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Hey! :)
My name is Skye Long, I am 19, from Dublin, Ireland.
I am a singer and an Irish dancer but my main hobby is writing.
I am the Lead Singer of the non-famous band MnM's.

M = Mia Verana
N = Natalie Carino
M = Mollie Hamilton
S = Skye Long (me)

We want to be professional singers in our group soon and are hoping to go on The Voice next year. We have all known each other since we were 3 years old and have been best friends forever! I love One Direction, especially Niall Horan, he's adorable :) I have never met 1D but I would love to see them in concert soon. All the fanfics say that when I met 1D I shall faint and wake up with them all looking down at me smiling, one of them (Nialler xx) will fall in love with me and take me to meet their family and they will love me too. Then we will get married and have lots of Niall and Skye juniors :D xx

Okay...Maybe the last bit might not happen.
Or....the rest of it but....
Who cares!
I love One Direction even if they don't notice my existance xx


Live While We're Young (A Niall Horan Fan-Fiction)

Live While We're Young (A Niall Horan Fan-Fiction)

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

Niall Horan: Famous Boyband Member, Sweet, Adorable Skye Long: X-Factor Contestant 2014, In the band MNM's, Huge Directioner What will happen when the two cross paths?


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