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Characters/Authors Needed


So, I need 5 girls. Its not whoever comments first who will get the part, i will pick who gets the part based on your personality, look, songs and your back story. Good Luck and Thanks! :)


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Here's my application :)

Name: Louise
Age: 17
Personality: Bubbly, funny and cute
Look: Shoulder length brown hair, Hazel eyes, short and slightly curvey, naturally tan skin.
Favorite Color: Blue
Interests/Hobbies: Singing, Reading, Watching movies, Listening to music and Drawing
Back story: My mum is really busy with work so we dont see her much, my brother is a dickhead, I dont see my sister because she moved away and I'm classed as a frigid person becuase I don't go out and get high and go to parties etc.
Family: There is my mum, my older sister and younger brother
Likes: Music, food, books, tv and movies
Dislikes: Backstabbers, hipsters, spicy foods and being around drunk people
Fears: Oblivion
Nicknames: Lou
Boy: Niall (Pretty please)
Habits: Biting my lips, crossing my arms, chewing my nails and laughing in awkward situations
3 Favorite Songs: Fall Out Boy- My songs know what you did in the dark
Pink- Fucking perfect
James Aurthur- You're nobody 'till somebody loves you
Author: **Sorry, don't really get this one :/

Thanks lovely! :)

Lou-Skellington Lou-Skellington

Name: Cassidy
Age: 17 almost 18
Personality: loud and crazy has been called a bitch and slut enough times that is starting to believe it. Trying to turn my life around but its a slowing process. Smokes but is really trying to quit
Look: Long dark hair, tan skin, one green eye one blue eye (yes I know its weird), tall and thin
Favorite Color: black or red
Interests/Hobbies: music, hanging out, studying (for the moment im trying to graduate), crowds, parties, guys
Back story: I come from a home of neglect my parents don't really care what I do or who I'm with its gotten me into a lot of trouble including 6 months in juvi (not my fault btw), Last summer my best friend convinced me to try and get my life in control. I trusted him (yes him) and am trying really hard to graduate this year and make something of myself
Family: Only child ignored by parents (they never really wanted kids apparently I am a "mistake")
Likes: music, crowds, city, not being alone, my best friend
Dislikes: fake people, guys who treat me like trash (I'm so over them), people touching me
Fears: failure, not being good enough (I have trust issues)
Nicknames: Cass, Dee, dark horse, wild child.
Boy: Zayn please <3
Habits: smoking (trying to quit), biting my lip, rocking back and forth, getting prickly when someone gets too close
3 Favorite Songs: stronger, get out of this town, moments
Author: I'd love to

shutyomouth shutyomouth

Name:Nicole Ann Carter
Personality:Funny,smart,weird,not shy,bubbly,crazy(good way),smart,loveable,and intelligent.
Look:Blonde hair bright blue eyes
Favorite Color:Blue -Turquoise
Interests/Hobbies:partying,drawing,singing,slepping,dancing,and eating
Back story:I don't get it
Family:Ann her mom,Austin her brother 18,Katlyn her sister 13,And her dad Alex
Likes:Her family and friends and parting.
Dislikes:Fake people,and liars
Fears:Spiders,and bugs!
Nicknames:Minnie,Love,Princess,and Baby girl.
3 Favorite Songs:Don't wanna go home,Rock me,and I would


We only got requests for the Characters Needed book.