"Don't worry ive done this before"
okay back to the start Hi m name is Jessica I'm 17 years old I was born in Transylvania but moved when I was a few months old there I met Niall he was a part of a big boyband One Direction the Irish one as I call him sometimes but ive never felt a part of reality i have amazing hearing and a great sence of smell weird for a human right until one night it all changed
Jessica (Dont have photos of anyone)
She has light brown hair with a few blonde streaks bright blue eyes like Ice and water smashed together she is shy happy but when you get to know her she is really hyper and loud talkative but gets the feeling sensation that she has no clue who she is anymore she even lies to her friends
Niall Horan
Gourgeous Blue Eyes like Jessica but with more green Blond hair carefree doesnt take life to seriously and is best friends with Jessica they instantly clicked when they met he secretly has a crush on Jessica but she doesnt notice
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson
Liam Payne
Zayn Malik
You know who they are already


  1. Chapter 1

    when Niall and Jessica first met

  2. Chapter 2

    Niall's first day

  3. Chapter 3

    Jessica's secret admirer

  4. Chapter 4

    Going to Niall's

  5. Chapter 5

    The vision and the plane

  6. Chapter 6

    The High Jack

  7. Chapter 7

    The harmful truth

  8. Chapter 8

    Where am I ???

  9. Chapter 9

    The Control

  10. Chapter 10

    The Mirror


Thanks on the third chapter Niall the poor baby tells Jessie her nightmere

love you story.

Harrys Slave Harrys Slave