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Why Did We Have to Fall in Love?

Chapter 21

Zayns POV

"Zayn. Im pregnant"

I stood frozen at what Perrie had said. She was pregnant with my child. My child. Or should I say our child. Our child. My eyes began to fill with happy tears. Perrie noticed and bowed her head.

"I knew i shouldnt have told you. Im sorry." She was starting to cry again and then began to take off her engagement ring. "I wont be needing this any more if your leaving me."

I quickly grabbed her right hand to stop her taking the engagement ring off her left finger.

"Perrie im not breaking up ewith you because your pregnant. I love you. Im not gonna leave you because your pregnant. This is our child. We are starting a family. Yeah, i know we werent wanting to have children until we were married but who cares? All that matters is that we love each other and we are gonna love this baby with all our hearts. The fans can say what they want,nwe wont listen to them because this is our child, our baby. Our family."

Perrie began to smile through the tears that were cascading down her face. I looked her in the eyes and then gently placed my free hand on her lower stomach over where our baby would be growing.

Perrie tilted her head slightly and then looked down at my hand on her stomach she placed her free hand on top of mine.

"Our family." She said while looking at our hands placed on her stomach.

After about 2-3 minutes of just standing looking at one another we decided that we should go back to Harry's room.

Eleanors POV

I hadnt been feeling well for about a week now. I kept on being sick. I havent told Louis though. Its probably just the stomach flu or something like that.


"Yeah El?"

"I dont feel well" we were sitting in the corner of the room while Liam and Niall helped Beth stand up beside Harry's bed so that she could hug him and Sarah and a nurse were on the other side helping Harry sit up.

"Do you want to go see a nurse?" Louis asked me his eyes full of concern. I nodded my head and then we both stood up earning looks off of everyone.

"El isnt feeling well we are going to go see if its possible to see a doctor or a nurse." Louis said to everyone.

"Okay, i hope everything is okay. And we will see you later." Liam said to us before turning his attention back to Harry and Beth.

We left the room only to meet with a very happy and yet tearful Zayn and Perrie.

"Where are you two off to?" Zayn asked.

"To see a nurse or doctor cause El isnt feeling very well." Louis said to them.

"I hope its nothing serious" Perrie said.

"We'll see ya later then." Zayn said before guiding Perrie and himself into Harry's room.

When we got to reception i got asked for my name and my date of birth and then was told to wait in the third waiting area which was to see a nurse practitioner.

While we were sitting there a few young girks came over to ask Louis for a signature. One girl even asked for mine. That hadnt happened for a while so because the little girl was only around the age of five i gave her a little hug too which earned a smile to both Louis and I from her mum who must have only been around the age of 20. I didnt judge anyone who was a teenage mum because i didnt know their story behind how they got pregnant.

"Eleanor Calder?" A nurse called out. "There you are please follow me Eleanor."

We got to a examination room where me and Louis sat on the seats provided. The nurse asked me basic questions like what was wrong, how long this had been going on for. Then she asked,
"When was your last period?"

"Well, im on the pill so i didnt have a period this month."

"When did you and Louis here last have sex?" The nurse asked.

"About 2 weeks ago." Louis answered.

"Did you use a condom?"

"No..." Louis answered the nurse.

"Okay Eleanor, im gonna ask you to hop up on to the bed at the back and roll up your top and I'll be back in a moment."

I did as i was told and Louis sat on the chair beside the bed. The nurse came back through with an ultrasound machine.

"Okay Eleanor, this might be a bit cold at first and it will feel a little slimy." The nurse said before squirting some gel on my lower abdomen. She then placed the scanner thing on my belly and looked at the screen. She moved the scanner around my stomach until she stoped at the lower right hand side of my stomach near my private area.

"There you go." She said pointing at the screen at a little dot on the screen.

I looked at Louis confused, he looked at me with the same expression. The nurse noticed this and then said,
"Congratulations you two. Youre going to be parents!"

Louis Pov

At the nurses words I froze. Parents? Im gonna be a parent? Eleanor is pregnant? How could this happen? She is on the pill! Oh God. My mum is gonna kill me. Management are gonna kill me. The boys are gonna be so annoyed with me. Eleanor. She probably hates me now. I hate myself too. Why do I always fuck things up?

"Im gonna leave you two alone to figure things out." The nurse said after cleaning up Eleanors stomach and then she left the room.

"Louis?" Eleanor said sitting up to face me. " Please say something."

" You hate me now dont you?" I said to her looking down at my hands not being able to look her in the eyes.

"Why would i hate you Lou?"

"I got you pregnant. You arent ready to have a child El!" I said to her tears beginning to run down my face.

Eleanor began to cry at my words.

"Neither of us are ready for a baby Lou." She said through tears.

"What are we going to do?" I asked her wearily praying that she didn't want to get an abortion.

"I dont know. Im definitely not getting an abortion. Do you want to keep the baby?"

"In someways no, but my heart is saying yes. You?"


"We are keeping the baby then." I said as i stood up to wipe the tears from my face anx to hold Eleanors hand. I noticed an envelope with Eleanors name on it. I picked it up and seen it had the scan pictures in it. I placed the envelope in my back jean pocket and then together we walked out of the room.


Soooo... Perrie AND Eleanor are pregnant. Bet you weren't expecting that!

Please comment what you think of the chapter or if you don't want to comment give me a follow on twitter @MADMikesMinion I'll follow you back and then you can message me what you think :-)


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