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I'm Yours


A girl who is kidnapped by a desperate boy
Maybe too desperate he will die for her do anything for her
Until another boy comes in and is all over her

(1D is not famous in this)


Angelica Miranda

Angelica Miranda

Im Angelica im Monas bestfriend she got kidnapped and im worried about her she is like a little sister to me i hope shes okay and yes im older im 15 i love her like a sister hope shes okay

Jake Cole (Irene)

Jake Cole (Irene)

Im Monas step Brother im worried sick about her even though i don't act like it at times shes only 14 how can someone wanna kidnap that shes a annoying 14 year old teenager when im an teenager too but im older im 17 and shes 14 and im a guy and shes a girl sorry off topic but someone help she needs help

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Im Louis Tomlinson and I am in love with Mona but Niall loves her too and i am not sure who she likes more shes kinda mean but funny at times i might never have a chance shes 14 and im 23 it'll never work out

Mona Irene

Mona Irene

I'm Mona irene i am kidnapped by a desperate guy and another one all they do is fight on whi gets me but the sad thing is i'm only 14 years old and they love me too much

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

I love Mona so much too much i kidnapped her shes mine not Louis i found her first and she may say hate on us at times but i don't care I'll love ger til the day i die im only 20 and obsessing over a 14 year old im weird



Why are you embarrassed!?lol

@Savanna horan

Lets take this to a different convertion

My question is why would u write a story like this?

@Savanna horan