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A life of Payne

Chapter 39

Liam's POV
*2 weeks later, 12th March 2014*

It's been two weeks since Katie was expelled from university and yet every time I think about it I can still feel my blood boiling. Even just the mention of Sophia's name makes me ticked off, to think I use to be whipped over her and now the only girl that has me wrapped around her finger is Katie. Being perfectly honest I don't feel like I need any other girl besides Katie and yet over these past two weeks she has probably only said three full sentences to me but I don't blame her for blaming me. I should have seen this coming since it was technically my girlfriend at the time that did this to her.

For the first week after it happened she wouldn't even leave her bedroom for food, at one point she wouldn't get out of her bed all day but she seemed more scared then upset. No matter how hard I tried to get her to tell me what she was afraid of or who caused that bruise on her wrist, she never told me anything. The poor kid was so scared to even look out the window but after a week she started to ease up but still hasn't left the apartment and will go back in her room if there is people over.

I on the other hand left London about three days ago to come to LA. Louis and I are over here to start working on the songs for the new album and nothing I said or did got Katie to come with me.

It was hard to leave her considering that since she stopped going to university she has been making me have sleepovers with her or would come into my room (once she was comfortable leaving her room) in the middle of the night like a little kid would do just because she didn't want to sleep alone.

I can tell she isn't very happy about being alone because she makes me talk to her on the phone until she falls asleep. I don't even care that it's around the middle of the day for me when she is going to sleep because if I have to sit on the phone with her for two hours just for her to feel safe then I will.

I sighed and dragged myself out of my thoughts as I heard someone knocking on my hotel rooms door.
I looked through the peep hole to see a tired looking Louis rubbing his hand over his face to try and wake himself up. I instantly perked up as I remembered what was happening today.
I opened the door and quickly pulled Louis into a bro hug. Yes I am actually that happy.

"So are you going to tell me why the hell you woke me up so freaking early today?" Louis mumbled as he went to flop onto the couch but I quickly grabbed his arm and made sure he was still standing when I let go to put my shoes on.
"We're going to the pet store!" I clapped my hands together, I am far to happy for this plan I have but it's a good one.

"Oh! This one is perfect!" I said while pointing at the perfect little puppy. She was adorable and just perfect! Oh wow I sound like a girl right now.

The pet store lady picked up the small puppy and took her out back to get her ready.

"So why are you buying Katie a puppy? I thought she didn't like dogs." Louis said while we walked towards the different aisles of toys and accessories for dogs.

"She's scared of big dogs. I think I saw her pat Loki once before I decided to give Loki to Danielle, which I only did because Katie wouldn't go near the dog and if she is living with me I want her to be comfortable." I explained to Louis while I picked up a little pink collar for the puppy.

"Still I don't understand why you are getting her a puppy anyway. How do you know she likes small dogs? And why in general are you doing this?" He kept pushing me until I burst. I know I shouldn't have got upset but I really didn't want to think about what was wrong and just try and concentrate on what I hope to gain from this. Katie being happy again.

"Because Louis!! It was my idea for her to go to university and it was my fault she got expelled!!! Don't you get it? It's all my fault." I whispered the last four words while I started to walk away but Louis' voice made me stop and listen to what he had to say. Louis is the first person besides Ashley to know the Katie got expelled, Katie and I have done a very good job at hiding this.
"She got expelled? Oh my god and you left her home alone? She's probably sad as hell! We should try and cheer her up... Wait now I get what the puppy is for." I let out a small chuckle once he had put it all together.

Just then the lady came back out holding the key to getting Katie to talk to me properly again. The puppy now had a little pink bow in her fur right next to one of her ears, it matched the collar I had picked out perfectly. The collar was light pink with a big bow on the front that looked identical to the one by her ear.

"Does she have a name?" Louis asked while taking hold of the puppy so I could pay for everything.
"Her name here was Fefe, but you can change it if you please." The name was cute and sounded like something Katie would choose herself.
"The name is prefect, Fefe Payne."

I smiled down at the small puppy before we started walking back towards our hotel.

Now I just have to wait for Katie to get here.

Katie's POV

I rolled over to look at my annoyingly bright alarm clock, once my eyes had adjusted I saw that it was only three in the morning. I went to bed at one and only managed to get two hours sleep. Well that's better then nothing which is the amount I got on the first night Liam was in LA.

It's not that I didn't want to go with Liam because he did offer but I am no where near ready to leave this apartment. I mean Vinny could be in London plotting to hurt me somehow for all I know!
You can call me paranoid all you want but I think when it's comes to my safety or possibly even my life then I think a little precaution is needed.

I stared up at the roof of my room for about an hour and still didn't feel like I was going to fall back asleep anytime soon so I fell out of bed, yup literally fell out.
I stood up and stretched before pulling a big knitted sweater over my head and walked towards the balcony of my bedroom.

Once out in the cold London air, I lit up one of my last cigarettes and inhaled a deep breathe of smoke into my lungs before sitting down and looking out at the view that I have become very use to since I started smoking again.

Usually Liam would come out here with me but being out here alone just seemed to make me feel colder and sadder then it usually did so I took a few more puffs of my smoke before pushing the tip of it into my ashtray and going back inside.

I walked around the overly quiet apartment and cursed at myself for waking up at three in the morning.

After aimlessly walking around for about five minutes I finally decided to go into my movie room and just watch some movies for a few hours before actually doing something proactive.
I opened the DVD player before putting in my first movie choice of the day. Grease.

Well today is sure going to be slow.


I was hiding my face with my blanket as this movie I took out of Liam's movie room is freaking terrifying! I should have stuck with musicals.

As if that wasn't bad enough someone just happened to knock on the front door making me scream my lungs out and whoever it was heard because they started laughing at me.
I huffed before slowly making my way to the front door and getting on my tiptoes to look through the little hole and see who was here.

It was only Paul. For a while I debated with myself weather I should let him in or not because I didn't really have to do anything he told me to but ended up opening the door for him.

"Good to see your still alive." He slightly chuckled at himself but I didn't find it funny at all so I just blankly looked at him while I waited for him to stop laughing.

He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck before talking again.
"Uh Louis told me to bring you this when I picked you up." He held out a chocolate bar in my direction and I have to admit it has been a while since I had any chocolate mainly because I prefer ice cream when I'm sad. The smell of the chocolate was far to good to resist so I carefully took the chocolate bar out of Paul's hand and begun to eat it straight away.

"Pick me up for what?" I said while still having a mouthful of chocolate.
"For the airport. Liam doesn't think you should be alone any longer and wants you to meet up with him in LA." I nearly choked when he said those words to me.

"What? No! I can't leave the apartment. This is the only place I am safe!" I dropped the rest of my chocolate onto the coffee table and started to pace back and forth while trying to think of a good excuse I could use so I could stay here.

"I'm sorry Katie but we all agree that it's not a good idea for you to be alone when you're like this." He talked rather calmly as he point his finger up and down at me referring to how terrible and skinny I look right now because I don't have any reason to try and look nice when I refuse to leave the apartment until now. I know he has a point but I really wish he wasn't right just this once.


"Name?" The grumpy lady at the front desk of the hotel asked without looking up from her computer. You think it would be pretty obvious with all the people outside yelling my name and trying to get my attention but whatever.

"Katie Payne." I stated still not very happy that I had just landed in LA with Paul when I could be in the comfort and safety of the apartment back in London.
"Yes. Your room is number 175 and your brothers is 171. He asked for you to go to his room as soon as you arrive." She didn't look to happy that Liam had given her certain things to tell me but I just shrugged her off and made my way towards the elevator.

When the elevator stopped on the right floor and climbed out and looked down the hall until I found a door that said '171'.
I went to open the door but it was locked, Liam barely ever remembers to lock things so I'm not sure if he was here or not. Just to be sure I knocked and waited for about a minute and couldn't hear anything inside so I grabbed my suitcase and went to turn towards my room but just then the door swung open to reveal a overly happy looking Liam.

"You look awfully happy. Miss me?" I raised my eyebrows at him which only made him laugh and pull me into a tight hug. Those kind of hugs that for a second actually make you believe that noting in your life is wrong right now but it all comes back after a few minutes.

"I missed you so much!" Liam cheerfully yelled while kissing my cheek over and over again until I pushed him away from me while giggling.
I was about to say something back to him when I heard a small yelp come from further in the hotel room. I looked up at Liam to see a big grin on his face. I closed the door and walked towards the couch to see a small little puppy sitting on it. It was so cute and prefect! like one of the prefect little dogs you see on TV.

I walked a bit closer and held out my hand. It may be the cutest thing I've ever seen but I am scared of dogs for a reason and that reason happens to be because I was attacked by one a few years ago so caution is a must when I'm around dogs. She sniffed me hand before barking happily and jumping up to try and lick me. I giggled before hugging the small puppy then standing up to look at Liam again.

"Did you miss having a dog in your life? Was I not good enough?" I laughed as he pretended to be hurt by my words.
"No you're all I need baby girl, the puppy is for you." He beamed at me and made a genuine smile appear on my face for the first time in weeks.

"What's its name?" I asked once I realised that I hadn't found out the puppies name yet.
"Her name is Fefe, Fefe Payne." I laughed as soon as he stopped talking and had to hold onto Liam's arms so I wouldn't fall on the floor from laughing to much.

"Please tell me you didn't name her did you? I mean I love the name, it fits her perfectly but I can't imagine you picking the name." His cheeks turned ever so slightly pink at my words before he turned away to try and hide it.
"No actually she was named that by the people at the pet shop but I thought of you as soon as I heard the name so I left it as that." I pulled him in for another hug before walking back over to Fefe and patting her.

"Why did you feel the need to get me a puppy?" I asked while keeping my eyes on Fefe, for some reason just looking at her made me smile.

"Because I'm doing everything I can until you're happy again."


Hola! Guess who is back to full health and happier then ever... that's right it's me!

I am so overly happy to see that I now have over 100 subscribers! That's freaking awesome! I love you guys so much!!!

Now I know people hate self promotion but I'm going to do it any way.

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