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The City Of Love

Whispered Thoughts

I had risen earlier than the girls, and applied all my makeup before sneaking out of the room. I didn't know when they would wake up, and in all honesty, I wanted a bit of time to myself. It felt as if the trip was only bottling more of my emotions, and if I hadn't taken time to myself . . . I might've drown in my own fears. With all the tension lately, I felt it was unnecessary to bring up my problems with the girls. Naomi had been distant due to her recent truth, I had avoided Niall at all costs, everyone seemed to be on edge. I didn't want to be the one pushing them off. I had made my way to the lobby, and stopped by the breakfast bar picking at the food I had in front of me.

"You shouldn't be here all alone, wheres all the rest of your friends?" A rough voice spoke beside me, as they sat themselves in front of me.

I stared at him awkwardly trying to figure out who he was. "I'm sorry." He paused swallowing his food. "My names Niklaus, but you can call me me Klaus or Nik, whichever you prefer." He smiled brightly at me, and I weakly smiled back.

"I just needed some time alone, theres been a lot going on. I didn't want to burden anyone." I replied, pushing the food on my plate around with a fork.

"You know I'm in the same room as you. You could have always asked one of us for advice." He smiles taking small sips of a juice he ordered.

"Well, I don't know you all too well. And it would be sort of weird if I started venting my life problems to you."

"I'd be happy too. Maybe sometime this week we can take a walk or something. Get your mind off of the stressful events that tend to be going on in your life." He bargains, and I smile at thought.

"That's really sweet of you. I'd-"

"She's busy." The chair beside Klaus scoots to the side.

"I'm free whenever. Just knock." I shine a fake smile at Niall before Klaus gets up and leaves.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Niall growls, stuffing a spoonful of breakfast into his mouth.

"It's my life, and I can talk, and do whatever I want." I huff, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well you're not thinking logically. All he wants is a shag." He glares at me.

"At least I wouldn't be shagging a cheater." I mentally high five myself before emptying my tray, and leaving the breakfast bar.

"That was before we really got serious. I was bladdered too!" He shouts as the sounds of his feet pick up to mine.

"That makes me feel better." I roll my eyes before pressing the elevator button.

"Stop this. I miss you, and being around you. It sucks being in Paris, and having the one you're in lo-. The one you like a lot, not speak to you." He climbs into the elevator with me, but I turn my back towards him.

"You should've though about that before sleeping with someone else, and ruining your friendship with your own sister."

"She's my sister. I will always have her, I can't always have you. Not unless we're together. Lia, I'll preach it to the whole wide world. I'll tell all my fans. Even that I slept with someone else. Just please forgive me and give me another chance." His eyes watered slightly, and I looked down immediately.

I knew if I had gazed any longer into his crystal blue eyes, that I would've found myself giving in to his apology. I couldn't let that happen. What he did was wrong, and I shouldn't forgive him. Yet there was a nagging sensation in the back of my head that kept telling me to say yes, and forgive him.

"Giving you another chance is like giving you another bullet to shoot me in the heart with. I can't let that happen again." I sniffle slightly, trying to hold back the tears, but they threatened to fall as soon as the doors binged open.

"Please Lia, just one chance." He grabbed my forearm pulling me towards him.

"I can't." I mutter as his fingers lace below my chin pushing it up so that i'm met with his eyes.

"You can't or you won't." He whispers, coming awfully close to me.

"I-I can't" I stutter, as he leans in more.

My breath hitches in my throat as I realize he was already too close for me to push away, and that there was not enough time to run. Was he going to kiss me? My subconscious told me the kiss was inevitable, but somewhere in the pit of my stomach, little butterflies emerged. It was our first kiss together. Shit. I cursed to myself as his warm lips pressed onto mine, tempting me to kiss back. But I couldn't. I couldn't.

"Kiss me back." He mumbled, his forehead pressed against mine.

"I can't." I choke out turning my face from his as a tear manages to fall. "I can't" I whisper again, running into the joint hotel room and into the bathroom.

Sliding down onto the floor, I locked it just in time so that Niall couldn't make it in, and so that the girls would shoo him away without questioning. What just happened?



~dontjockmystyles (Lia)!


i just reread my update. its freaking disgusting

its coming soon my love!

Omg, NEED an update! :) x

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They are! There beautiful boys! Just like One Direction!!

ofc i would! 5sos is another group of babes i love.! How could I not.!