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Over Again

Chapter Eleven

Melissa had been in thought since she got home. In a daze she undressed out of the costume and climbed under her sheets. She didn’t know what to do about the kiss. It was wrong; she knew that much, but a part of her liked it.

“Uh, you’re going crazy Melissa,” she muttered to herself as she turned over in bed trying to go back to sleep. It was the middle of the night and she was wide awake. Melissa continued to toss and turn, but nothing changed. Her brain just wouldn’t power down. Pushing the covers off, she got out of bed and padded towards the kitchen. Warm milk with honey usually calmed her down enough to go to sleep.

“Seriously?” Melissa groaned as she opened her fridge to find there wasn’t any milk. With a huff she turned to face the living room folding her arms. There was no way she was going back to sleep anytime soon.

@MelWright: I seriously need my sleep, but my mind just will not allow it.

A few seconds later she got the notification that Liam, of all people, had retweeted her. Melissa sighed heavily not sure what to make of it. Actually, she didn’t what to make of any of it. That was the reason her head was swimming in thoughts.

@MelWright: On a good note I think James enjoyed this Halloween the most.


@Real_Liam_Payne: “@Louis_Tomlinson: @Real_Liam_Payne and James last night as Batman and Robin pic.twitter.com/p/hJkl67”

@No11DUKFan: @Real_Liam_Payne oh my gosh that’s so cute!

@ILuv1Direction: @Real_Liam_Payne so cute! Is that you’re son?

@KissME1D: @Louis_Tomlinson OMG does @Real_Liam_Payne have a son?

Liam’s eyes widened as he read as many of the tweets as possible. They were coming rapidly. Some were okay and others; well there are two kinds of people in the social world.

“What did you do?” Liam asked Louis as they sat behind the mix board of the recording studio. Louis peeked over at his phone and gave a light laugh.

“I forgot I posted that.” He commented causing Zayn to look at him oddly. Louis moved his head as if it were just a passing thought. He didn’t actually answer Liam’s question.

“What did he do?” Harry asked feeling left out of the conversation. Realizing he wasn’t going to get a verbal answer he took Liam’s phone from his apparent limp hands. “Oh… Yeah that wasn’t smart mate.” He tossed the phone to the curious Niall who agreed with him.

Louis shrugged, “It’s too late to take it back now.” He looked at Liam, “Just think of it like this, I did you a favor. Now you don’t have to make a big announcement or anything.”

“He’s so helpful.” Zayn commented sarcastically as he stood. Louis rolled his eyes but didn’t respond.

“You did retweet it though.” He stopped to add causing Harry and Niall to nod in agreement.

Liam shrugged, “Oh well, I’ll deal with it later.” He put typed on his phone quickly before looking up. There were in the studio finishing up a new song. He planned on going to see James after they were done, but he wasn’t sure Melissa would let him into her flat. She only seemed flustered when they parted ways after the party, but he knew well how quickly fluster can turn into anger.

@Real_Liam_Payne: I guess the secret it out.


Melissa’s day had gone from good to bad in a matter of two-point-five seconds. What started off as a great Friday (simply because her classes were cancelled for the day) turned into chaos. Unaware of the social media fallout caused by her son, Melissa thought it was a good idea to take James out and enjoy the clear wintry day. She dressed herself in black stretch cotton skinnies, purple camisole, dark grey cardigan, and black suede winter booties with chains on the side. Her hair was pulled back into a curly ponytail with stray hairs hanging loose. James was dressed in dark jeans, red jumper, and black sneakers. He even wore the snapback Liam had bought for him.

The mother-son duo stepped out of their flat and got into their car easily. Their first stop was IHOP for breakfast, but that proved to be their first mistake. There people stared and pointed at them. They never actually approached, but their behavior was odd enough to catch Melissa’s attention. When she took James to the mall she was surprised to hear a stream of rude comments, his name being shouted, and to see several girls with cameras at the ready. It wasn’t until they walked to the food court that things got too hectic to bear. Noticing the gathering, and threatening, crown Melissa hitched her son on her hip and quickly made her way to the exit. The crowd followed, but Melissa pulled James hat down low and looked down as well. She didn’t speak to anyone although they had several questions for her. All of the noise and movement begin to scare James. He hollered inconsolably as Melissa drove to Mike’s flat because it was closer by. Luckily Mike was home and yanked the door open to her pounding. His eyes widened as he took in his sister’s nerve wracked state and the screams of his nephew reached his ears.

“Mel are you alright? What happened?” Mike questioned taking James into his muscular arms and looking the boy over for and physical injuries.

Melissa shook her head furiously entering the one-bedroom flat. “He’s not hurt, not physically anyways. It’s a madhouse out there.” She pointed to the window exasperatedly. At this point Melissa wasn’t sure if the mass of people had followed her. She only knew that she didn’t want to go out of that door anytime soon.

Mike nodded his dark head, “Yeah I know. I was about to call you. Mum is worried. Why did you even go out?” He stared at his baby sister waiting for an answer, but she just looked at him as if she didn’t understand the question.

“What are you talking about Mike?” Melissa asked him as she finally took a seat on the worn black leather sofa.

“The picture of James and Liam,” Mike spoke slowly realizing that she genuinely had no clue what he was talking about. Mike laid the now asleep James down on the couch beside Melissa before picking up the remote to his large screen television and changing the channel. He had turned just in time for the afternoon edition of the gossip news to begin.

“Today on Hot Topics we’ve got celebrities in trouble with the law, box office record breaking premiers, and the comeback of a legend, but first the number one trending topic.” The camera panned out focusing on a slim dyed blonde in a black pencil skirt and turquoise sheer button up ruffle blouse. She smiled professionally at her viewing audience. “What’s getting more attention than Justin Bieber on Twitter right now; the son of Liam Payne from One Direction. The squeaky clean boy-bander is finding himself in some hot water after fellow band mate Louis Tomlinson tweeted a picture of him and little boy named James.” The picture in questioned popped onto the screen. Liam was smiling looking down at James who was flexing his muscles and growling at the camera. “The boy is assumed to be the same boy who has been spotted with Liam numerous times since returning from his band’s world tour.” More pictures of Liam and James appeared, including one snapped the first time they met. Melissa’s eyes widened and stayed glued to the tele. “Why does the world think it’s his son? In the picture from an apparent Halloween party Liam is dressed as Batman as James is his trusty sidekick Robin. In a behind the scenes interview Liam stated, ‘I would dress up at Batman and have my son be Robin.’ The combined with Liam’s tweet this morning stating that the secret is out is all fans need to put two and two together. Although Modest Management has not spoken out about these allegations the news has travelled like wildfire. It is unsure who James’s mother is, but one thing is known, it’s not Liam’s current girlfriend Danielle Peazer. We’ll keep you updated.”

“Oh my gosh,” Melissa felt a panic attack quickly setting on. Her breathing spiked causing Mike to look back at her. “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.” She repeatedly chanted clutching at her throat. “They know his name.” Melissa’s left hand slapped over her heart. “Oh my gosh. I can’t breathe.” She shook her head in a mix of fear and panic.

“Whoa! Whoa, Melissa calm down.” Mike advised rushing to his sister’s aid. “Have you talked to Liam?” Melissa shook her head. Of course she hadn’t talked to Liam. She was trying to avoid him after their awkward kiss last night. But her brother didn’t know that and she wasn’t in a mood to hash out any sketchy details. “Look, I’m not sure why you told him in the first place, but Mum told me not to say anything like that. Just go home, lock your doors, and call the asshole who slept with you and left the next day.” Needless to say that Mike wasn’t much of a Liam fan. He took overprotective brother to a new level.


Melissa listened to Mike. She went home, put James in his bed (he usually slept for a while whenever he was upset), and called Liam. Only he didn’t answer when she called. She tried text messaging him as well, but never got a response. It was night time when the knock on door startled Melissa as she ran James’s bath water. He was in his room playing with Legos. Melissa peeked her head in to check on him before going to open the door. Liam stood with an apologetic smile and his hands awkwardly shoved in his jacket pockets.

“Can I come in?” he asked peering over her shoulder and seeing no sign of James.

“No,” Melissa answered emotionlessly. “But you can tell me why my son was frightened worse than ever before by a mass of your crazy fans today?” She folded her arms and waited.

Liam rubbed a hand across his face, “Mel, it’s cold out here.” He reminded her as a cool breeze moved.

“The faster you explain the fast you get inside.” Melissa bargained.

Liam sighed, “I don’t know. It went from a picture being posted to the fucking paps following me everywhere. I had to take a completely different route to get here.” Melissa stared at him with an ounce of sympathy. “They were going to find out eventually.” He added. The anger could be seen vanishing form her features as she stepped aside allowing him into the flat. “Where’s James?”

“In his room, but he needs to bathe.” Melissa informed him as she made her way to the kitchen to clean up from the dinner she had cooked. Liam nodded heading towards the back of the flat. When James saw him at the doorway he smiled and ran up to him. Liam helped him put his toys away before following him across the carpeted hall into the tiled bathroom. Bathing James wasn’t hard. The toddler did mostly everything. He just had to be supervised. The supervising never went well for Liam. James found it funny to splash him with water. No matter how he tried to fight it, he always ended up with a soaked shirt which only got worse when he would hand James the dry towel and helped him out of the bathtub.

“Every time,” Liam muttered as he walked back into the kitchen where Melissa was putting away dishes. James had gone to sleep easily once he was in his pajamas and read to.

Melissa looked back and fought her laugh, “You still haven’t figured out how to avoid him. Even Carmen knows how.” She teased tossing a towel at him from the laundry basket on the table. “You know today when all of the madness unfolded, all James kept crying for was you, and it really ticked me off. I’m so use to being the first person he ran to and I’m not anymore.” She sighed leaning against the counter.

Liam stopped wiping his shirt and looked up at her, “I’m not trying to push you out of his life. I never could; you’re the only parent he has known for almost three years. I only want to be a part of it. I want to help.”

“I know,” a small smile gave way on the pretty girl’s lips. “You’re doing well too, except for today.”

Liam groaned, “I had no idea this would happen. It’s fucking mad. It’s like they have no life.” Without realizing it he was making his way closer and closer to Melissa. “James seems fine now though.”

“He is thanks to my brother.” She ran a hand through her hair shaking loose strands. Casually she glanced at Liam and realized he was watching her with a familiar expression. It was an expression she would know anywhere. It was the one he use to where often when they were together. Awkwardly Melissa cleared her throat and stepped away backing herself into a counter.

“We have to talk.” Liam stated leaning against the sink. He folding his arms and looked directly across at Melissa.

She shook her head, “No we don’t.”

“We kissed.” Liam started ignoring her protest. He knew her too well. Melissa would avoid judgment day if it meant no chance of serious confrontation.

“It was a mistake.” Melissa countered with a careless shrug.

“It didn’t feel like it.” Liam spoke in a low voice looking directly in her eyes. It was silent. The air was thick, tense. Neither one of them moved. Finally he pushed forward off of the sink moving closer to Melissa, but she shook her head holding up her hands. “Mel…” he started.

“No,” she spoke firmly. “You are in a relationship with a girl that you clearly care about. Our relationship ended years ago Liam.” He stopped listening to her words. “We can’t do this. There’s too much at stake.”

“Like what?” Liam asked as his eyebrows pulled together.

Melissa instinctively looked towards the hall where her son’s room was. “Like James, Liam. If we tried to be together again and it didn’t work he would suffer the most.”

“Who says it won’t work?” He demanded slightly annoyed with the way she was talking.

“Liam, no, we can’t. You’re taken.” She reminded him getting frustrated. Liam sighed turning his back. In the time he walked through the door of Melissa’s flat he had forgotten about Danielle. There was a time when she was always the center of his thoughts, but lately she was barely a whisper. Before her it was always Melissa. Even when Liam was away pursuing his dreams Melissa was still the first person he thought of.

“We’ll talk later.” Liam decided quickly kissing her on the cheek before leaving. Melissa watched his retreating form with a mix of emotions. She didn’t know what to make of their conversation. Liam seemed to not hear any of it. Melissa was aware that the most definite words had left her mouth, but she wasn’t sure if she meant them.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

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