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Make Me


“Justice,” Mark screeched through the speaker of her phone, “The press is having a field day! People Magazine has you on the cover leaving a club with Harry! And don’t get me started on the British headlines.” Holding the phone away from her ear, she could still hear how mad he was. “You’re gaining a bad reputation! Our clients are starting to think you date everyone that hires you. First Michael, then Cody, Andrew, and now Harry?”

“Hey, I haven’t dated every client,” she protested, bringing the phone back to her ear. “I didn’t date Megan or Trisha.”

“Justice,” he stated, his tone pushed passed the point of annoyance. “This is no time for jokes.”

“Well someone has to lighten the mood,” she replied, leaning back on the wall of the empty backstage room. It had been three days since the incident and as expected the Monday issues of the tabloids were splattered with the pictures.

“No, this is trouble and I believe we had a discussion that flat out told you not to start trouble,” the man was exasperated. That was the only thing Justice knew for sure, but it wasn’t like she had planned on liking Harry. He was just… He had something that she couldn’t get over.

“It’s not like I want to start trouble, but you said more no stunts or crazy picture ideas.” Glancing around the room, she caught her reflection in a mirror. Her blue eyes stuck out more than usual as she had gone through the trouble of putting on eyeliner; it had been a thing over the past few days. “I don’t remember anything about dating being in there.”

“This is serious, you’re making the company look bad,” Mark stated. Biting her lip, she hated hearing the truth sometimes. “And your Dad is already fuming.”

Groaning, her head hit the wall with a light tap. “How’s he been anyway?”

“Other than the anger, he’s alright, but the bottle of scotch I put in his office last week is already gone.” Tugging at her t-shirts hem, she frowned. He was still drinking. The last time they spoke he had promised to stop. “But don’t change the subject. You need to fix this Justice. Stay out of the media.”

“Fine, I’ll try,” she replied before ending the call. It was going to be a very long day.


Sitting in a hotel room with boring beige walls, Justice chatted with Maria. Her red hair fanned out against the cream colored blankets as she tossed popped corn into her mouth. Shaking her head she looked over to Justice.

“So, you’re telling me that you and Harry are actually a thing now, but your company is basically asking you to break it off?” One of her cheek piercings gleamed in the artificial lighting.

“Yep,” she replied turning to look at the girl with a frown. “Story of my life.”

“That’s fucked up,” Maria said before catching another kernel in her mouth. “I mean how far has your relationship even gone? A few kisses and a date? Doesn’t sound bad to me.”

“Well you’re sane,” Justice stated, her blue eyes scanning the ceiling. “But Mark’s all up in arms over my track record. This is the fourth client I’ve dated.”

“Fourth?” Maria turned over to her stomach and perched her head on her hands. “You harlot, you. Which one’s the favorite? Besides, Harry of course.”

“Are you trying to find out who was best in bed?”

“Maybe,” she replied sheepishly, a smile crawling over her cherry red lips. “So, which one?”

“I don’t kiss and tell,” Justice laughed, getting up to grab a bottle of water.

“Bullshit Bitch, I want the dish,” she yelled, moving to the edge of the bed. “What about that one guy? The one who’s CD you play in the car all the time.”

“Andrew?” Smiling, Justice leaned against one of the boring walls. “What about Andrew?”

“What was he like? I mean you’ve talked about him a lot. You tend to ramble when we drive,” she stated, giving Justice a knowing smirk. “I mean I know you love his music, but who was he really?”

“The first guy I knew I loved,” she said, a hand on the cap of her bottle. “I mean we dated for two years, but I met him when I was seventeen. He was a merch kid and I was the daughter of the tour photographer. I felt bad; he kind of ended up being my shoulder to cry on.”


“It was the year my mom died,” she explained, her eyes falling to the floor before she put a small smile on.

“Oh, I had no idea,” Maria started looking like she had just poured salt into some ones wound accidently. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” she replied, taking a sip of her water. “It was a tough time in my life, but it brought me closer to Andrew and I quit smoking.”

“You were a smoker,” Maria asked stunned. “How do I know so little about you?”

“I don’t like to talk about myself much,” she replied moving to sit next to the girl.

“Does Harry know you smoked?”

“No, I don’t think he even knows my mom’s dead,” Justice told her, the conversation had taken a turn to the sad place she normally ran from. “We talk more about music and movies and you know, surface level stuff. I mean we’re still getting to know each other.”

“Well, I think it’s time you told him, and let him know about your crazy company,” Maria said, leaning her head onto Justice’s shoulder. “I think the closer you two get the better, you’re cute together.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready to tell him,” she mumbled. It had been hard to open up to Andrew and he was around for most of it, talking about it to Harry would just bring all of the memories back.

“Better sooner than later.”


i am so intrested so i cant wait to read it. ur a talented writer :)
madalyn madalyn
Make Me is actually completed, but I have another story that I'll be posting in the next few weeks if you're interested in reading more of my work.
i love it update again
madalyn madalyn
I loved your story it was amazing! I was basically in edge the last few chapters because I felt like I was there going through it with Justice. Pure genius.
this story is awesome, please keep writing! you get a 10 for shock value, beautiful writing, and how well the story flows. plus i just like how different it is!
my-life-is-1d my-life-is-1d