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The City Of Love


Rachel's P.O.V.

"I can't believe this is actually happening!" I exclaimed happily as the car pulled to a stop.

Lena laughed slightly at how excited I was.

We had just arrived at the airport in her car. The day had finally come for us to take off to Paris with the boys.

"You okay Ez?" I asked, turning to face the girl who had been sitting quietly in the back of the car.

I had met Esmie a few weeks ago and we had become very close. I had eventually managed to convince her to come with us to Paris.

"Yeah, im just a tad tired" she replied.

It was only 7am in the morning. We figured it'd be easier to avoid paparazzi for the boys at an earlier flight.

I nodded in agreement.

"We better head in" Lena added.

Lena was my absolute best friend. She knew everything there was to know about me and vice versa. We had been friends since we were kids.

"Okay. The others are probably all here by now" I agreed.

We got out of the car, bringing our cases with us and headed into the airport. Lena rang the boys to see where they were and then lead us of in their direction.

I followed her without thinking about where we were going.

Eventually I spotted them sitting by a fountain.

Naomi and Lia were with them. Naomi was Nialls sister. I didn't really know her very well but hopefully the Paris trip would change that.

Lia was a good friend of the boys. I had met her through them. We got along really well.

I scanned them and smiled when I spotted Louis. He was a beanie but I could see wisps of his fluffly hair across his forehead.

I was definitely closest to Louis out of all the boys. He got me in a way no one else did.

I made my way over to him, smiling.

"Paris, here we come!" he gave me a tired wink.



i just reread my update. its freaking disgusting

its coming soon my love!

Omg, NEED an update! :) x

Wrecking_Ball Wrecking_Ball


They are! There beautiful boys! Just like One Direction!!

ofc i would! 5sos is another group of babes i love.! How could I not.!