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Just Another Jock

Party (Part Two)

*Summer's POV*

I feel Liam kiss back as Louis pulls me off of him. I can see hurt and anger written all over his face. I smirk because well, he's practically obsessed with me. He's a wannabe punk, or rocker, I'm not quite sure yet.

"Why? Why did you give your first kiss to Liam?" Louis asks.

"First off, he actually seems to care. He even told me that he likes me in science and he helped give me self confidence. I appreciate him." I say.

"Dammit, Summer, that was suppose to be me! Why do you seem to hate me!?" Louis shouts.

"Hate is a strong word, I prefer dislike, and it's because you are obsessed, I am no celebrity, I'm a nobody, no one knows me besides the school and my family."

"You are not a nothing, you're going to be something, I swear it. And I'm not obsessed, I've just fallen in love with you."

"Louis, stop trying to fucking trick me, I'm not fucking stupid, I'm a fucking sex toy!" I shout as everyone turns to listen. I can feel the girls giving me death stares, and the boys looking at me as if I had taken all my clothing off.

"Excuse your language, a young lady like you should not cuss." Liam warns.

"Fuck this! I'm done! I try to tell you how I feel and you brush it off and claim all I want is sex! I'm not a fucking animal!" Louis says taking off.

I feel my heart drop into my stomach. It's true that he could have fallen in love with me within the time span of 0.2 seconds, but with him being who he is, I don't think it could be true.

"Liam, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I kissed you, you probably didn't want to kiss me, it was just something to set Louis off." I apologize.

"Summer, if you didn't notice, I'm as guilty as you are, I kissed back, and I'd do it again. I really want to do it again." Liam explains. He slowly leans down and this time, gently presses his lips to mine.


Am I now in a relationship with Liam?


Thanks for reading, all of you. Your comments make my day. Proof that love at first sight is true : Love at first sight. Any shipping names? Thank you all, Love you loads!


I love it so far!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy

I apologize, but you'll find out why later in the story. I hope you like it so far. Thank you for reading!!!

Why is Liam the bad guy?!??!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy


Lol, thank you ever so much. :-)

Honest I'm super excited for the update.