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A life of Payne

Chapter 48

Liam's POV

"Did they ever hold each other tight like us, Did they ever fight like us?" I sang my heart out into microphone of the small both before our producer gave me the all clear sign to stop. I could feel that my heart wasn't in it today and so could everyone else but no one had dared to say anything.

"Hey Liam your phone went off but I'm too lazy to grab it for you." Harry waved his hand in the direction of my phone on the arm of the couch he was sitting on. He could have easily reached it so I guess he was feeling extra lazy today.

I sat down next to Harry while picking up my phone.

From Little sis:
Hey Liam!!!!! Calum asked me on an official date!!!! The date is tonight so I hope you don't mind... too bad if you do :P

I had to laugh at how excited Katie sounded even through a text message.

To Little sis:
I hope it goes well Princess! (: Don't stay out to late xx

I placed my phone down and grabbed a handful of chips from the bowl on the coffee table.

"Who wants a drink?" Niall stood up and we all raised our hands for him to grab us a drink from the vending machine. He rolled his eyes at us all and walked down the hall.

My phone vibrated again and I unlocked it to see another message from Katie.

From Little sis:
What do you think of this dress?

I laughed again and this time instead of texting back I decided to just call her.

"Liam!!! I'm really nervous. Did you like the dress or is it trying to hard?" She talked so loud and excited that the rest of the boys heard her and looked at me strangely.

I covered the mouth piece for a second and explained to them that she was going on a date with Calum tonight.

Pushing the speaker phone button I placed the phone on the table.

"The dress looked great and it doesn't look over the top. So do you know what you're doing on the date?"

"He said it was a surprise, oh wow I'm so nervous Liam! this is my first official date with anyone!" Wow she sounds paniced but I know she won't admit it.

"Hey Katie! Can you PLEASE come to the studio before so I can give the rules to Calum?" Louis talked sternly while the rest of us laughed at his brotherly instinct he had grown towards Katie. And to think those two use to fancy each other.
"Oh um hi Louis, uh I don't know..." She was probably I little nervous about what Lou would say to him as if she wasn't nervous enough to start with.

"Don't worry Katie I will keep everyone calm and they will not be stupid! Nothing will get by me." I spoke with my mouth half full of chips making everyone laugh at my attempt to be serious, even Katie laughed. Making Katie laugh was not an easy task unless you were Calum, a smile was one thing but a laugh or even a small giggle was quite rare unless Calum was around or mentioned.

"But who's going to restrain you from being my true big brother?"

Louis gasped at her obvious dig at his brotherly requests he had been making such as trying to lay down the 'rules' with Calum.
"HEY! I am the big brother you secretly wish you were related to!"

"Not really. If I was related to you Louis then I probably wouldn't be going on this date tonight."
I had to join in with the other boys at laughing at Louis' shock but amused face. He knew she was right which is why he didn't try and fight back with some sarcastic comment.


she went silent on the other end of the phone an the only sound that could be heard was the high pitched sounds the coat hangers were making as she pushed them around. I had secretly texted my security guy when Katie had first text me to make sure she wasn't shopping alone. I feel pretty sorry for the man I mean I have personaily been shopping with Katie and It can take some time. I remember the first time I layed eyes on Katie was in a tiny shopping mall, now she goe's to huge ones on a weekly basis and somehow I drag myself into going with her because I don't like the idea of her at a mall filled with cruel teenagers all by herself.

Thinking of all the possible ways she could be hurt just makes me nervous considering I agreed to let her go on the 5 seconds of summer tour without me.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea...

"Hello earth to Liam?" I shook my head as I re-focused on what was going on.

I looked down to see that the call with Katie had now ended.

"What happened?" They all looked at me funny before Zayn answered me.
"Katie's coming here soon and Calum is going to met her here. I hope you really can control Louis." I laughed at him while Louis rolled his eyes in fake hurt kind of way.


"Who wants another drink?" Niall stood again as we watched Zayn in the booth singing his solo. We all mumbled a quick yes before he walked off down the hall for the second time.
It was about five in the afternoon now and I was starting to get nervous as I knew Katie would be here soon.

"Hey guys!" Katie girly little voice was heard making my head whip around so see her walking through the door to our studio.

She's here now not soon! I haven't even practiced my brotherly pep talk yet!

"Hey Katie! You look lovely! It's been awhile!" Louis stood up to hug her and then pulled her down on his lap while he sat back down.
"I know it's been around two weeks! It's been pretty great!" She pretended to be serious and everyone else thought she was kidding but deep down I knew she had some serious meaning to her words.

"Katie Payne get your butt over here and give your real big brother a hug!" She wriggled out of Louis' grip almost instantly and bounced over to me. I like happy Katie, maybe I should make sure Calum stays around.

Just as she wrapped her arms around me, Niall walked back in laughing along side Barbara.

Shitty time to invite your slag over mate.

As soon as Niall looked up and spotted Katie, his mouth fell open and he dropped the collection of cans onto the floor. I half expected it to happen in slow motion like in the horrible movies Katie adores so much. She looked up from my chest to see what was happening and didn't exactly smile but didn't ignore Niall like she has been for the past two weeks.

"Hi Niall. Um I don't think you should open those drinks straight away." He stood there frozen at the fact that she had directly spoken to him. Niall hasn't given up on trying to talk to her but she begged me to keep him away from her for a while so I have been.

"Yo-you talked to me. You're here. You're actually here." I might have forgot to mention to him earlier that she was coming.

"Well I'm to happy to ignore you today." She shrugged and placed a small smile on her face before snuggling into my side again. Niall face beamed for a second at the accomplishment of thinking she was happy because of him but it quickly faded as he looked to his side and caught a glimsp of Barbara who he had forgot was here. Katie told me that she knew Niall left her that morning a few weeks ago for Barbara but she refused to show how much it really hurt her.

"So when is Calum getting here for your daaaaate?" Harry dragged out his words in a sing song voice making Niall's body stiffen as he tried to pick up the cans he dropped but they slipped out of his hands again as soon as the words left Harry's mouth.
"In about ten minutes and I swear that I will not be afraid to hurt anyone here who ruins this date!" Damn Katie was scary when she was being this serious, Barbara had the nerve to scoff at Katie's words but Katie fully ignored her to turn to face me again.

"I'm really scared Liam! What if he changes his mind about me? What if he doesn't like me anymore after tonight?" Her eyes were swimming with a mixture of nerves and panic. Poor kid was super nervous and I don't really know what to do!

"Katie the only way he could stop liking you tonight is if he realizes it's more then that. I promise." I felt a little uneasy giving her a promise like that, I can't keep such a promise but I sure hope Calum does.

Before she has a chance to say anything the door to the studio opens once again and in walks Calum looking just as nervous. He cleaned up quite nicely and doesn't resemble a wannabe rock star like I often tease him on being.

Katie quickly stands up and straightens out her dress. She's wearing blue and white, the two colours she always wears in special times like these because she is convinced it brings her good luck.

"You look amazing." Calum managed to choke out the three words while pulling Katie for a hug. Everyone 'awwwed' but Louis who cleared his throat and actually had the nerve to pull the two apart.
"So what time do you plan on having Katie home by?" Is he freaking serious? I'm the big brother here!

Calum rubbed at the back of his neck nervously before talking.
"Well actually Liam told me that Katie didn't have a curfew and I was kind of hoping she would stay with me for the night." He in your face Louis!

"You were?" Katie's cheeks turned the most obvious shade of pink while Calum smiled and nodded proudly knowing he caused that effect on her.

Louis didn't look to pleased but let it go rather fast as the lovely soon to be couple intertwined their fingers and said a quick goodbye before leaving.

I pray to god that everything works out between those two tonight.

Calum's POV

Katie looked absouletly amazing tonight, no screw that she looked perfect!

I could tell she was nervous because everytime I sneaked a glance at her she was looking out the window or twisting her fingers around my free hand that she was holding. Just the simple hand holding made fireworks errupt in my stomach because truth be told I was just as nervous.

What if something goes wrong tonight? What if she doesn't like me anymore after tonight? What if someone else ruins the night?

Oh god I didn't even think of the possiblity of some outside party ruining the evening!

After Katie left earlier today I spent the rest of the day stressing out and pacing around the lounge room. Micheal and Ashton tried to help me plan the perfect date but Luke was freaking useless so I feel really sorry for Ashley when he asks her on a date.

Anyway back to Katie. She looked perfect as usual and I tried to make this evening as non-typical as possible since I found out that this was her first offical date with anyone. I just really want it to be perfect, like her.

I stopped at a red light and took the chance to look over at the very silent but stunning girl who was still fiddling with my fingers. She had one of her rare but heart warming smiles on her face that just made me want to lean over and kiss her so god damn much.

She began to move her fingers away from mine and I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed at the lose of her touch. She didn't look up at me but kept her gaze locked on my leather cuff bracelet that I had just added to my collection on my wrist.

She ran his fingertips over the leather before sneakily placing her finger under the cuff and tracing along my skin on my wrist. My breathe hitched in my throat as she continued her action probably knowing that it had an effect on me by my increased breathing.

"Calum?" Her voice came out only just audible and for some reason I was hoping that the next thing out of her mouth would be her asking to wear the leather bracelet. She's cute like that and I think it would be even cuter on her wrist then mine.
I clear my throat before answering with a short yes and trying to make sure my voice doesn't give to much away.

"The light's green." She still didn't look in my eyes but tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear.

My cheeks turned slightly pink at the comment and I intertwined one hand with her's again while continuing the drive.


The sound of rolling balls and crashing pins made me nervous of how Katie might react. I have never been so nervous around a girl before Katie. I actually never put so much effort in a date and didn't really know what to do but Ashton suggested bowling and since he's older I took his word for it.

I looked over at Katie who had started to squeeze my hand tighter, she looked paniced and almost scared of the bowling alley. Shit she hates it what have I done!
"Katie? What's wrong sweetheart?"

"Calum I don't know how to bowl. I've never down it before." Finally she shyly looked into my eyes for the first time tonight but all I saw in her eyes was nervousness. Quick Calum fix this somehow!

I smiled to her and gave her a quick but lingering kiss on the forehead.
"Don't worry. I can help with that." Well this just makes things better!

I pull her in the direction of the lane I had booked and even asked the workers to keep the lane next to ours clear so no one will ruin the perfect night I have planned in my head.

Once she is standing at the front of the lane looking rather nervous, I pick out the lightest ball I could find which was a mixture of colours. Almost like a rainbow but not bright colours instead they were very light? What is that called pastel?

The ball matched her perfectly has I instructed her on how to hold it. I carefully and slowly wrapped one of my arms around her waist while the other held gently onto her arm.
"Now all you need to do is slowly swing back and let go of the ball when I tell you to, okay?" My breathe fans over her neck and I could tell she was flustered.

I liked that she was becoming easier to read, I really loved that she didn't try to hide from her feeling towards me anymore. It's definatly progress.

This girl does crazy things to me and I'm so glad she feels the same way.
We break out of our little moment and I slowly move her arm back while squeezing my other arm tighter around her waist.

"Let go." My hushed tone visibly sends shivers down Katie's spine as she lets go of the bowling ball.
It picks up more speed then I actually thought it would. She hits a spare and knocks down all the pins except the outer two. That's pretty impressive for a first timer.

"Wow! Did you see that? That's so cool!" Katie spins around with my arm still wrapped around her tightly.
"Good job baby" Her eyes widen at my words and I feel like I just ruined everything.

"You c-called me baby." She seemed shocked, like she never thought she would hear me say it.
"I did indeed." I grew a little nervous at how she would react but that quickly disappears when she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. I wrapped my other arm around her torso and pulled her as close as possible.

This was perfect. Just like I wanted it to be.

Our moment was broken when a small girl came up to us and asked for both our autographs. It was really cute but I just want to spend time with Katie.

Just me and Katie.

The rest of bowling seemed to go by in a blur with mind blowing kisses everytime Katie got a spare or even a few strikes. I tried to get a kiss when I got a good score but she got over it when she realized that I was getting strikes every time.

We were currently walking back towards my car hand in hand but I really didn't want to end the night.

"So? Ice cream or back to my place? And I promise no funny bussiness." She thought about it for a minute and I couldn't help but stare at her. She was so beautiful and sh doesn't believe it with the way she's been treated but I will do everything I can to change that.

"Is there ice cream at your place?" I can't fight the smile that spreads accross my face as I nod at her question.

"Well then lets get going." I'm given a quick kiss on the cheek before she hopes in the passenger seat with so much excitement because of the promise of ice cream. Oh this girl is just to adorable.

We walked into my apartment to find all three of my irritating band mates practically run out of the lounge to ask me questions but nearly fall over there feet when they see that Katie is with me.

"Bringing her home on the first date? What a gentlemen Calum!" Katie giggles at Ashtons sarcasim but I just roll my eyes and guide Katie towards my room.

"What? No details?" Luke yells but luckily Katie didn't hear him.
I quickly spin around on my heels and give them all a pointed glare, the fact that we're all so similar doesn't help right now as all three of them pout at me and I give in and mouth a quick 'tell you tomorrow' before walking away to met Katie in my room.

Having Katie in my room with me for the whole night is like an accomplishment I never thought I would have but I did it and it feels amazing.

Without any warning I pull her in for another breathe taking kiss and still can't get over the fact that she kisses me back with even more passion.


"Hey Calum?" Katie's little voice was heard from next to me and I couldn't hide the smile on my face to save my own life.
Right now were cuddled on the bed just listening to the quiet songs playing on the radio in the corner of my room.

"Yes babe?" I run my hand over her back which was covered with one of my old band shirts that she was always eyeing. We didn't go that far but I refused to let her sleep in the dress all night, and after a very heated make out session she didn't really have a problem with it anymore.

"I never got my ice cream. But that's okay because I've got my Calum instead." I chuckled at her lazy half asleep thinking.

"Your Calum huh? Does that make you my Katie?"

"Yes it does." She sat up and looked around for a minute and I could feel my heart beat sky rocketing from where her head had been placed on my chest.
She leaned over me to get to the side table and felt my breathe get stuck in my throat as the smell of her perfume filled my senses. It was an amazing smell to say the least.

She held a marker in her hand as she sat up again and straddling my waist. Now she is just testing my strength and patience.

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do Katie."

She smiled before leaning down and placing her hand over where my heart would be and for a second just stayed still and felt the thuding of my heart. After a while took the cap off the marker and drawing a perfect little heart over where my real heart would be, she then wrote her name neatly in the middle and just when I thought she was done she added an arrow to the heart. My god it was cute.

"You've got my name tattooed in an arrow heart." She giggled at her quote from my song before I quickly flipped us over and straddled her.

"My turn." I smirked before grabbing the marker out of her hand. I was kind enough to put my heart on the side of her stomach since her shirt had already started to rise.

"There perfect" I looked at my master piece before rolling off her and wrapping my arms aroung her waist which has started to become a habit.

It went silent for a moment as the only sound was the mumbled sound of the radio.

"You're amazing Calum." I sucked in a breathe as she started to slowly fell back to her half sleep state like earlier.

"And you're beautiful Katie." I looked down at her pretty little face just to see her eyes closed and her breathing starts to become slowler.

Just as Katie fell asleep her single came on the radio. When I first heard the song a few days ago I thought it was about me but now that I listen closer to the lyrics...

'In the night your heart is full and by the morning empty
But baby I'm the one who left you, you're not the one who left me'

I know now that there isn't only one meaning to her song.


Shit this is a long chapter so once again sorry if you're not into long chapters!!!

Serious question time!!!
Team Calum or Team Niall???

Let me know guys!

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