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Just Another Jock

Meeting New People

Summer's POV

As I walk into school trying to avoid Louis, his group, and Noah. I head to my locker to get what I need before my next class. I turn to see a few girls staring at me.

"Hi, I'm Perrie Edwards, they're Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirwell, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock." The girl with pink and blond hair says pointing to each girl as she says their name.

"Hi, I'm Summer Johnson." I greet.

"We were curious if you'd like to hang out with us? I mean your brother has apparently become a part of a group." Jade points out my brother with Louis' group. Well then, traitor.

"How'd you know he's my brother?"

"Well," Jade begins, blushing, "I talked to him yesterday. He said he had a sister named Summer. Plus, I wanted to make sure he didn't you know, have a girlfriend."

"You know, I could get you two together if you like?" I comments with a smile.

"Seriously?!" she squeals.

"If you want, yeah."

"Oh my gosh, please?!"

"Sure," I giggle.

"Do you know Zayn?" Perrie asks.

"Kind of, but I'm trying to avoid my brother's new group. Sorry." I sigh.

"No, it's okay, a few of them are players. Mostly Louis and Harry. They're each other's wing man. I saw him all over you yesterday, so we decided to show you the ways of the school such as who to date,who to hate, and which girls to stay away from." Perrie explains.

I turn back to my locker and pull out my algebra notebook and my textbook. I turn to see a guy with blondish brown hair. Compared to me, he's a giant, but that's because I'm short.

"He's okay to go out with. He's also new." Leigh-Anne whispers to me.

"Hi," he says looking down at me.

"H-hi." I stutter.

"So I heard that you're new here too. And I also heard that you live down the street from me." He says.

"I didn't know anyone else moved in on that street. I'm sorry, You don't even know my name, I'm Summer, Summer Johnson. And you are?" I ask nervously.

"I'm Jamie, Jamie Matthews." he smiles.

"I've always loved the name Jamie." I comment.

"Cool, do you wanna hang out at lunch?" He asks.

I turn to look at the girls who are wildly nodding their heads up and down as a yes.

"Sure." I accept.

"Um, what class do you have right now?"

"Algebra with Mr. Folger , you?" I ask back.


I look behind Jamie to see Louis jealously looking at Jamie and I. 'He just wants sex!' I keep telling myself, so I don't feel bad.

"What is going on here?" Louis approaches us.

"Well, since all you and Noah want from me is sex, I'm going to hang out with Jamie at lunch." I say.

"But I told you that it's different with you!" Louis shouts.

"But how am I to know if you're not lying to me? How many girls have you told that same line to just to get them into bed? Don't worry, take your time counting it up in algebra."

I turn away feeling my chest hurt.

"Stay away from her!!" Louis shouts at Jamie whose walking with me. Jamie turns around to flip Louis off as we walk away.


So, tell me what you think. Sorry, I tried to update on Monday, but my freaking math teacher thinks math is the most important subject ever meaning that we have to do 500 math problems that aren't even necessary for the future. Anyways, tell me what you think please if I can get just a few comments, I'll be willing to update.


I love it so far!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy

I apologize, but you'll find out why later in the story. I hope you like it so far. Thank you for reading!!!

Why is Liam the bad guy?!??!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy


Lol, thank you ever so much. :-)

Honest I'm super excited for the update.