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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 33*

Louis' Pov

The sunlight made me wake up in the morning. I was glad sunlight showed up today, at least there wouldn't be much snow on the roads becasue today is going to be my first day at Syco music label. And I couldn't be more excited. It was 7 already and I had to leave maybe early for the first day so I cud leave by 8:30? I stepped down on to the cold marble floor. Immediately my eyes search for my bathroom slippers but guess what I do not have them here. So I just peep toed.
When I slide my foot inside my jeans, my head struck as i remembered something! "Shit" I say to myself. I put my hand into my back pocket and find out the thing I stole from Harry's cupboard. I guess he would sometime come running to me to find his precious lost article.

Anyway I kept it on the dressing table in front of me and took out a striped black n white tee from the cupboard and wore it as I searched for my toms. I found one lying near the couch and one under the bed.

I step out of the room and headed to the kitchen to prepare some cereals for breakfast. That is the only thing I know how to make.

"Good morning" I hear harry say as he walked into the kitchen wearing his black jean and a black shirt which he paired with his new brown boots and a long coat. It'll snow anytime ofcourse.

"Goodmorning" I wish him back.

"So you finally ready for your new day?" He asks me all happy and cheeky.

" yeah man...but I feel terrible" I tell him.

"Why? You like it right?" He turns to me as he takes out a water bottle from the fridge.

"Ofcourse I like it but you know there will be so many new people and stuff. Everything new and so much to learn and all...it terrifies me" I grain as I hand him his bowl of cereal and take one in a orange bowl which I liked, the colour was bright that is why.

"There's nothing which would kill you, they're all people..you can talk to people...its simple. Only death terrefies, you know" he answers me chuckling and the last thing which he said so casually was something so thoughtful and something deep.

"But I'm not good at talking to people, especially strangers...I don't know. If they might get offended or something...you know strangers are evil sometimes" I say as I take a bite spoon full.

"Hey don't worry, it'll be easy. And by the way youu caring if people get offended or not is a perfect mismatch...so you don't have to think about that" he chuckles with an evil grin. "Just finish this cereal and meet me in the garage I'm going to take out the car" he rushes as he throws the empty bowl in the sink and I follow suit.

"okay" I put up a nervous smile and walk into my room to pick my bag while Harry exits. I walk out of the apartment and lock the door checking it thrice.

I find Harry chatting away with some young lady which I sometimes saw entering our building but never cared to look at her much. She was dressed in a black long skirt with a dull red crisp shirt with a navy blue coat and muffler. She was a blonde somehow though the ends of her hair were dyed black. Anyway I walk up to harry and his glance shifts towards me. I did not even care to listen what they were talking about. But I did notice the lady noticing me as her eyes went upside down judging me. Ew, told you strangers were evil.

"Louis meet her, she is Laura Collins" she smiles as Harry takes her name and she extends her hand towards me for a handshake. "And Laura this is Louis tomlinson" I shake her hand with some what a smile I guess. I did not want to talk to her because her brown eyes were so judgemental.

"Hello" she smiles and looks back at Harry and then at me. "She's a really good friend of Niall's ...she works as a lawyer in the same firm" Harry contimues to tell me as if I was really interested.

"Oh wow that's really nice. You have a common friend here" I say sounding so interested.

"Well we can have another one here" she says in a flattery tone. Did she meant me?

"Who me?" I ask her surprised.

"Oh yes" she says giving me her Colgate smile.

"Oh definitely'' I reply as if I really want to be friends with her. No. Save me Greek god. I don't like her. "So what do u do? As in job?" She asks me getting a bit serious in her high pitched tone just like Janice in friends.

"Oh i just joined Syco music label as a professional pianist" I tell her with confidence..at least I didn't have to tell her I worked at a bakery.

"How come you live with Harry?" save me please my inner voice screamed at harry.
" umm are u friends ?" She continues when I don't reply her.

"Oh yeah BOYFRIENDS" I mocked at her and looked at Harry whose eyes seemed to pop out of his head, becasue if she isn't planning to leave I'll make her leave. I can see how much interested in men she is.

"Ohh" she coughed but I continued

"we moved in last month" I add to the information and saw his face turning into a disappointment. Now I feel happy. I can see an invisible crowd hailing at me.

"Well i'm getting late for work" she says as she looks at her watch. "Come for coffee sometime?" She invites Harry not looking at me.

"Yeah ofcrse..it would be our pleasure" I reply before harry could say something.

"Sure" and she walks away. Phew. She deserved it.

"What was that Louis?" Harry literally screams at me as we both climb into the lambo. It was nine already.

"Nothing much" I shrug as he pulls out into the road.

" Nothing much??..you told her I was your boyfriend?" He asks me so shocked and surprised.

"Yeah it somewhat sounded like that" I tell him like it didn't matter.

" are you crazy?" He yells.

" did you look at her...ew man did u look at her eyes she was so judgmental" I tell him.

" No. She's a nice lady..you shouldn't have talked to her like that" he tells me his tone a bit calming.

"She deserved it haz ..you know she was literally flirting with me and I don't like it..did u see the way she stood there like a whore, just interested in men" I tell him with so much anger for that lady.

"mark your words Louis" harry corrects me.

"OK sorry but..I don't like her" I apologize.

" that's fine if you hate her that bad but why did u tell her we were ....Boyfriends" he says the last word just like a whisper as he sighed.

"Atleast she won't eye us next time"

" She will...now the whole building will know about us..all fake thing...nobody knows here I'm gay" he tells me which so much worry in his tone about people knowing.

"Its OK harry..there is nothing wrong with being gay" I tell him as I look out of the window and harry concentrates onto the road. He doesn't say anything but I could see a frown on his forehead as he brushed his hair with his fingers backwards.

"But u totally know how to talk to people" he says to break the silence.

" yeah only when they think little of me" I laugh.

" well you are little anyways" harry chuckles and starts laughing.


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AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

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