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One Wish

Chapter 12

Calie's POV

Niall always knew exactly how to steal my heart. Its like everything he says and does is a direct channel to the butterflies that erupt in my stomach. All he has to do is walk into the same room as me and I loose all consciousness of what real life is. He whispers things to me that could melt the polar ice caps, he kisses with the passion of Noah from the Notebook, his touch is more gentle than Charmin ultra soft, he is as perfect as the guys who only exist in a Nickolas Sparks novel. How is it that little me from Ohio got so lucky as to be the one his affections are for. I wake up every morning and get to eat breakfast with him, he sit next to me every day with only the purpose of being close to me. I sometimes spend time looking in the mirror wondering what he see's in me. How did I catch his eye? I know I'm nothing special but I'm not going to complain. Niall and the boys have been here for about a month and a week now, I can't believe that it has been so long already. I have fallen so quickly for Niall, and I mean Niall the guy not Niall the international super star that millions of girls swoon over and dream about dating. Just Niall, the sweet Irish boy who so easily has taken hold of my heart. Right now as I lay in bed I think back on how easy it was for me to fall asleep in Niall's arms. When he holds me everything just feels so peaceful. My heart that skips beats whilst in his presence slows, My breathing syncs with his, and his heart beat quiets the surroundings and I quickly fall into a haze of his wonderful aroma and peace. I roll over and grab my phone to check the time. My phone reads 3:23, I can't sleep. I wonder if Niall is up. I lightly place my bare toes down onto the hard wood flooring that felt like ice. I quickly retreated my feet and reached into the top drawer of my dresser and pulled a light pink pair of socks out. I slipped them on and then out of the comfort of my bed. It was Niall's turn in the room by himself, I walked down the hall to his room and cracked the door open. I peaked my head in and whispered his name.


"Calie?" Niall answered without hesitation. "What are you doing love?"

"I can't sleep." I pushed the door open just enough to slip my body in.

"Me either. Did you have a night terror?"

"No, I was just caught up in thought and can't sleep." I giggled slightly whilst making my way toward the beautiful boy who was now sitting up in bed. "I guess there is too much going on up here." I pointed at my head.

"Same here, I was too busy thinking about you, I just couldn't fall asleep." he patted the mattress next to him insisting that I take a seat.

I just realized that he was not wearing a shirt. I smiled unwillingly at the discovery of his bare chest. I took a seat next to him. Niall adjusted the blankets to cover my mostly bare legs but I began to blush when I saw that he was not only lacking a shirt but also pants. I hope that he couldn't tell in the dark the embarrassment that was displayed upon my face. Niall lent in to place a kiss on my lips. Of course I met him half way.

"Niall, I have been wanting to show you how much I care for you." I paused nervous of what i was about to say. It was like I wasn't thinking about what I was saying, I was just letting words fall out of my mouth.... no filter. "I don't think you know what you have done for me, You're always here for me you help me when I am sad, you know exactly what to say to put me in a good mood no matter how shitty my day may have been. You have given me so much pleasure." I lowered the tone of my voice on the last word.

What was I doing? It's like I have no control over myself right now. I traced my fingers up and down Niall's bare chest and leaned into kiss him. My kiss was rough against his lips. Niall kissed back after a brief moment of what I'm sure was confusion or shock. His lips pressed to mine and moved in a motion that was a perfect match to the rhythm of mine. I let my tongue slide from my mouth and into his. He reciprocated the motion. I felt him shift positions on the bed so that it was easier to kiss me. I did the same allowing for comfort and for a more passionate kiss. He reached his right arm around my waist using it to pull me into him. Whilst taking the other hand and gently tugging on my hair. I cupped his face with one of my hands and played with his golden mess of hair using the other. I could feel his bare torso against the revealed skin of my stomach. His skin was warm against mine. The kiss became deeper and Niall pulled harder on my hair forcing a moan to escape from my throat. Niall pulled away from my lips but still held me close, he began to leave a trail of wet kisses on down my neck. Niall pressed me on the bed. His upper half hovered me still kissing me. I reached my arms up and rapped them around him to pull him to me. His torso resting on mine. The crookedness of our position was quickly fixed when Niall put his leg in between my legs and left the other one to the left side of my body. His hands began to roam, slowly they crept down from my hair to my neck. Slowly making their way to my chest. Niall stopped once he reached his destination. A light squeeze was pursued. I stretched my up to kiss him. Once again he began to press hard into my lips whilst massaging my chest. I fisted my hands into his back probably leaving scratches on his bare skin. A moan had slipped from Niall this time. Niall's hands traveled south on my body searching for another destination. I tensed as I felt Niall's hand rub the inside of my thigh. He must have felt me tense cause her stopped and pulled away from me.

"Calie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go too far." His apology was sincere.

"Niall," I paused and grabbed his hand. "You haven't gone too far." I placed his hand back to the place he had removed it from. I watched him smile at me as he slid his hand up my thigh. He brushed over me gently as though to see if I would tense again. But I didn't. This time he applied pressure to his rubbing. He caressed me in his chest while his fluent motion stimulated my insides. I had never been touched like this before. I was what some may call a goody-two-shoes. I never did anything bad, ever except drink. The pleasure I was receiving from just this simple touch was undeniably astounding, it makes me wonder how pleasurable other things are. But for now this was good. Niall removed his touch and laid next to me pulling me in tight to his mostly naked body. He whispered to me.

"Next time we can try that without the pants." Something inside of my lower region began to throb. What the hell! I have never felt this way but he says the words and it's like I want to rip my clothes off. My breathing is unsteady and Niall notices. "Calie, love, are you alright?"

"Yeah." I hardly manage to get out, in a shaky whisper. Niall leans down and kisses my forehead.

"Just making sure love." I smile at him and he smiles back. I can see in the moonlight all of his perfect imperfections. The way the moon illuminates his eyes, they look like crystals. His wonderful lips curved slightly into a smile. I study his marvelous features for a while only to fall asleep in his arms.

Niall's POV

I looked down at Calie who has fallen into a beautiful slumber in my arms once more. She manages to amaze me every time I look at her. In the day, and at night you can see the simplest form of beauty. Her eyelids flutter and I wonder what she is dreaming about. I wonder if any other guy has ever seen her like this, or if I am going to be the only one to see her this way. I will do everything in my power to be. I never want another guy to touch her. I know that it might sound creepy but it's true the thought of another guy touching her repulses me.I look at the time on my phone and realize that it is 5:36 and I have yet to fall asleep. I carefully shimmy out from under Calie and walk around the bed to lift her up. I carry her to the end of the hall and into her bedroom. I place her gently in her bed to rest and cover her up and tuck her in. I place a soft kiss to her lips and then one to her forehead, and whisper goodnight to the sleeping angel. I make my way to the end of the hallway and back into my room. It doesn't take long for me to fall asleep. I just think to myself about Calie and the world fades away into a dream.


I hope everyone likes it! Sorry its kinda short... Just remember to rate comment and subscribe! :)


NIALL IS SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@I love niall lots
Thank you so much I will be sure to update as soon as I can. :)

ShelbyTill ShelbyTill

This is really good!!!!! FEELS, please update!!!

That made my whole life! Thank you so much!

ShelbyTill ShelbyTill

Wow can I say you have talent I love this story