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Live While We're Young (A Niall Horan Fan-Fiction)

Meeting My Heroes

*Skye's POV*

"Skye, Skye! Wake up now before I..." I heard a voice shout down the hallway.
"Stop it Mia, your going to wake Skye." Natalie whispered.
"Er duh, that's the point." Mia replied daringly.

I rolled over and opened my eyes. Slowly, I gazed over towards my One Direction alarm clock 6.18.

"Seriously guys!" I screamed, leaving an echo in the now empty hallway.

I decided I had better wake up before any of the girls think about using the Bucket O' Water method of getting me up.

I took a quick glance out of the window, it was actually sunny. Pretty surprising for London. I picked out an outfit for today, to make the most of the sun I chose:

I wandered down the stairs huffing slightly.

"Well someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning" Mollie joked. She ad her hands in her lap with her phone in them. She seemed to be so intrigued that I had to just..sorta...

"Give me my phone back right now Skye or I swear to god I will rip you to pieces" Mollie screeched after me.

I quickly ran along the hallway laughing to myself when...


"I'm sorry I..." I was cut off by the beauty of the blonde-haired boy staring down at me. He gave off a small smirk as his dimples began to show. His bright blue eyes gazed into my own dark brown ones. He slowly crouched down beside and put out his arm to help me up. I gingerly took his arm as he levered me up from the creamy white carpet. My eyes never left his as he pulled me up to face him.

"Hey, i'm Niall" He said with a cheeky grin. "I've never had a girl fall for me before quite so literally." Niall said quieter this time.

Then his gaze shifted from mine as he turned to four other boys about his age, all as equally attractive as Niall. "This is Harry" he said pointing to a tall, broad-shouldered boy with dark brown curly hair and green eyes. "This is Louis" he said as he looked I turned to look at the boy with his brown hair swiped to to the left side and his sea blue eyes hovered towards me. "This is Liam" This boy had shorter brown hair slightly spiked up at the front and lighter, softer brown eyes. "And this is Zayn" I turned to face the black haired boy with very dark brown eyes, similar to my own. He wore a pocketed blue shirt with black jeans which suited him perfectly. In fact, all the boys clothes suited them.

"Hi, pleased to meet you all." I say shyly , shaking slightly. I knew exactly who they were, they were One Direction. I was screaming inside but I knew I couldn't show it. All the boys were now gazing at me with their beautiful eyes as my own gaze turned to the floor.

"Heya love!" Louis piped up with his amazingly sexy Yorkshire accent.

I quickly flashed him a quick smile before mumbling something about needed to go talk to somebody.

As soon as I turned away, my mind clicked in, I have just met One Direction. I walked off down the hall way grinning widly.



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