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In Secret

Project p2

I knew if i wanted to impress this girl i was gonna have to think of do something good for our chemistry project. I was supposed to meet Addie(can i call her that?) after school today to work on our project but i still had 30 minutes before i needed to head over to the library to meet her. i rushed home and took a shower got my hair quiffed up put on some cologne and headed over to the library. when i got their i saw Adelynn and she looked effortlessly beautifu. i felt overdressed compared to her but i sat down next to her and took out my papers for our science fair project. she smiled at me and pushed a starbucks mug towards me.

"i stopped on the way here thought you might want some joe too."
"thanks i love their coffee"
There was silence for a few minutes.
"so do you want to see my ideas"
"uh sure what do you have?"
"well at first i thought we could do a lav lamp in a cup but then i came across this idea for the process of distilling water using chemicals and i thought that maybe we coul- what?"
she was smiling t me trying not to laugh.
"its only a high school science project Niall not a cancer research project"
"i uh, well I-"
"but its a great idea. why dont you do the research and ill get the formula for the distillation equipment."
i nodded as her phone rang
"hey dad ho- what no i can't i dint bring my car. till WHAT time?! no no thats okay i'll just, i'll just walk home okay? k bye love you two dad."
"Are you okay?"
"yeah i'm fine its just my dad cant take me bck home and my car's in the shed so-"
"i can give you a ride"
"are you sure"
"yeah totally \"



I really enjoy reading this and I can't wait till more comes out!! (hinting update!!)

I love it! It's really good!

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

i love it so far :) update