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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 32*

Louis's POV

"Okay but I don't have anything formal to wear" I shrug as I begin to walk to my room.

"That's not a problem" he says with a chuckle. "Come to my room after the shower then pick up anything you like"

"Oh yeah seriously?" I ask him my eyes getting wide.

"Go get a shower" he chuckled again as he went into his room. I followed suit and went into mine directly entering the shower. I take off my pajamas and the t-shirt as I step into the shower, warm water pouring down. Immediately as my eyes shut images of Harry's terrible face came into view. Those eyes like they wanted to cry bad. Those lips like they wanted to say a thousand things. I don't know how to process these things into my head. I thought I was the one who was lost. Who was treated this way. The way I never deserved. But I just saw how needy this guy is. How he is just passing days in order to survive. Making others happy. Caring for them too much. I wanted to know what made him behave this way with people. Never caring too much about what people think of him. Just being what he is. I never new somebody which so much wealth and richness be so down to earth. Never. I thought such people were just born to be mean. Its like one of my philosophies which says, there are two kinds of people who behave how they want to be. 1) people who would mistreat others just so that others also feel the same. Its like doing tit for tat. 2) people who would never mistreat others so that they don't have to go through what they went through.

And Harry was the second one. To be honest if it was me I would never be so caring to strangers. Especially one like me who doesn't even think before a word falls out of my mouth. I never hesitate to hate people if they ever show hatred towards me. I would never look back at them. Like never. And treat them the way they needed to be.

Harry was someone truly special. I've never met somebody like him. Caring for everybody on this earth. From a little insect to people who he doesn't even know. For a person so rich like him he could take over the world but I never saw him dancing over his wealth or showing pride in how rich he was. He was really special. Somebody to die for. He cared for everything else but himself. Every creature living or non living but himself. I needed to know what is it that makes him so special. So needy for love, for compassion.

After about a 20 minute long shower with my thoughts I finally stepped out wrapping a towel around my waist. I brushed my teeth once before stepping out of the bathroom. I blow dried my hair making them perfectly into a side sweep and a little quiff. I went on and put my black jeans. It was time to go to harry's room for some begging. I walked out to the hallway. It was quite chilling in the room coz I guess Harry might have shut the room heating. And for me not wearing anything to cover my upper body, it was cold. I jogged to Harry's room and jumped in even without knocking so that I was back into a warmer room. "Hey harry" I call out in a whisper as I rub my palms together to gather some heat. As I had guessed his room was warmer. But harry was still in the showe.

"Harry ??" I call out louder so that he could hear me.

"Yeah Lou?" He answers me back. I don't know why but every time he calls me by that name it feels as if there is some bond between us. There was a sudden rise of heat in side me which made my cheeks flush.

"Umm.." I began as I wasn't sure of how to beg but continued, "I wanted a shirt" nervously though he already said I could pick up anything.

"yeah go look into the wardrobe" he shouts from inside.

"Okay" I mumble as I turn around on my heels towards the wardrobe. I never noticed before but the wardrobe was huge. It covered Harry's whole side wall. I slide open the glass door of his wardrobe revealing just another of rich things. His clothes hung perfectly on the hangers all without a crease like somebody actually would iron them and put them that way. There was a huge rack of shoes kept which included different types of boots and only a pair of sneakers and on the top shelf I could see some scarves which I guess would be head scarves which he never usually wore in front of me. At the end of the sliding door there was still a few space and there were clothes hanging. I slides the door to the left and now I had the thing I thought, all his formal clothes. Including suits of all kinds, all colors and ties which every damn beautiful design you could thing of. Some bow ties were also hanging at the back of the cupboard. Man he was so neat. Look at me, I can't even fold my jeans and keep them nicely and here he had every damn piece of clothing iron and hung. There was a little partition in between and to the other side it had drawers from top to bottom. Reaching for the top could be difficult for me but I wouldn't want to search. Coz I guess I'm not that nosy. I did not try to look through a small shelf which was in the middle of the rows of draws. Though I could see some diaries,some wallets and some ....what? My mind couldn't process what that shiny thing kept was.

I blinked my eyes twice before confirming it to myself that it was a blade. I know I shouldn't have been doing this. But my hands couldn't stop before my urge made me pick that thing up. I turned it to look at the other side and what I saw was a bit creepy. At the sides of the blade,the sharper side had some dried blood stuck on it. I immediately didn't feel good. My insides shrunk. Like somebody squeezed me from inside. My throat had a lump which I wasn't able to gulp down. My thoughts didn't let me know when Harry's door clicked open, " hard to decide, is it??"

I heard his voice and I turned immediately hiding the thing in my hand as I closed my fist and then put my hands behind back but before he could notice I quickly put it in my back pocket of the jeans.

I immediately put up a nervous smile on my lips praying harry wouldn't catch 1) me hiding that thing 2) my nervous smile. Though I guess I'm a good actor. That's what my sisters tell me at least. I can trust them for this.

"Oh yeah," I begin "seriously you have so much to choose from....I actually wanna wear all of them at once" I chuckle just in case he might catch me fake smiling. He smiled at me back. All of this discussion with my self I didn't even care to notice that harry was half dressed. With a black transparent tee stuck tight onto his perfectly toned chest and torso which gave me a good staring time on his tattoos. And on the bellow he was just wearing some kind of shorts of dull red color exposing his long thin legs. Shaved off. Yeah he shaves his legs. Omg. Again my Greek god never fails to astonish me. Like never.

"C'mon I'll help ...come here" he gestures his hands waving in the air telling him to come to him.

"Yes actually you should" I tell him as I walk up to him as he stands there staring at the clothes hanging in front of him. "But you know there's one problem" I tell him coz before he decides I should tell him the big problem. "your clothes wouldn't fit me...you know your so huge..like taller and bigger and muscular than my tiny little untoned body"

And guess what he just not chuckles but puts up a smile that could just kill. Those pink lips just didn't kill but are the ones which could make somebody die. "Don't worry I have clothes which will fit you perfectly..some which I have just worn about just once, almost like long time back" his words just surprise me. But I won't comment this time. I have to control my thoughts. Every time commenting how his richness just surprises me is not nice. Its been too much. I guess he knows how rich he is. I should stop from now.

"Okay" is all I say as I rock on my toes while I wait what he picks up for me. After a much of a silent discussion of harry and his clothes he takes out a navy blue shirt which just looked crisp as if it was just taken out of a laundry set.

"This will fit you perfect" he hands it to me and I take it as I put it on me turning around to look I to the mirror.

" ohh yes"I shriek out as it looked just perfect on me. "I'm wearing this. Thank you" I jump. I take out the hanger from the shirt and sweep my arms inside the shirt as I button it up and yet another time I would say, "it looks perfect..your choice is good harry" I compliment as I brush it up properly and walk out of the room. I enter my room and wear my toms. I walk up to the dresser in order to check I looked fine. And I did. As I was about to apply some deodorant I noticed a sweet scent in Harry's shirt. It actually smelled better than any other perfume or deo. I decided to let that be and not put any more scent.

Since the time I had realized what kind of situations or circumstances he was going through or had been through, my respect for him has risen like never before. He was not just some other stranger or a person who would just go on showing off his wealth or trying to find happiness in every dollar note. He was just different. He did not care how much he owned. If in anyway he could help any living creature on this earth he would surely stand up and move forward without thinking twice.

I brush away my thoughts as I walk out of my room. "Harry c'mon we're getting late" I call out as I walk through the hallway out into the living room. I did not notice this but he was already standing at the doorway waiting for ? For me of course.

"Let's go" he had that cheeky grin on his face making those dimples appear back. He was dressed in a red plaid shirt which was unbuttoned till his chest showing of his tattoos. He just never forgets I live with him. And yes of course his favourate black jeans. His hair was sweeper to the back with some of his hair tucked behind his ear. He looked perfect anyway. "Hey look you amazing" Harry compliments as I walk into the elevator while he follows me.

"I know I am amazing"I shrug with a smug smile stick on my face. "Anyway thank you" I chuckle. "you look good too" I compliment him back as he smiles back.

" those jeans fit your bottom perfectly" he says smirking as we wait for the garrage door to open. To that comment I don't know why but my cheeks flushed with instant heat. Control ur emotions Louis.

"Why are u always behind my bottom?" I ask him coz it's like he always comments something or the other abt my ass. "I don't know its just so ..perfect" he takes a deep breath and smacks my ass.

"What?" I ask him surprised. "Only the privileged ones get to touch it" I warn him though I wasn't too serious abt it.

"Seriously?" He asks me surprised as we sat into the lambhorgini ,me taking the passengers seat. " am I not the one in your list?" He asks me in a child like manner as we pull out of the parking into the road swiflty.

"Maybe, maybe not" I say raising my eyebrow though I just stared out of the window.

"Then I have to win it" he says laughing though he had his left hand on the wheel and the other on the window. I laugh back joining him though after a few seconds there was silence though the songs on the radio played softly.

" can I ask you something?" His head turns towards me and I nod, "ofcourse" He had a little smirk on his face, I couldnt guess why?

"Why didn't you comment this time how rich I was?" That smirk grew big. As he glanced at me once then concentrated back on the road. Smirking.

"you totally know how to embarrass people" my cheeks flushed red. It was like he really wanted me comment.

"No... I just like how you remind me that I am rich" he says still looking in front as I looked out of the window.

" you need to be reminded about that?" My eyebrows raise as I look at him.

"Yeah" he says trying to control his laughter.

"you'rre embarrassing me harry" The rest if the ride was silent and in nxt 5 minutes we were pulling into a bungalow. At the entrance the bushes were all lighted up with lights. The snow covered the parkway and the rooftops. There were small bornfires lighted up on the outside with chairs and round tables around them. There was a huge Christmas tree all set up beautifully near the porch. It looked so simple yet so elegant. The christmassy feeling just got into me as we both stepped out of Harry's lamborghini. For once my head thought I don't belong here. But then my heart said it's just destiny go ahead. And I did.

"you like it?" Harry asks me whispering as we walk up to the doorway.

"Obviously! What's there not to like?" I tell him taking a deep breath filling my lungs with the cold air. The wind was light. I liked it. There were people not familiar to me of course standing in groups chit chatting away with each other happily. Harry had a perfect smile on his face like this was just something usual for him. And I here did not even know what to say to people if by any chance they wanted to talk to me. I just followed harry from behind. Overtaking some groups of people and some children, some of them who even bumped into me. I hate kids. Not literally. But yeah if I ever have kids they're not gonna be naughty like them.

" merryyy christmasss" I heard harry say cheerfully to a blond guy who when came into picture was niall perfectly suited up in a black suit n tie. His blue eyes were a complete match with the suit. They both hug each other as I stood there silently.

" you told me you won't turn up" niall complains.

" yeah but I had to, there are kids who force me" he says looking at me snuggly and that is when I realized niall noticed me.

" hey merry Christmas" niall wishes me as he leans forward for a warm hug and I wish him back too. I'm gonna talk to harry about the kid thing later.

"How are you feeling now?" He asks me with a concern.

" christmasy" I reply cheekly coz I actually did. I was having a nice time till now. If my mom knew what had happened I would have been miles away from a party even if it was a sober one.

"okay" niall smiles back as pats on my shoulder. " if you feel ill anytime just be free to go back anytime" he says like he really cared.

"yeah sure" I nod," I'm good" .

" are liam n zayn here?" Harry asks as he looks behind niall to find them. " yeah there here from the evening" he points out at two guys talking to a lady.

" okay I'll just go n talk to them" harry says and gestures me to walk with him. " yeah I'll be there in a minute...let me get drinks for you" he says and walks away. We walk swaying between the crowd and reach them. " merry Christmas mate" zayn and liam say in unison, as they spotted us walking towards them.

" I thought you won't turn up" liam says as he pulls both of us into a bro hug one by one. I just smile back not knowing what to say.

"So how you feel now, all OK?" Zayn asks me as he rubs my shoulder. "All's well" I answer as I shrug. The lady looked somewhat similar to niall's features and a bit Irish too. So I guess she's his mum. "Merry Christmas Mrs. Horan" harry wishes as he gives her a warm tight hug and she wishes him back. " oh and yes this is Louis Tomlinson" suddenly it felt like all eyes were on me but it was just these three people looking at me.

"And Louis this is Mrs. Maura horan. Niall's mum" he says sliding his hands behind niall's mum. I lean forward for a Christmas hug as she wishes me, " merry Christmas son" she looked somewhat in her later 40's. She was dressed in a creme colored coat and skirt which perfectly fitted her till the knee. And it matched with her blond short hair. Pretty.

"It's nice to meet you" I say to her. " nice to meet you too" she replies. " I heard niall talking about a new friend the other day. i'm glad to find it was you, coz all of them.." Pointing her finger to harry liam and zayn, "...they're idiots..you are really charming" she compliments me with a chuckle and I could see all of them laughing and I joined. " thanks..I hope I won't trouble you too much tonite" is all I can say to her sweet gesture.

"No no not at all" she says. " u guys continue I'll entertain other guests" she says as she leaves. The party was sober and decent like it should be and like such parties. It wasnt like I did not like being a party animal coz after dis new discovery of the allergy thing.. I guess I won't party now. Like just a juice party or something.

"Juice for Louis and some champagne for harry" niall says as he hands me my thing and harrry takes champagne. Now I see the difference.

" thank you" I say.

"Its really sad u can't drink anymore" zayn speaks as he takes the last sip of his drink.

" thank you man..its like reminding me of my sins" I groan. "Yeah maybe dat cud be" liam says laughing at me.

" it doesn't matter u can drink apple juice thinking it is wine" niall advice's and then bursts into laughing. " no thank you I'm fine" I chuckle and everybody has a great laugh. " so what do u guys do?. Like what's ur profession?" I ask changing the topic.

" what u don't know? Harry u haven't told him yet?" Zayn says his eyes traveling to me and then to harry standing next to me and then back at me. "We've never been this serious with our conversations" harry says and looks at me but I just shrug.

"I am not really into a profession but you could say I earn a nice amount of appreciation for my work" zayn tells me.

" yeah?" I nod " what is it then?" I ask curiosity building.

" I just do like artworks like anywhere in the street, roads,buildings, pavements, parks, walls,house walls, bathroom walls...like anywhere u can think off"

" that's pretty cool man! Its like best thing u could do" I was surprised literally surprised by his words. "Thankx" he says " I'm a lawyer" niall says as he stands there confidently.

" u totalyy have d brains for that" I reply. " and talk about me" Liam's begins " I own a art gallery. Its just best thing. That's where I met zayn" he says as he looks at zayn and then back at me, " and yeah I give boxing classes"

" seriously?" I ask and yo that he folds his elbow showing me his huge biceps " look at this then" he points to his bicep which was visible under the crisp white shirt but I could see the curves.

" I still don't believe I met u guyz" I tell them taking a sip of my juice.

" its ok u'll get used to it" Harry finally speaks after being quiet for so long. The rest of the time was just fine and I never really had attended such a sober elegant party before. It was all new to me. It was like I entered a whole new era a whole new decade where things just don't seem normal. After saying our goodbyes and hugs and kisses we were back home me laying in my bed and harry in his. I don't know really if he is. His behavior was a little strange but idk maybe the thngs I said to him. These two days seem to be so long. Like a celebrated my bday two weeks ago. I don't know. These thoughts made my eyes heavy and I could feel myself drifting into sleep.


Hope u guys are liking it all this way!!! Thanx for your support guys!! Sorry fr d spelling and grammar mistakes. And also for the paragraph spacing. I know it sucks yp read it this way but idk y the spacing nvr shows up when I submit it. There's SOE problem I guess! Just bare with me ppl.
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I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

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