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A life of Payne

Chapter 49

Calum's POV

"What I like about you
You keep me warm at night
Never wanna let you go
Know you make me feel alright"

I sung to myself as I ran my hand up and down Katie's back. I knew she liked her sleep but now I'm just getting bored.

"Shhhh." Katie pushed her face further into my chest as she mumbled her request for me to be quite.

"Katie wake up. I'm bored! Don't make me tickle you." My hands moved to behind my head as I talked, Katie rather fast might I add grabbed my wrists in her hands to stop me from my tickle attempt.

"Don't you dare tickle me." She must of been awake for some time if she managed to move that fast and sit up and straddle me within a few seconds. Either that or she really doesn't like to be tickled which I will definately be using to my advantage one day.

"Then wake up and get out of bed with me."

"Then kiss me."

My breathe gets caught in my throat when those words leave her perfect pink lips. What happened to my shy Katie?

She was still on top of me just looking down at me. Just waiting for me to say something.

"C'mere then." She smiled and leaned down to connect our lips.

It felt like the first time we kissed all over again. The fireworks enlighting my whole body and I felt like I was melting under her beautiful touch.

I let her have this moment and resisted the very large urge to flip us over and take control.

She started the moment so I will let her finish it.

"Hey guys are yo- OH GOD!" Ashton walked into my room without even knocking and ruined everything. God damnit living with other dudes sucks at times like these!
Katie's face turned pink instantly and she tried roll off me but I wriggled my arms out of her grip and wrapped them around her waist to keep her in place.

"Dude! What the hell is wrong with you!" Katie jumped slightly at my tone of voice and hid her face in my chest. Shy Katie is back.
"What's all the noise about?" Great here comes Micheal and Luke.

"I-I'm really sorry!" Ashton started splurting out words while keeping his eyes on Katie bare legs. Oh hell no. I looked over at the other two to see that they were also staring at Katie.

"Could you all please leave! God guys stop staring!" I smoothed down Katie's hair as she continued to hide her face, probably regretting coming here.

"Hey! It's not our fault! Katie usually isn't awake this early whenever we go to her and Liam's place!"

They had a point but this was still unbelievable.

"Please make them go away." Katie whispered hoping only I would hear but no one else was talking so they heard her as well.

"We're sorry Katie. Um we'll just go now and please don't go to far with her Calum. I think Liam would like his little sister to stay innocent a bit longer!" My cheeks flushed when they said that and Katie's body stiffened in my arms. Fucking twats.

"I'm sorry about that Katie." I ran my hand over her soft arm but she didn't say anything.
"Are you okay?"

She sniffled a bit before she pressed her cheek to my chest and looked up at me.

"I'm still tired Calum. And comfortable." After all that and she just forgets about it and acts like nothing happened. Wow I'm so lucky that she doesn't just run off like I thought she would.

"Stay there if you like baby." She moved up a bit before getting comfortable again and I was thankful that she didn't move down further becuase I can tell right now that it isn't just morning wood and I know she would be freaked if she knew, but hey when you have a hot girl laying on top of you it's hard not to think those kind of things.

"Hey Calum?"

"Yes?" I wanted to talk to her as long as possible but I know she will be asleep soon. Please stay awake Katie.

"How come you call me baby? I know you use to but I thought you wouldn't want to anymore after that dumb fight we had."

I thought about her words for a second before I found the perfect answer.

"Because it just suits you perfectly. And I will always want to call you that."

"You are so cute Calum." Her voice started to drift off towards the end and I knew she was on the verge of falling asleep.

"Go back to sleep."

She didn't need to be told twice, she fell asleep again within a few minutes.


A small knock was heard at my bedroom door this time. It's only been half an hour since they barged in here and Katie is still asleep on top of me but at least whoever it was had a clue to knock this time.

"Come in." I really didn't want to move Katie when she was so peaceful so I just pulled the sheet and comforter over her more because I know how she gets cold easily.

"I'm not walking in on anything again am I?" Ashton walked in followed by Luke and Micheal. What is this the freaking lounge room?!

"Please be quite!" I smoothed down Katie's hair again and looked down to make sure she's still asleep.

"We just wanted to tell you Liam called saying that we need to talk to him about Katie coming with us on tour. We should probably see him today since we have to be back on the road in two days." Ashton whispered his whole sentence and I was grateful he had the common sense to lower his voice for once.

"Katie is a grown up. I don't see why we need to do that." I hugged Katie's small frame closer to me and was quite surprised she didn't wake up.
"He said he won't let Katie come with us if we don't do it." Micheal piped in while looking at Katie like she was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

I sighed while carefully placing Katie on the matress and grabbing a shirt. I left the bedroom with the other boys lingering their gazes on Katie before following me into the Kitchen.

I poured two glasses of grape juice knowing that it was Katie's favourite. I know most people would call me whipped but I really don't care. Katie is totally worth it.

"Listen you look at Katie as if she is pure sunshine. I know you don't want to leave her behind again so we should just take Katie home when she wakes up and we can talk to Liam then." I chugged down my own glass of juice before slamming my glass down on the counter. I never get angry this easily but when it comes to Katie and the thought leaving her behind unless we follow Liam's stupid orders then I can't help it.

"Katie is not a child. Sure she's innocent and pure and kind and somehow manages to see the good in everyone even after they hurt her like fucking Niall for example or even me! But she is prefectly capable of making her own choices so why the hell does Liam insist on treating her like a porcelain doll?"

"We get it Cal. We look at her like a little sister even though she is actually older then some of us. But the truth is after everything that Katie has been put through she is the equivalent of a porcelain doll whether you like that or not! If not even more fragile! So we need to do as Liam says because he is the only one who can help her! She needs Liam and he knows that so he makes the rules! He is the only one that can save her from breaking point!" Micheal yelled all his words at me like he knew if he didn't raise his voice then I wouldn't listen. I was going to tell him to shut up but a small whimper was heard from behind us and I knew right away that we made the mistake of not closing the bedroom door.

I refused to turn around at first. I knew what was coming and I knew it wasn't going to be good. How is it I always find something to screw up when it comes to Katie?

After a couple more seconds and a few deep breaths, I turned around to see Katie with tears in her eyes.


"Is that what you all think of me? That I need to be wrapped in metaphorical bubble wrap before I can go anywhere?" A sob left her mouth as soon as she finished talking and I couldn't stomach seeing her like this. I walked towards her as fast as I could and wrapped my arms around her and much to my surprise she did the same with her arms.

"Is not what we think Katie. It's what your brother tells everyone to think." I stiffen at Micheal's words.

"Dude you're not helping!" Katie stepped away from me looking scared at my tone of voice again.

"No he's right. Everyone is right. I'm not cut out for this life. All Calum's fan girls told me I'm not woman enough for him and their right too. Because I'm just a porcelain doll." My heart sank when she said that and before any of us had a chance to say something she walked back to my room and made an effort to slam the door very loudly.

"God Micheal. Look at what you've done! If you didn't want Katie to come you should have just said so instead of being such a fuckwit about it!" My hands were flying everywhere but I wasn't that angry at Micheal more at the fact that Katie really believed she wasn't good enough for me.

"I'm sorry Calum. I was only trying to keep her safe and happy like everyone else is! I thought only Liam could help her but after I saw the way she hugged you like her life depended on it I realized that you're just as good at keeping her together then Liam, both of you put together make Katie a happier person and I'm sorry I didn't see that until now!" The screaming continued but that was the most serious sentence I have heard come out of Micheal's mouth in years. I knew he was sorry.

"Bro just go and comfort Katie like we all know you can." Ashton sighed while talking and I didn't even hesitate to do just that and walked away to my room after I had grabbed her glass of juice.

"Katie?" I knocked on the door and slowly opened it to find her sitting on my bed but now she was wearing a pair of my sweat pants that look like there two sizes to big on her. I walked over to her and handed her the glass which she glugged it down in less then a minute.
She wasn't trying to push me away or say anything so I carefully sat down next to her and went to pull her towards me but she beat me to it and scooted closer to me before wrapping her arms around my torso.

"Calum can you make me a promise?" She placed her head on my chest and I could feel my own heartbeat quicken.

"Anything for you."

"Promise me Calum. Promise me that even though I'm not really mature yet, you won't leave me? Promise you'll be paitent?" If it was possible to feel your own heart break then I would be feeling that right now. She was always enough for me. More then enough.

"I promise baby."

Katie's POV

"Maybe you four can talk to him and I will just wait out here." Calum seemed really nervous around me and at the thought of being around Liam, but after everything that happened this morning I don't blame him. We're starting to get closer, it's almost like meeting your girlfriends brother but it's not like they haven't met before.

"Calum it's just my big brother who you have known longer then me. Nothing's changed." He intertwined our hands while trying to calm himself down. After a few moments he brought the back of my hand to his lips and placed a delicate kiss on it making my stomach erupt with butterflies.

"Katie's wrong things have changed between you two. Katie is a lot more comfortable and happy while Calum is a lot more affectionate and prone to start PDA." Micheal butted his nose in and I shot him a glare.

I still haven't talked to any of them besides Calum. It's not that I'm pissed at them but more piseed at the fact that they were right this morning. I need to learn to stick up for myself.

"Does that annoy you?" I looked up to see Calum standing next to me with his gaze locked hard on the other three boys.
"Not really. A little jealous maybe." Ashton actually said that?! Am I hearing things?
Luke and Micheal nodded in agreement at Ashton's words and I squeezed Calum's hand tighter feeling voilated all of the sudden.

"Well then sucks to be you guys." Just as he finished talking he turned to me and crashed his lips to mine. This kiss was a lot more rough then what I'm use to from Calum but the strange thing is that I actually liked it. Rough was different, it was exciting.

The elevator doors to my apartment building opened as our lips were still attached and there stood Liam looking rather shocked at the site before him. I pulled away and motioned my head for Calum to notice Liam as well.

"Oh. Uh I was just coming to pick you up Katie. Lets just go inside and talk yeah?" Liam had an un-easy smile on his face and I felt so embarrassed.


"So? Katie is to call me at least twice a day. And I don't want her at any meet and greets because thoose things can get pretty crazy. Just keep her safe and don't let random people talk to her." Liam rambled on his list of requests to the boys and Micheal gave me a look that screamed 'see what I'm talking about'.

I scoffed before making my presence known.

"Liam I'm sitting right here!" I pushed at his shoulder since I was sitting next to him and not Calum. Liam's idea not mine.

He turned to me and ruffled my already messy hair and smiled down at me like he was trying rather hard to not change his mind on me going at all.
"I know you are sweetie. But if I told all you this then it wouldn't get passed on, I'm only looking out for you baby girl." I know he's trying to be nice and look after me but I couldn't help scoff at how he has been acting like I'm not here and give the boys 'rules' for me for about the last twenty minutes!

"I'm going to go pack."

"Want some help baby?" I thought Liam would say something, anything but he didn't it was Calum. If he helps me then we will just end up making out... That's not a bad thing though.

"I would love some." I flashed a grin to Calum and just as he stood up, Liam cleared his throat.

"I'm not done talking. And please don't call my little sister 'baby' infront of me."

"Oh lighten up Liam. You should be happy to get rid of me for a few weeks. Have fun while I'm gone." I grabbed Calum's hand and pulled him towards my room before Laim even had a chance to blink.

"Lets have some fun now baby!" Calum called out over his shoulder probably making sure that Liam heard him, I giggled at his immatureness before closing my bedroom door behind us.

"I could get in trouble for that Cal! But as long as you go down with me then I guess thats okay."

He smirked at me before pulling my body flush against his.
"Oh my little rebel. But are you sure you wouldn't want me to go down on you not with you?"

My cheeks burned instantly and I used both hands to cover my face. I tried to move away but Calum kept his arms around me and pulled me into his chest but I still didn't remove my hands from my blushing face.

"Relax I was kidding." I felt his chest rumble as he laughed and I couldn't help but actually feel a bit turned on, oh god is that weird?


*2 Days Later*

"Katie sweetie wake up we have to get you to the airport." Liam walked into my room and some awful hour of the morning and fully pulled my blankets off of me. How rude!

"Go away me tired." I'm pretty sure Liam didn't understand a word of that since I have my face shoved in my pillow. It smells like a mixture of mint and boys body spray, also known as the common smell of Calum.

Ahhh Calum. If I get out of bed now I get to spend the whole stupidly early plane ride snuggling with him. That sounds amazing so I guess it's time to get out of bed.

I finally pulled my head off the pillow just to see that Liam had my bags set and was currently walking out of my closet with a pair of ugg boots and a woolen hat. I guess since I wore a onesie to sleep I don't really need to change and honestly who expects you to look perfect this early in the morning, I mean it's bloody five in the morning.

I slip on my pink ugg boots and matching beanie that Liam picked and slowly dragged my feet all the way to the car. I am in no way a morning person and it's even worse if you wake me up before seven so good luck to anyone who trys to be nice or even just talk to me on this flight.

Once all my things were in Liam's car, we made our way towards the airport.

Now is my time to show everyone I am no Porcelain Doll.


Hello everyone.

No this is not Kassandra :( It's the best friend Amy!

I know Kass isn't quite ready to get back to normal but I thought this chapter was quite good so l told her I would update for her!
But just to clarify she wrote it not me! I don't think I could write something like this (: she is very talented with her story and hopefully she finds it in her to come back soon.

Hope you like it all you team Calum people! I'm team Calum (:

Okay um bye I guess?


Thank you xo

Kass_april Kass_april

This is really good!

Louis_bae Louis_bae

Thank you sweetheart! xx

Kass_april Kass_april

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Kendra_Horan Kendra_Horan

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (:

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