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A life of Payne

Chapter 31

Katie's POV
*3 weeks later. 3rd February 2014*

I stared at myself in the mirror.
You could literally see how nervous I was just by looking in my eyes.
Why did I ever agree to start university?

After a lot of thinking and Liam begging me to give it a chance, I agreed to apply for university and much to my surprise I was accepted.
Liam enrolled me into the music and drama classes meaning that I didn't have as many classes as other people but it also meant that the only degree I will be getting is as a musician/actress.

Liam said that doing this will help me find a career in the future, he said that I was talented enough to make it and that I shouldn't doubt myself and carry on the tradition of talented Payne's.

I took one last deep breathe before walking out of my room and towards the lounge room expecting to just find Liam but instead I found all of One Direction and 5 seconds of summer sitting in the lounge watching TV.

My first class wasn't until lunch time and it was only ten o'clock so I grabbed my blue converse from beside the front door and walked over and sat next in between Luke and Calum. I slipped my feet into my shoes and attempted to tie the laces but I was so nervous about today that my hands kept shaking.

"Here let me help." Calum's voice beside me made me jump and sit up properly so he could tie the laces for me since I couldn't do it.
"I want to help too." Luke said also making me jump as he tied my other shoe.

"You alright there Katie?" Liam asked while laughing at how nervous I was, I do not find this a laughing matter! In a few hours I will be walking down the halls of a university with no friends and countless amounts of eyes judging me.
"No" I told him truthfully because everyone here could see that I wasn't ok so what is the point of lying about it.

"It's okay Katie, just breathe." Calum soothed my worries away with just those words. How the hell did he manage to calm me down so easily when I couldn't even calm myself down?
I leaned into Calum's arms and hugged him which he happily excepted and hugged me back while we both turned our attention to the basketball game that all the boys were watching.

I was just beginning to understand how the game worked when it was halftime and Liam paused the TV to go and get a drink from the kitchen, Niall and Ashton followed Liam while Zayn went out on the balcony for a smoke. Oh how I could use a smoke right now but I haven't had one since I moved to London and today is nowhere near as difficult compared to what else I have had to face so I'm not going to crack now.

It was silent and I was still wrapped in Calum's arms, it was rather nice until Harry went and ruined it.
"Hey Calum? Can you tie my shoe laces too?" He had such a sarcastic smile on his face that if I didn't personally know how nice he could be I would think he was a huge asshole.
"You're not as cute as Katie is when your nervous so no." Calum replied with so much confidence in his words that it honestly made him more attractive in my eyes.
I knew I was slowly falling for Calum but didn't have time to over think it today because I had bigger things to stress over.

I checked the time on my phone to see that it was now an hour before my first class and since it's my first day I need to get there early to pick up my schedule and such.
I fixed my ponytail and checked my make up in the camera of my phone. I decided that I would drive myself since Liam has all the boys over and I wouldn't want him to have to miss the rest of the basketball just so he could drop me off when I have my own car.

"Bye Calum." I smiled up at him and we shared one last long hug.
He leaned towards my ear so only I could hear him.
"By the way Katie, you look really nice in blue. You should wear it more often." I couldn't help the blush that crept it's way to my cheeks as I stood up and proceeded to say goodbye to the rest of the boys but before I had a chance to even take one step towards the door, Niall stood up.

"Wait I'll drive you." He said while trying to pull his jacket on to fast and failing, he seemed just as nervous as me but I don't understand why. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in the same car as Niall considering we haven't really held a full conversation with each other since Zayn's birthday. Three weeks of not talking so I don't know why he is all of the sudden trying to make things better.

"I can drive myself." I didn't have much emotion in my words when I talked to him but I didn't do it on purpose.
"You're really nervous Katie. It's not good to drive like that." He seemed so cocky like he knew I was going to give in at any minute.

I looked around the lounge room to see that all the boys were now in here again and were watching us intensely. They all looked at Niall like they were ready to pounce on him if he said one wrong thing. It was nice to know that I had so many people that cared about me.
Looking down into Calum's eyes, all I saw was sadness like he knew what Niall was playing at. When I looked back up at Niall I saw a smirk playing at his lips like he thought he knew what I was about to say so I said something I'm sure he wasn't expecting.

"Fine. But I want Liam to come and pick me up." The look on his face when I said I wanted Liam to pick me up was just what I was aiming for. Hurt.
Why should he get to be so cocky when he was the one that ruined our relationship before it had even started.
"That's fine with me." Liam said while walking towards me to hug me goodbye.
"Now remember Katie. Don't listen to anything that anyone tries to tell you unless their a teacher and if people start to give you a hard time just call one of us okay? preferably me first." I nodded at his words and gave him another hug.
"Have a good day baby girl."

I smiled and held my keys out towards Niall, he took one look at them and rolled his eyes.
"I'm not driving your car! It's way to girly and besides my car is already here." He pulled his keys out of his jacket pocket and waved them around. I huffed before placing my keys back next to Liam's on the small table next to the door.

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked next to Niall as we made our way to his car.

The ride wasn't that long yet it was so awkward!
As he pulled up outside the main entrance of the university, I was just about ready to throw myself out of the car before it had even fully stopped so I have no cue as to what Niall hoped to gain from this. I would have been better off walking to the campus.

I went to open the car door but unsurprisingly found it locked. This seemed to be something Niall always did when I tried to leave a car before he had a chance to talk to me. Last time it ended with our first kiss, this time all that will come out of this if he doesn't hurry up is me being late to my first class.

"Please open the door." I tried to talk as calmly as possible while looking at my backpack that was sitting on top of my shoes.
"I didn't know you knew the word please." His words caused my head to snap in his direction and my eyes to glare at him.
"I have manners! I was brought up correctly and am not a famous snob so yes I know the word please!"

He looked at me shocked before he managed to regain his thoughts and talk again.
"You were not brought up correctly! You were raised to hate fame and the people that have it because your parents never wanted you to know the truth but the real truth is that they never loved you like you were their own! They never loved you as much as Liam had and that was before he had even meet you!"

He was so angry right now that I was scared he would hit me and for the first time in weeks, I felt the urge to cry over a boy.
"Please just open the door. I'm sorry." I managed to say even though it was so hard to talk while trying to hold back my tears. I had no reason to be sorry but felt that if I didn't say it that it would just anger him more.

Niall's hand reached out towards my arm and I was actually that scared that I flinched away from his touch. I was that scared of someone I have to see on a daily basis that I flinched away from his touch.

Without another word Niall unlocked the car door and let me leave.
As I stepped out of the car I couldn't help but notice all the stares I was receiving from countless amounts of people, it wasn't at all like I thought it would be. It was worse.

Why the hell did I ever agree to this?


I walked down the halls of the university by myself as I gripped my schedule and books close to my chest.
Everyone was in groups and were gossiping about me as I walked past. Not one person had bothered to introduce themselves to me today and for some reason it's really starting to brother me.

I walked down the hall and looked at all the lockers until I found my one. It was the first time all day that I had enough time to find my locker and it was only because my classes were finished for the day.
I put in the combination and it opened straight away. Thank goodness!

Just as I was putting in my books that I no longer needed today, my locker was slammed shut and nearly caught my hand.
I looked up to find a group of girls that were all looking at me like I was a piece of dirt. It was an extremely hurtful look.
"What's up baby Payne?" One of the girls spat at me and before I had a chance to reply she pushed me causing me to fall to the floor and drop the books I was still holding.

"What? You're not even going to put up a fight?" Every word she spat at me sounded so evil but yet I couldn't bring myself to retaliate. I just sat there and watched as everyone still continued to stare at me.

She continued to spit hurtful words to me but I tried my hardest to block out what she was saying. Just then a boy walked over and held his hand out for me so he could help me stand up. I hadn't seen him around today and he wasn't the friendliest looking person but I took his hand and he helped me up then turned towards the girls.
"Back off Nicole! It's her first day and she doesn't need a slut like you harassing her!" He spat his words at her just as harsh as she had to me.
"Whatever Shane. Don't come running back to me when little miss famous screws you over for someone better than you." I hated the way she talked about me but still felt like I had no voice.

The girls walked away and the boy who I now know is called Shane turned to look at me.
He looked like a typical bad boy. He wore black and had countless amounts of tattoos just like Liam and the boys except Liam and the boys always looked warm and welcoming unlike this boy. He scared me and I haven't even talked to him yet.
"Shane." He held his hand out for me to shake but yet he had a really smug look on his face.
I took a step back from him before replying just as short as he had.
"Katie." I didn't want to shake his hand so I looked at for a second before looking back up at his eyes. His eyes were so cold and dark compared to my warm brown ones.

"See you around baby Payne." He whispered in my ear as he walked closer towards me.
I whimpered at how close he was to me, I don't like being this close to people that I don't know and this guy had a bad vibe about him.

He walked away from me just as I let out the breathe I was obviously holding in, just then I saw Liam walking down the hall with everyone now staring at him and not me.

"Hey Katie." Liam said as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, even though everyone was looking and making me uncomfortable I hugged back anyway.

"Did you make a friend?" Liam asked while nodding his head towards Shane who was now leaning against a locker watching us intensely.
I shook my head before talking.

"No I didn't. He scares me." I told him truthfully
He looked at me with sad eyes.

"Did you make any friends today?"
I looked down at my shoes and shook my head. I felt so embarrassed that for some reason I couldn't even make one friend on my first day. I use to be so popular in high school and now I'm just an outcast.

Liam wrapped one of his arms around my shoulders and walked us towards his car.
"It's okay Katie, you will always have me." He smiled down at me and I instantly felt better.

Once we were inside the car I slumped back against the seat and looked out the window.
"What are you thinking about?" Liam asked me as he kept his eyes on the road.

"Why do you think no one likes me? I tried really hard to be nice to everyone."
I sounded like a little girl that got snobbed on the playground but that was exactly what today felt like.
He sighed before grabbing my hand and rubbing circles on the palm of my hand.

"Their just jealous Katie and you know why? Because you're unique and special and talented. They wish they were you baby girl."


Hey hey!
So what do you think of the chapter? I am so extremely happy to see that I have 59 subscribers! like that's amazing! Oh and by the way I deleted the Authors Note because there was no point having it there and it just annoyed me.

Anywho my boyfriend Shane helped me brainstorm and write this whole chapter! Which is sort of based on my first day of uni but the reason I didn't make any friends straight away was because all the girls were busy staring at Shane! How cute is that? Not cute at all. And let me tell you he is not very impressed with what I have planned for the character called Shane but you guys will just have to wait and see!

This is kind of a rough idea of what the Shane from Katie's university looks like.


Thank you xo

Kass_april Kass_april

This is really good!

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Thank you sweetheart! xx

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I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

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Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (:

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