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Different Worlds


"Hi! I'm Kat Palmer, what's your name?" She asked Niall, as soon as she learned to talk, the same day as Niall. Of course she couldn't speak correctly, but it was good.
"Niall Horan," He answered. "My parents saved you, and we is bro and sis!" He shouted.
"Kay," she said back. Kat wasn't a shy girl, she was more of a adventurous type. She shook his hand that he was holding out.
"Lets make a secret hand shake," Kat whispered, because she wanted it to be a secret that they had a secret hand shake.
"Ok," he whispered back. The hand shake was very awesome.
"LET'S GO ADVENTURE!" Kat yells. They go into their dad's room, and grab two wooden swords, and ran outside.


Dem boys

Dem boys

Prince Gumball(Louis), Marshal Lee(Zayn), Flame Prince(Liam), Harry the other human Kat Found(obviously Harry)

Kat Palmer

Kat Palmer

Aka Fionna the human. One of the first humans to step foot on this planet. Brother and sister with Niall. Adventurous, likes to help people.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

aka Jake the dog. Kat's new brother. Very protective of Kat. Half dog like his parents. Can strech far, but not to much, or he will die.


  1. Chapter 1

    (Starting from when Kat is 19)

  2. Chapter 2

    Saved (Read Authors Note, important!!)


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