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A life of Payne

Chapter 33

Niall's POV

I watched as Katie and Calum shared one last hug before she skipped off stage with her life sized teddy bear and roses.

The sad thing is I knew that Calum was planning that, everyone knew but Katie so I don't understand why I was so shocked with Katie's reaction. Any girl would fall head over heals with him if he did that for her and including the fact of how close and cuddly they were before the show then I really don't understand why I'm shocked.

Whenever I see them together and all cuddled up like in the dressing room earlier, all I can think about is how that could have been me if I didn't blow things out of proportion at the Cabin on New Years.
If only I didn't tell her I wanted to go back to being friends.
If only I didn't show up to Zayn's birthday with another girl.
And most importantly if only I didn't scare her in my car because now she thinks that I would actually hit her if I was angry and no man in their right mind should lay a hand on Katie in that way which is why I didn't try anything else in the car a week ago.

I didn't try to say sorry or tell her that I would never hit her because I knew she wouldn't listen to me and I didn't want to upset her more and now I have totally left it to long and can't mention it now without ruining Katie's night. No matter how jealous of those two I am right now I would never ruin what they have on the same day it happened. It would be nice enough for me to wait until at least valentines day when I know Calum won't be around. Not that I'm saying I'm going to ruin it or anything but technically speaking they are not an official couple so I still have a chance to redeem myself.

I moved away from the side of the stage as Katie walked further off the stage. I couldn't be around her without wanting her in my arms but how can I even think like that when I'm the one that hurt her feelings in the first place and nearly hit her. I'm not even sure what came over me when we were in the car that day but the fact that she still talks about her old family like they love her dearly and are trying everything to get her back is just bullshit. Not to mention that was the first day I saw Katie and Calum all happy in each others arms.

"You okay mate?" Liam asked as he came and stood next to me as we both watched Katie and Ashley giggle like five year old girls over the teddy bear and talk about how cute Calum was. It made me want to literally be sick.

"If I say I'm fine are you going to keep questioning me?" I turned to look at him and just saw him shrug his shoulders and keep his eyes on Katie. He had a look of pure joy in his eyes just by seeing Katie that happy. He is honestly an amazing big brother to Katie, who knew he would ever be so responsible for someone else besides himself.

"That should have been me, you know that right?" He finally turned to look at me and sighed before talking.
"You had a chance Ni, but you didn't make her that happy." He pointed towards Katie as he talked as she smiled and smelled the bunch of roses in her tiny hands.

"It's not to late. I can be like that too! I am like that I just need to prove it." He walked away from me without another word.

Liam walked over to Katie and hugged her before he walked to the side of the stage to watch the rest of the concert. Katie placed her teddy bear down as well as the flowers before turning and seeing me look at her. She gave me a quick and very small smile before dropping her gaze away from me and walking to the side of the stage as well. She seemed so stiff and awkward when she was looking at me, I needed a way for her to no longer be scared of me.

By the time the concert had finished it was around nine but it was easy to tell that everyone was tired so I doubt we will be going out tonight and Katie and Ashley don't really go out in public that much because Liam is scared that they will be attacked so I knew that Liam and the girls would be going straight home.

"Are you guys coming out with us?" Calum asked while snaking his arm around Katie's waist and making my hands ball into fists but I couldn't say anything because I felt like if I opened my mouth I would be sick.
"actually I'm kind of tired, Liam are you going out?" Katie asked in her innocent little voice that just calmed me even though she wasn't talking to me.
"No I'm not. We should probably head home. Do you guys want to come over and have a few beers?"

everyone agreed to go back to Liam and Katie's house and we began to make our way there.

"Niall are you coming with us?" Liam asked me as we made our way towards the back entrance of the arena. Katie looked quite panicked at the thought of being in the same car as me, she probably was thinking that I might try and hurt her again. Calum put his arm around Katie's shoulders but she still looked panicked, if Calum couldn't calm her down then she must really not want me in the car with her.

"I will catch a ride with the 5sos boys and meet you there." I smiled towards him and walked over to the other boys. I felt quite defeated by the look on Katie's face so I didn't try and talk to her just yet.
"Okay see you guys soon." Katie waved towards us but it was easy to see that she was directing it straight to Calum.

I huffed and walked over to the van with boys, we all climbed in and for some odd reason it was much quieter than it would usually be.

"So Calum? How are you feeling? We all saw her blush when she waved goodbye! That's a good sign." Michael rumbled on making Luke and Ashton laugh and agree with him while Calum blushed and what they were saying. I on the other hand sat there with my arms folded over my chest and tried my hardest to not look like I wasn't pouting.

"Guys stop it! I'm happy with how it went it's very obvious and it is also obvious that you guys are jealous!" Calum continued to blush as he talked. I can honestly say I have never seen a guy blush this much over one girl and they are not even a couple so it's easy to tell he will make a big deal about asking her out officially.

"How could we not be jealous! it's Katie freaking Payne we are talking about! The girl has boys all over the world drooling over her and she has only been famous for about two months!" Ashton had a point with his words. I don't understand how anyone could not be jealous over Calum and Katie, it's probably spread around the world by now and has countless hearts breaking right this minute.

By the time we arrived at the apartment building, they had spent the whole drive talking about Katie. I was completely and utterly ready to dial Katie's number and let her listen to what they were saying but I am sure Katie would blame me for trying to ruin things.
Liam's car was already parked and empty which means they arrived a while ago.

Once in the elevator, Calum began to get all cheery and fidgety at the fact that he would see Katie again which made me roll my eyes and scoff quietly. He just saw her like twenty minutes ago! He is so whipped already but I don't blame him. I should be the one all whipped over Katie!

We walked into the apartment just to see that all the boys were here as well as their girlfriends. Katie wasn't in the room but Ashley was busy snogging Harry which means Katie is alone!
Before I had a chance to ask anyone where Katie was they all started yelling at Calum how proud they were that he didn't stuff it up. I tried to open my mouth again to ask about Katie again but Calum beat me to it.

"Where's Katie?" He had this look on his face like when a child talks about their puppy. Pure joy at just the thought of it.
"Do you miss her already?" Zayn asked laughing at how attached the two were.
"Just tell me where she is so you can continue sucking faces with Perrie!" Cal stuck his tongue out and walked towards Katie's room once everyone pointed towards it.

When I looked around I noticed that all the couples were busy making out while all the singles were drinking twice as much and watching something boring on TV. But then I noticed that Liam was drinking and watching TV and not busy with Sophia which is slightly odd because I was sure that lately everything was fine between those two.

Calum's POV

I walked in the direction of Katie's room and couldn't help the smile that was starting to form on my lips just at the thought of holding Katie close again.
The kiss we finally shared on stage was beyond perfect and I needed to feel it again! I would never push Katie to far because I know how nervous and scared she would get but I am willing to wait if it means I get to at least hold Katie in my arms.

As I got closer towards her door I could here someone yelling and a much smaller voice as well. I finally realised that the person yelling was Sophia and the tiny small voice was a very scared sounding Katie. I just wanted to burst in there and protect Katie but I needed to know why Sophia was yelling or else I wouldn't be much help so I stayed quiet and tried to listen in on what was being said.

"I'm giving you one last chance you little skank! You will NOT go to the Brit awards! You will stay out of the public like you usually do and if you don't there will be consequences." Why the hell is Sophia black mailing Katie to stay home? That's just a bit weird.

"You c-can't tell me what to do. You don't have anything on m-me." Katie's voice was shaky and very strained, all I wanted to do was run in there and save her but I felt like my feet were glued to the floor.

"Go then. See what happens but I will warn you that I won't go easy on you this time!" Sophia went silent for a second before I heard something that sounded like someone getting slapped then Katie's small squeal before sobs were heard and the door began to rattle.

I quickly walked into Liam's room across the hall hoping that Sophia would go straight downstairs and thankfully she did. As soon as her footsteps faded away, I instantly ran into Katie's room just to see her lying on the floor with one hand over her cheek and the other hand trying to muffle her cries.

She hadn't noticed me just like I didn't notice I was crying as well until one of my tears landed on my hand snapping me back into reality.

I walked over to her. Both of us still crying.
I slightly touched her shoulder making her jump away from me a let out another small squeal.

"Please I'm sorry! Don't touch me!" She shrieked at me as she kept her eyes closed and started to shake because of how scared she was.

"Katie open your eyes." I spoke as softly and calmly as I could hoping not to scare her more. As soon as I finished talking Katie's eyes snapped open and she tackled me into a hug.

She violently sobbed into my chest as I lifted her up and placed her onto my lap.

I rocked her back and forth while trying to calm her down by whispering in her ear but nothing seemed to work and I understand why since she was just slapped by her brothers girlfriend.

Honestly I don't know how someone could treat Katie like this and anyone who does is just a monster.


Hey guys! I'm sorry this chapter took a bit longer than my usual updates or that I haven't been commenting back to you people but in all honesty my parents aren't in the country at the moment so I'm just being a normal eighteen year old. I got my second tattoo a few days ago and have been either drunk or hung over for about four days. That's what you do when you are alone with your tattoo and partying addicted boyfriend with no parents! But I'm done now!

I was extremely happy with the answers to the question from the last authors note! I have to say my favourite chapter is still chapter 22! Go read it again if you like!

Next Question!
How do you think Shane from Katie's university will be involved in this story? What do you think will happen with him?


Thank you xo

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