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The City Of Love


Naomi p.o.v.

I was talking to Lia about Niall cheating on her, an how he was an ass whole, and yes, I called my brother an ass. Then Louis walks over to us, and groans, like an angry-jealous groan.

"What up wit you?" I say weirdly.

"What's up with your voice?" He cringes.

"First of all, I'm Irish, so shut the hell up. Second of all, you love that voice, why so grumpy?" I ask.

"Niall. And Rachel," he says.

"Why Rachel?" Lia asks, joining the conversation.

I whisper, "Hes jealous," in her ear, and she says, "Oooohhhh."

"What?" He asks.

"Nothing. So what's up with- TO MUCH WHAT'S UP. So why are you made at Rachel?" I ask.


"Making out with Finn?" I guess.

"No! And how do you know his name?" He answers.

"I hang out with them when the girls are gone. Their pretty cool. And don't be jealous either, because they have no interest in us, and when their acting flirty, their just kidding. You guys should know that. Takoda is one of the guys that I talk to a lot, because he was really nice to me when we first met, so I think we could become friends. The other guys call him Cody, because it's sorta his nickname. So back on the subject!" I explain.

"I still get a bad vibe. And you saying you're 'Friends' with Cody, just makes me more angry! I don't want him getting it on with you! You would probably let him do it anyway, it's not like your even in love with Harry," he whispers, so I wouldn't hear him, but I did.

"You think I would cheat on Harry?!" I shout.

"Well you could follow your brother! After all your in the same family! Same DNA!" He says.

"No, I wouldn't," I whisper. Now he's acting up, just like Niall.

"Yes, you would!" He shouts. "Just face it! You're Nialls brother, you do everything he does, you look up to him!"

"I was adopted," I whisper.

"I can't hear a word-"

"I WAS FUCKING ADOPTED YOU FUCKING ASS WHOLE!" I raise my voice. He just stares at me. Everyone has stopped talking and turn this way.

"Wait a second, first of all, no one but you and Harry knew you were dating. And second of all, how could you not tell us you were adopted?!" Lia shouts.

"I'm embarrassed alright? I never wanted to be the 'Girl With No Family' girl at school! Didn't want want to be teased! And Niall and Greg avoided me until they were out of school completely! Done with elementary, middle, and high! Never wanted to be near their 'Sister' because they never liked me until Greg got into what I like, then Niall always followed him into my room, because he always loved Greg. I was lonely at school, kids would pick on me because of my rainbow hair, and as soon as everyone found out Niall and Greg had an adopted sister, everyone teased me more, and no one ever stood up for me! Until Cody started school. And Louis, I lied to you about Cody, because I knew them all along! They live in Ireland! They're my best friends! And I've known them way longer than anyone in this room! They didn't care I was adopted, and I stopped getting teased because of Cody! He stood up for me!" I was actually explaining my entire life. "Niall nor Greg made me happy, or made me laugh when I was sad. They did. And my brothers were the reason for the teasing, because they always went around telling retarded idiots that I had germs. Cooties. Disease. But Cody and his friends didn't believe that. They were smart. They were literally all I had. My father never cared for me. My mother decided to adopt me, but never really loved me. So all I had was them."

"Wow," is all Louis says. "Do you really believe that shit?"

"Louis, you know what? You better shut that fucking mouth if yours or I'll do it for ya," Rachel says. Cody looks like he's going to freaking kill Louis at the time.
Lia comes up behind me and hugs me.

"Is it true? That your adopted?" She asks.

"Yes. Ask Niall even," I say. She actually walks over to Niall, probably to make sure. When I see Niall shake his head no, I know for Damn sure he could die tonight. Lia comes back over to me.

"He said no," she says.

"I saw," I smile between gritted teeth, and run towards him.

The monster is coming out tonight, so you better watch out…

Nialls p.o.v.

When Lia asks me if Naomi was adopted, I say no. But I know for sure she is. But I lied. When Lia came over I just wanted to kiss her, and tell her I'm sorry, but I didn't. I lied instead. But when I look back to Lia, all I see is Naomi, her face red with fury. Crap. She knocks me over, and bites me. BITES ME. Really hard. In my arm. No one does a thing. I actually think she's a vampire.

"How dare you lie!" She shouts in a voice I've never heard before.

"I-I" she cuts me off by elbowing me in my ribs by jumping on me with her elbow out. She kicks me really hard in the head. No one seems to give a shit about me at all. I just let my adopted little sister beat me to death. I hear a chuckle. And some more. Like a shy girl about to murder her brother in Paris is funny.
But then Naomi does something. Bad. I hear a crack from my arm and I know my arm is broken. And let me tell you, getting a broken arm hurts, so I let out an ear piercing scream.

"Uh, Naomi, I think that's enough!" Cody yells. But she keeps throwing punches at me. "Naomi, stop!" He shouts again. He runs over to us, and pulls her back, and hugs her.

"He lied. Hes a liar. He lied. He's a liar," she whispers over and over again into his chest.

"Too much drama. Let's go out?" Liam says.

"Oh, so when there's bloody guy in pain, you just leave him in the middle of the floor. And to add on to that, he's got a broken arm," I think Finn says.

"No," Liam answers.

"Well do something!" Finn shouts. Cody, Louis, Lia, and Zayn pick me up while Lena i think calls the ambulance. But I can't take it aanymore, so I ended up passing out when the paramedics came into the room.


Long? Yes? No? Naomi went crazy! But she warned you! The monster is out! And Takoda is actually the name of my best friend, but not Finn. I didn't come up with it. :) I call Takoda Cody for short.

Shes adopted? And Niall never actually liked her before? Wow.

Paris is just not working out for them, is it? Bad choice of a vacation!


(Ps: I didn't really think any of this out. Just came off the top of my head. And also Naomis speech was too. Made it all up. :P)


i just reread my update. its freaking disgusting

its coming soon my love!

Omg, NEED an update! :) x

Wrecking_Ball Wrecking_Ball


They are! There beautiful boys! Just like One Direction!!

ofc i would! 5sos is another group of babes i love.! How could I not.!