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Liam - Weak self

Ugh.. A throaty groan left my mouth as I began to wake up. My body tried to twist and turn, but whenever it tried all I could hear was chains rattling and my wrists in sore pain including the rest of my body.

As my eyes slowly begun to open and adjust to how dim the light was in the room, I noticed that this wasn't a normal room. There was chains and boxes scattered everywhere. Also it was dusty and looked broke down. While my eyes began to wander around, I could hear voices chattering not so far away from where I was.

I pulled my wrists to bring them down to my side, but it was no use. The more I moved the more the chains around my wrist began to get tighten. Seeming that the noise was pretty loud, I heard footsteps coming towards me.

"Hey guys I think he's up." A guy hollered over to about three more guys. Who the hell are they?

"Who are you?" My voice came out dry and weak.

The guys just laughed at how blunt I was being. "You don't remember? Are you kidding? Man. And I thought you were going to be more challenging." What the hell is seriously going on.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I spat straightforward at him.

His face got all serious as he jerked his head to side where some other dude left. I cocked an eyebrow up as what was going on. But I soon knew why the guy left as soon as I heard a certain voice screaming. My head snapped to the side finding Lily being dragged by brutal force.

"Lily! Let her go." I growled at them as I saw my poor girl being grabbed by the hair and thrown on the ground few feet away from me.

"LIAM!" She screamed at me, tears pooling in her eyes as she saw the condition I was. If I was her I would be upset. My chest and legs had cuts and bruises everywhere making me sore along with pain.

"What are you doing to her?"

"What you did to my girlfriend in high school you dipshit." The main guy spoke in my face as he grabbed my neck bringing me closer to him.

"Watch closely and see what pain and misery you made Tina go through." His every word filled with hurt and anger. Okay now im fucking confused.

"Tina? Who the hell is Tina?"

"Don't play games with Payne. You know what you fucking did!" No I Fucking dont.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" I yelled at him as much as he did.

"Tina Eine. She always hanged out with us in high school. We would always watch movies on Friday." Holy shit..

"If Tina was there.. That means.. " Don't be what I think it is.

"Yup. Remember me now?" He laughed loudly. But soon passed that as he saw me pale.

"It wasn't like that Jake."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WASN'T LIKE THAT? YOU RAPED MY GIRLFRIEND YOU FUCK." I didn't.. I know what I did, but she forced it upon on me.. She fucking lied to him!

"I didn't rape her! She forced me to and lied to you. You know I wouldn't do that to her!!" It's true. Tina was like a sister to me who was dating Jake back then. They lasted for a while but she came up to me one day asking me for it.. Even spiking my drink wasn't enough.

"Stop lying."

"I'm not!" I yelled out of frustration. My voice booming throughout the room. A small gasp escaped from Lilys mouth. Shit, I totally forgot she was here. As I looked her she was already crying and shaking her head.

"Watch how I fucking felt Liam." With that Jake approached Lily who was by now trembling with fear. He told the rest of the guys to wait outside as he got ahold of Lily chaining her wrists up like me.

"See how miserable it was!" His hands started to trail up and down her body as he began to lick the back of her ear.

"Stop." I told him. But he refused to listen. Her shirt tore into pieces soon followed by her pants. Jake began telling Lily at how I was him while his girlfriend was her.

Lily.. My girl. Being touched by flithy hands of a monster.

"STOP." I yelled at him as he began to touch her where jo one else has except me.

"Liam. Liam! Wake up!!" My body sprang from the bed as my chest rose and fell harshly. I looked around and saw I was in my room along with Lily right next to me looking scared from be yelling in my sleep.

"Liam. Are you okay?!" She asked hastily, but I just pulled her into a tight hug afriad that she'll disappear if I let her go.

Her arms found its way around my neck as she embraced me back. One of her hands rubbing up and down my back in a soft motion letting me that everything was okay.

I let her go after a few moments looking her. "Lily. I need to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you that I've changed. Okay?" She tilted her head confused but gave me a nod willing to listen to me.


Weee. Crazy one isn't it?


Please update

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Your welcome babe :)

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The first one is so sad! I love these though!