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Over Again

Chapter Five

It had been two days since Melissa and Liam met up. She hadn’t expected him to jump into “daddy mode”, but she was wondering if he was going to do anything at all. Carmen knew about the meeting and confession. She insisted that it was better Liam knew about James. Megan told Melissa that she should have kept her mouth shut since it had been two years already.

Melissa finished tying her hair up into a messy bun and pulled on a dark gray V-neck with her black skinny jeans. Her feet were in black and white Air Forces. She peeked into James’s bedroom to find him still asleep in his toddler bed with Spiderman covers. With a smile she pulled the door close. It was a Friday morning which meant she didn’t have class and she was given the day off.
There was a knock on the door. Melissa looked in the direction curiously trying to figure out who could be at her door at nine o’clock in the morning. With caution she approached the door unlocking it and slowly pulling it open. A haggard Liam stood there in jeans and a white t-shirt. He didn’t look well rested. If anything he looked overcome with stress. Melissa cleared her throat softly and gripped the door tightly.
“Liam, what are you doing here? How did you find out where I live?” she asked suppressing her surprise.
“Did you know that your parents’ have had the same phone number for over eight years? I called them and your mum gave me your address.” He answered sounding a little vague. Melissa nodded stepping aside.
“Do you want to come inside?” she asked. It was chilly outside and he wasn’t wearing a jacket. He nodded and stepped inside the small flat. Melissa led the way to the sofa and took a seat. Liam sat on the smaller couch on the right. “So,” she started. “Why are you here?”
He clasped his hands and leaned forward, “How does this work? I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.”
“You don’t have to do anything Liam. I’ve had this covered for nearly three years.” Melissa began folding her legs underneath her.
“Mel, I’m not going to ignore the fact that James is my son. Let me do something. I want to do something.” He looked at her with pleading eyes. “It is the least you can do babe.” He spoke softly. They quietly stared at each other. Neither one knew what to do next. This was new territory for both of them.
“Mummy,” James stumbled out of the hallway rubbing his eyes. He has shed his pajama shirt, but the pants were in tack. His hair was disheveled.
“Come here baby,” Melissa called to him opening her arms. He climbed in her lap and snuggled into her chest. Liam watched silently. “He wakes up before ten on his own,” Melissa informed him. She looked down at her son. “Are you hungry?” James nodded in her arms. “Do you want cereal?” He nodded excitedly jumping out of her arms and running to the kitchen. He pointed to the boxes on top of the refrigerator.
“Charms,” he pointed looking back. Melissa stood to help him, but Liam stopped her.
“Let me,” he said before getting up and going to the kitchen. “Hey James, remember me?” he reached for the cereal box as James nodded.
“Liam,” the two year old spoke. “Why you here?” he asked with a serious expression as Liam found a bowl. Liam looked back at Melissa for help.
“Liam is a friend of mine.” She stood walking to the kitchen. “If you eat all of your cereal we’ll go to the park.” She looked at Liam as he set he small bowl in front of James. “He needs a spoon,” she wagged her eyebrows. “I’ll get it.” She fought her laughter.
“You’re acting like the fans. It’s only spoons from public places because I don’t know where they’ve been.” He reminded her sitting across from James at the small round table.
“Yet forks and knives don’t bother you?” Melissa raised questioning eyebrows as James dug into his cereal as if he was famished. “I’m just glad he didn’t pick up that unusual fear.” They laughed awkwardly.
“Does he know?” Liam asked in a low voice. Melissa’s eyebrows knitted together. She folded her arms leaning against the counter.
“Nope, I typically change the subject when he asks.” She explained with a shrug. As if on cue James swallowed the bit in his mouth and looked at his mum.
“Mummy,” he waited for her to acknowledge him. “Where’s my dad?” he asked with an expectant expression. Melissa and Liam exchanged a look.
“Well I guess now is a good time,” Melissa shrugged. She looked at her son and took a deep breath. “Your dad is here.” James looked at her like the two –years-old he was who did not comprehend what he was being told.
“No he’s not,” James shook his head. Melissa groaned.
“Now he chooses to be a normal toddler,” she muttered. Liam moved to a chair closer to James.
“Um, I’m your dad James.” He talked to slowly looking the little boy directly in the eye. James stared at him silently momentarily. Liam stole a glance at Melissa. She wore her own curious expression.
“Do you like Simba?” he asked in a completely serious voice.
“Yes,” Liam answered warily. He wasn’t sure why that mattered, but it seemed to be important.
James shrugged hopping down from his chair, “Okay. All done.” He walked towards the hallway. Liam looked after him.
“What just happened?” he asked.
“Apparently you can’t be his dad if you don’t like Simba.” Melissa answered as confused as he was. “I’ll clean up this if you will try to get him in the bath.” She suggested. Liam agreed. How hard could it be? He wondered to himself. The answer: HARD.

A little over thirty minutes later Liam had successfully gotten James bathed and dressed. He helped the toddler manage his hair as well. When the boy was presentable they went back into the living room where Melissa was playing with Samson.
“That didn’t take as long as I thought it would.” She commented. “I promised to take him to the park and I have to walk Samson. You can stop by tomorrow if you want.”
“Can I join?” Liam questioned sounding optimistic. He smiled when she agreed. “I knew you would agree. I’m the best person to go to the park with.”
Melissa chuckled darkly, “Your son is the worst.” She smirked as she opened the door holding Samson’s leash and led the way outside. Liam followed behind her with James walking right in front of him.
When they reached the park James took off full speed for the slide. Melissa called after him starting to follow, but Liam beat her to it. She released Samson letting him free to run wild for a temporary time.
“James sand doesn’t go there,” Liam’s voice sounded as James dumped a handful of sand down his shirt. Liam attempted to dust himself off while Melissa bent over with laughter. “Is this funny?”
“Calm down, this is your first day as a parent, and he’s in his terrible twos. Things can only get worse.” She responded honestly winking at her son. Liam groaned as James ran off. “Really Liam you aren’t doing badly to only be a few hours into it. Once you really know him it’ll get a lot easier.” She assured him. Liam nodded as they both looked at the playground where James was attempting to climb a ladder alone.
“He moves a lot.” Liam commented.
Melissa nodded, “And quickly too.” She made her to the ladder to assist the aspiring climber.
“No,” James shook his head. “I do it.”
“Did I mention that he likes to test out his independency at the most random times?” She looked over her shoulder at Liam. They were both unaware of the amateur photographer nearby snapping pictures. As the estranged couple spent time with their son playing in the park, the photographer captured the happy moments.

Did Liam Payne Leave Girlfriend Danielle Peazer for Secret Family?
Read the headline of a particular tabloid Carmen had taken the time to buy and deliver to Melissa the next day. There was a picture of Liam, Melissa, and James walking with Samson in front of them. Liam and Melissa were both holding James’s hands. They were swinging him up with smiles on their faces and he looked ecstatic.
“What are those?” Melissa questioned as she cleaned up her flat. It had been neglected yesterday since her and James spent majority of the day with Liam.
“This particular rag is claiming that you’re Liam’s secret family he’s kept in hiding from the fans and that you all are finally ready to stop using Danielle as a beard and come out to the world.” Carmen summarized the article flawlessly. She picked up another and sailed it across the room until it reached the living room. “That one says that you are a gold digging single mother who somehow managed to sink your claws into Liam.” Carmen retrieved yet another rag, “This one is a lot more accurate. It almost sounds like they had a legitimate source.”
Melissa rolled her eyes continuing to clean, “You were the main person pushing me to tell him.”
“I didn’t think you actually would,” Carmen argued. Setting down the tabloid on the counter and opening a cabinet. Melissa made her way over the tabloid covered counter and scanned the various theories. Seeing her son’s face clearly displayed page after page was unsettling. She really hoped this wasn’t a sign of things to come.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

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I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
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