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In Secret

Riding the Road of... Love?

This is awkward. we were sitting in his car with the radio turned up and just driving we werent talking. he was just staring straight at the road focused on his driving.Then my favorite song started to play, Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. yess i know its a little cheezy but hy, i like what i like. as soon as the song started i saw a smile creep onto niall's face and to my surprise he belted out the song.

"I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain That's what people say mmm, that's what people say mm
I go on too many dates, but I can't make 'em stay
oohh ooh"
then he looked at me and laughed at my bewildered expression.

"it's just i never thought YOU of all people woyuld like this song"
he shrugged smiling
'um it's just, its just that this is my favorite song too."
h elooked at me -
"sing with me?"
and i did we sang the whole song word for word until he got to my house.
and then...
we kissed.
it was perfect sweet and gentle.
but then
it wasn't
he pulled away and looked at me
"i'm sorry but i just im dating Brittany and-"
"yeah no i'm sorry it was i , im sorry-"
"i like i like you a lot addie i really do, and i want to be with you it's just Brittany i can't break up with her for no rea-"
"i get it Niall thank you for the ride good bye"
"Addie can we talk about-"
i slammed the door and ran into my room. why did i feel like this, why did feel so betrayed Ijust met this boy, why was i so affected by him.
Whats happening to me?



I really enjoy reading this and I can't wait till more comes out!! (hinting update!!)

I love it! It's really good!

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

i love it so far :) update