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A life of Payne

Chapter 21

Katie's POV

I managed to get the boys to leave me alone after awhile but trust me it took a lot for them to leave me be.

I sat on the cold tile floor of my bathroom for what felt like hours just listening to Sophia and Liam shout at each other. The only sound coming from me was the small whimpers I would let out when I heard my name mentioned or when I heard Sophia call me countless different names.

I couldn't find it in me to stand or even move at all for that matter. I just sat there listening and thinking. Thinking about how screwed up my life was at this very moment, I have nail marks down my cheek AND arm from two different people. I have endless amounts of hate messages on twitter that I haven't even cared about until now, it didn't actually bother me until now. Maybe everyone hates me just as much as Sophia does. I cant even begin to imagine how much my old friends in New Zealand hate me for not explaining this to them.

I just left everything behind thinking this wasn't going to be as bad as I imagined it to be but I was wrong, it's worse.

All of the sudden Sophia barged into my room with Liam and the other boys hot on her heals.

"Sophia! you can't just barge in here! It's her room." Liam screamed at her even angrier than before.

She looked around frantically until she found me on the bathroom floor. I gathered all the strength I had in me and backed up against the wall and brought my knees up to my chest.

"You stupid cow! Do you realise how much you have ruined my relationship? All he has cared about for nearly three months is getting you here!" She yelled at me hovering over me.

My eyes instantly widened at her words.

He's been working to get me here for three months?

I was told he didn't know that Karen and Geoff wanted me back. He lied, of course he did.

"That's right! Let it sink in. He always knew that they were getting you back, he knew all along that the police would make you leave your family! There was never even a choice, you were always going to become a Payne before you turned 18!" She carried on screaming at me but I just sat there letting it all sink in.

He lied to me.

"Sophia that's enough!" Liam tried butting in so she would stop talking but she just pushed him away and carried on.

"Why do you think he had your room done already? Because he also knew you would be living here! He knew everything about you months ago. Your favourite food, where you lived, everything! You were ruining everything before you even got here." She spat out her last sentence like it was venom then turned and pushed through the boys before slamming the front door on her way out.

The boys all stood by the bathroom door and looked at me with the most guilty looks. I bet they all knew about this and just played along.

I managed to get to my feet and slowly walked to the door and shut it. Not caring that I just shut the door in their faces.

I couldn't even find the energy to move back to the wall so I locked the door and slid down it.

I couldn't even cry I was that emotionally drained.

I could faintly hear the boys asking me to open the door and let them explain but I just tuned it out and stared at the pink titled wall. He really must of really known a while ago if even the tiles in my bathroom were pink.

How could I be so stupid?

How could I not see this?

What I didn't understand is why they did this to me. Why did they insisted on taking me away from my life before they had even meet me?

I sat against the door for at least an hour.

Not talking, Not moving. Even when I knew that I was getting uncomfortable and stiff I still sat there.

I heard the faint sound of my bedroom door closing which either means that the boys had left and come back or they finally gave up trying to talk to me and just left now.

I shakily got to my feet and unlocked the bathroom door as quietly as possible. I opened the door just a crack and looked around my bedroom.

I didn't see any of the boys so my first thought was to run straight to the bedroom door and lock that one so I had a bit more space instead of just the cold bathroom tiles.

I looked around my room for absolutely anything that could help me out of this place.

I looked over at the desk on the other side of my room and realised that I haven't really looked at the stuff on it so I made my way over to it.

Once there I noticed a pink laptop sitting neatly in the middle of the desk. I rolled my eyes at the fact that he got a pink one so it matched my new phone he gave me which now that I think about it he probably only gave it to me so I couldn't contact anyone in New Zealand because I didn't have their numbers anymore and they didn't have my new number.

The next thing I noticed was a small cream coloured wallet sitting next to the laptop. There was a small note sitting on top of it so I picked up the note and began reading it.

I'm not sure how long it will take you to notice this but when you do I want you to open the wallet while reading this note.

I did what the note said and opened the wallet to find that all the card slots were already taken except one.

I have had a credit card made for you and some other cards that you may need around town like a library card and that sort of stuff. You may notice there is one slot empty, well that spot is for your drivers license that I'm going to help you get once you turn 18!
Love from Liam xx

This was perfect! I could use the card to buy a plane ticket!

I checked my phone to see it was only 4 o'clock. Let the planning begin.

Next stop New Zealand.


To make my plan work I had to convince the boys that I was okay now or else they wouldn't leave me alone long enough for this to work.

I stepped in the lounge room and it didn't even take a second for all five boys to stand up and look at me.

"Katie please let me explain." Liam said stepping closer towards me.

"You don't need to explain. I understand why you didn't tell me, you were just trying to make it easier for me. You didn't want me to know about it sooner because you knew I wouldn't agree, you were just trying to make sure this move was easy for me. I understand why you lied." The words felt like they were choking me as they came out but I needed them to believe I was okay.

They all looked at me like I had just grown a second head.

"Your not mad at me?" Liam asked in a very small tone compared to how he was talking to Sophia.

"No. You were only thinking of me when you did all this. You didn't want me to waste my life with a family I didn't belong in. I understand now that I didn't belong there, I was treated differently. I understand everything but I'm really sorry I came between you and Sophia." I felt like I was about to be sick just by saying these things.

"Don't be sorry about it! You didn't do anything, she just doesn't understand that you need me more right now than she does."

I nodded and walked away to the kitchen to get a drink. After all if my plan to leave is going to work I need a coffee to keep me awake until I get on the plane tonight.


*Later that night*

I had my smallest suitcase packed with only the essential things I would need until I got back to New Zealand.

My plan was working perfectly. The other boys had left a few hours ago and Liam had said good night to me.

I waited about half an hour before I checked to see if Liam was actually asleep.

I tiptoed into his room and saw him fast asleep under the covers. Perfect!

Picking up my suitcase, I carried it to the front door so it wouldn't make any noise.
Very slowly and quietly I opened the front door to the apartment.

I turned around and took one last look around the place, I don't think I could miss this place even if I tried.

Once outside of the apartment building I got in a cab and told them to take me to the airport. I cant believe I pulled this off, I can go back to my old life and pretend this never happened.


I stepped out of the cab after paying him with the small amount of cash I had on me.

I pushed my sunglasses higher up my nose and fixed my bun on the top of my head. I decided to tie my hair up and just wear really, really simple clothes because the only pictures that paparazzi have taken of me I was dressed nicely with my hair curled. So now I'm doing the exact opposite hoping no one will know who I am as long as I keep to myself..

Once I had stepped inside the airport the realization of going home hit me and I found myself smiling.

Pulling my suitcase behind me, I walked around until I managed to find my way to the ticket sales area.

patiently I waited in line until it was my turn to approach the ticket lady.

"Hi! Where are you looking to go today?" The overly happy lady asked me. She wasn't that young or anything so I decided to take my sunglasses off before I talked to her.

"Hey, Um one ticket to New Zealand please." I said while looking around to make sure there wasn't to many teenagers around.

"And what will your return date be?" She asked while typing things down on her keyboard.

"One way." I said making sure to sound slightly happy even though I was beyond broken.

Just as she began to ask for my card to pay for the flight, the whole airport was filled with the high pitch sound of the fire alarms.

For god sake I was so close!


After the airport was cleared and people were let back in I had to go back to the ticket lady and start all over but when I looked at the departure board I saw the next flight that went straight to New Zealand wasn't for two hours.

It's already 9 o'clock at night and now I have to wait another two hours. Urgh.

I decided to walk around for a while to see if I could find something to eat.

I was just about at the food court when I noticed a curly head boy sitting at one of the tables. When I got a bit closer I noticed it was Harry!

I quickly put my sunglasses on, backed up and turned around. None of the boys had seen me with my hair up or with sunglasses, maybe that will help me stay hidden?

Thinking for anywhere I could go to avoid Harry, I scurried along to the bathroom hoping to waste some time by doing my make up or something.

I was nearly at the ladies room when I noticed Zayn leaning up against the wall next to the bathroom. Fuck.

My next thought was to go and find a sooner flight that was halfway in between here and New Zealand just so I could get away faster.

But when I got to the area where you wait to buy tickets I saw Louis sitting in a seat looking at everyone who walked past him. Shit this can't be happening!

I had to get out of here before one of them saw me.

I turned around as fast as I could to make my way towards the front of the airport when I collided with someone. Luckily I only stumbled and didn't fall on my ass. I looked up to see Niall rubbing his chest where my head had hit him.

"I'm real sorry!" Niall said with so much attention in his voice maybe he knew it was me.

I decided to believe that he didn't know it was me so I just nodded before walking away as fast as I could.

I turned around for a second to see Niall staring right at me while he talked on his phone. Crap! He knew it was me.

The safest place right now was out of this airport. I tugged my luggage behind me but as I made my way out of the sliding doors I but was instantly greeted with Liam's black SUV parked right in front of the doors. Complete with Liam leaning up against the side of the car.
He stared at me waiting for me to make the first move.

Quickly turning around hoping to save my plan and actually get on a plane, I started to walk back into the airport but only took two steps before I was face to face with the other four boys.

I stood their not really sure what to say or do.

The next thing I know Liam grabbed my suitcase and shoved it into the boot of his car.
I still didn't move. I didn't want to go back there.

"Katie get in the car." Liam said with a rather caring tone which is really weird because I thought he would be pissed at me.

I turned to face Liam before talking to him.

"Why can't you just let me go home?" I said just above a whisper.

"Because this is your home."



Thank you xo

Kass_april Kass_april

This is really good!

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Thank you sweetheart! xx

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I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

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Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (:

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