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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 21 - Weirdo

I felt bad for leaving Harry I said what I said, I felt like going to find him but I didn’t want to seem majorly desperate to touch him even though that’s all I actually wanted right now. The seats at the back of the bus where proving to be incredibly uncomfortable as I tried to stretch myself out over them. Giving up completely I span around and placed my feet on the window and hung my head upside down off the seat. I pulled my phone over face and took a selfie. I posted it on twitter.

@MinnieShannon: @Harry_Styles Save me I’m falling ;)

I inserted the picture and hit the tweet button.

I closed my phone immediately and threw it to the side, not wanting to even think about the notifications I was going to get. I closed my eyes for a few minutes before I heard the door of the bus go. I opened my eyes, pulling a face immediately at the person walking towards me.

“Zayn.” I muttered feeling obliged to greet him.

He said nothing just nodded and sat down near me, clicking on the TV. I reached over and grabbed my phone craving anything to amuse me whilst Zayn smugly sat their knowing his presence alone was irritating me.

I opened twitter and checked the notifications, and as I thought it was flooded with, so and so and 367 others retweeted your tweet.

I kept scrolling until I noticed that Harry had replied.

“Harry_Styles: @Minnieshannon I’m busy rehearsing I’ll send Zayn ;)”

I laughed slightly, and replied with a simple insulting tweet. I definitely threw my phone to one side this time because I was in no mood to deal with “DON’T CALL MY BABY A WANKER” and all the other stuff I was going to get.

I groaned slightly only to earn a scoff from Zayn.

“Oh fuck off.” I spat as I rolled off the sofa and headed towards the kettle.

I flicked it on ready to make myself a cup of tea when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist. Normally I would melt into them but these felt different. I span around quickly coming face to face with Zayn.

“Zayn what the fuck? Move.” I shouted.

He smiled weirdly and planted his hands on the side either side of me so I couldn’t move. I didn’t say anything else just moved my head to the side so I didn’t have to look at him. His breath on my neck made me feel like I was going to vomit.

“Zayn, can you move please you’re really freaking me out.” I nearly sobbed.

He laughed slightly and moved so his lips where right next to my ear.

“Your kettle has boiled.” He whispered before releasing me and leaving the bus completely.

I fell to the floor completely unable to hold my own weight. I shook myself slightly before standing up again. I finished making my tea and sat back on the sofa. I clutched my cup tightly with both hands, the warmth slightly comforting. I stare at the ground trying to think of reasons Zayn acts so weird around me sometimes he’s fine, and well sometimes he’s just down right
creepy as fuck.

I wasn’t even paying attention to my surroundings when I felt Niall’s hand on my knee.

“Sis?” He questioned lightly.


“What’s wrong?” He sat down next to me, taking the still full cup of tea out of my hands and placing it on the floor.

“Zayn is weird.” I managed to say before my whole body shivered.

“Shannon, what did he do?”

“Nothing, he just pinned me to the side and stared at me for ages, I asked him to move twice and just laughed at me before telling me the kettle had boiled really close to my ear.” I shivered again completely uncomfortable with talking about him.

“I’ll kill him.” Niall seethed.

“No, leave it, its fine, I got to go to rehearsal I’ll see you later Niall.” I spoke sadly as I got up and left the bus.




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