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One Shots for...


I'm writing one shots for the following as of this moment: One Direction, The Wanted, Union J, Jack and Finn Harries, Allstar Weekend, Hot Chelle Rae...(more when i think of it)

I'm not taking requests but if there is a certain song you want me to do for one then u can comment and i will try to post it asap. i just randomly decided to make one shots based on song lyrics...some have a specific boy some are for one of the boys in general

If im feeling generous then i might take some but only if you write me one or have me as one of the characters in your story :) something like that

Also I will be posting these as i think of them because im working on my other two stories and im thinking of publishing another one...the more comments the more likely i will post more and possibly write u one :)


  1. Moments

    One Shot Based on the song Moments

  2. One Shot Form

    Comment if you want one...the more details the easier and prob quicker i will be able to write it...it does take me time to write these but i can promise you that i will try to make them really good....


Cora I am 13 but that can change. I have long blonde hair I am short, although my friends tell me I'm skinny, I don't think so. I usually wear light makeup to bring out the green in my color changing eyes.
I have three personalities. One is the sweet imature, second is serious and professional, and third is the incredible hulk.
Could it be based off the song Cut by Stephan Jerzak.
Niall and in his P.O.V.
Can you choose the plot?.
Rated R (no sexual content....dats weird)
I think you should because you are amazing.

Niall's_Princess Niall's_Princess
i have a skool laptop 2 but im still in skool mi mom said dat wen summer cums she mite get me a personal 1
Kiyah_Malik Kiyah_Malik
IIts ok
im glad you loved it sorry it took so long
yup :( they took it away for the summer to add more software on and stuff hence why im not on as much anymore :(