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A Harry Styles Love Story

Please Read

If i were you i would read this whole thing because you might miss out on a great oppertunity just saying...

Ok so here is the thing...

Im sooo sorry that I havent been able to update this story for a month. I have had a ton of things going on...which got me thinking...I have been having a writers block for the past few weeks hence the no update as well...I was thinking of deleting this story beause I feel like it's to boring...but if you guys want me to continue then I will.

Another thing:

Most of you know I have started a supernatural fan fiction with one direction/union j...so i have been trying to work on that as well. I also have one shot requests open if you want one. I also started another story starring Finn and Jack Harries, Sam Pepper, Marcus Butler, Connor Franta, and Caspar Lee and many more youtubers to come :D I am looking for people to be in the story because I need ppl to be in the story...(i dont know why im doing this to myself im overwhelming myself basically) I really love the Finn and Jack one that i have just started so pleasee do go check it out and heart it, comment, and share it pleaseee

My Best Friend's Brother and The Bet

if you want to be in it then here is the link for the character contest :D


Please enter I really need some people willing to be the popular girls who start off mean...have fun when making the character bios if u get the part i will give you a shout out in every story that i am working on when i update...one person shout out per update and so there will be alot cuz i might create more characters....sorry if u thought this was an update...but like i said if u want me to continue this story then please comment and tell me :D i already have the next chapter for this story written so comment and tell me if u want it or not and i will get it up asap :D


Can you pleaseeeeeeee update?? This story is so good!!!!:)

SarahXoX SarahXoX



how about this since i just got my laptop back that means that i will be able to work on my stories more yaya but it is also senior year and i have like no studies this year and i will have to be stage manager for both of my school productions and it is a demanding job as well as homework i dont know why i said that its kind of irrelivant and i forgot where i was going with this...oh right ok so i might not have as much time to work on this story but it you can somehow get this story to 60 subscribers and 58 votes then i promise that i will update ok?
Update please please please
This story is great! Please update </3
i love this story please update soon !!!!!!!!! <3 <3
doryaforlife doryaforlife