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Story Banner Requests [CLOSED]


Hey lovely ladies!!

My name is Erica Jaine, and I am here to help you with your banner needs!! If you have an upcoming story that needs a banner to represent your story, or you simply would like to update the one you already have, then let me help you out! So fill out the form, and leave them down below. I will close and open this periodically that way I have time to fulfill each request. With that said, please also allow me 1-3 days to make your banner as well.

Once I have made your banner, I will message you a Photobucket link to it. Please let me know once you've saved them onto your computer so I can delete from from my Photobucket account to make space for more graphics. All I ask is that you give me credit for the banner... but if you do have the time, please check out my stories and see if it's something you'd like to read. This isn't an obligation, I'll still make your banner if you don't want to :)

ALSO, please, please, please give me links to large/hq photos if you want me to use specific pictures of the boys or your main girl. It's hard to make banners unless the photographs are a decent size. They don't have to be ginormous, but a decent enough size for me to work with... I have added an example of how to answer the request form in the chapter section.

Thanks && examples of my work will be located in the chapter section below.

FAQ - Because I get these questions often in my inbox:

Website or App used to make banners? Neither. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4.

R E Q U E S T . F O R M :

1. Title of Story:
2. Any specific colors you'd like me to use?:
3. Any specific photos you'd like me to use?: (links. if you don't care what photos used, then you don't have to answer this question)
4. Main characters you'd like to appear on the banner?: (name of the boy(s) and model/actress name of your female lead)
5. Anything else?: (if you have something specific you'd like me to do for your banner, let me know on this question)


  1. E X A M P L E S.

    story banners; quote/lyric banners; pov banners

  2. [ l a t e s t ] EXAMPLES

    newly made banners

  3. Examples of How to Answer the Request Form

    && linking photographs

  4. Note From Erica (June 16, 2014)

    Read Please! <3


It's okay girl you take time with your job.You need it,Im just here watching my dog give birth...

RosieMalik RosieMalik

@LifeLoveLight Sorry for the late reply love! I've been slammed with my summer job. I will get to your banner ASAP, and have it to you by or before Saturday sometime. Again, I'm SUPER sorry!

ericajaine ericajaine

1.High School
2.Black and White(ot gray)
3.Just a dramatic pic of the boys
4.Read up↑
5.Ummmmmmmmm No

RosieMalik RosieMalik

I'll be more than happy if you do so , it don't have to fit exactly , I mean it can be something close to that. I just gave you my own idea but the artist here is you ;) , so don't push yourself at all. I even appreciate the fact that you took my long , annoying request :) . Thanks again and again!

@The Dreaming Angel Hey girl! It's definitely challenge, but I will try my hardest to fulfill your request to as close as possible to your vision! <3

ericajaine ericajaine