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Just Another Jock

First Day

Summer's POV

I listen to my alarm clock scream at me to get up. I drag myself out of bed and brush my hair. I pick out an outfit, a white dress that's see-through before the chest area and long sleeved, white pumps, my clover necklace, my dad's watch, my phone with a cover with a cross on it, and my floral backpack. I check in the mirror to make sure I look okay and walk downstairs.

I eat my cereal quickly and follow my brother to his car. Before we can leave, my mother comes rushing out to tell us something.

"This morning I talked to the neighbors and they insisted that we come over for dinner." my mom tells us.

"Okay, bye, Mom, see you after school , have a good day." I say, hugging her.

"Bye Mom." Chris waves. We get in his car and drive off to school.

I look at the school as we pull up. We get out,walking close to one another. My mother got our schedules when she signed us up for this school.

"What do you have first, Elly?" he asks.

I know you're probably curious why he's calling me Elly. Well, my full name is Summer Ella Grace Johnson. When we were smaller, he had a very noticeable lisp and couldn't say my name right, so he'd call me by one of my middle names. His full name is Christopher Jace Nolan Johnson. Jace had been pasted down through my family for generations. I call him by one of those names.

"I have algebra. You?" I question back.


A few minutes of just sitting on a bench and talking go by then the bell rings. Terror strikes me as Chris walks me to the classroom door and leaves me there.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Folger (A/N pronounced Foljer). I say that because we have a new student joining us today. Please stand up right here, say your name, and something about yourself." Mr.Folger says.

"Oh, okay. Hello, my name is Summer Johnson, and I don't really want to do. . . this." I trail off.

"Fine, just go sit next to Harry, Harry, raise your hand." Mr. Folger shouts towards a boy with long curly hair and tattoos.

"Hey there, I'm Harry, so how about you make this easy and give me your number, Baby?" Harry asks, placing his left hand on my leg and slipping it up a little bit at a time.

"Or you can keep your dirty hands to yourself, 'Baby'?" I suggest mockingly as I pull his hand away from my skin.

He then leans in to whisper in my ear, "Feisty, I like it, why don't we ditch this place and go fuck in the bathroom, Babe?"

"I'm not one of your cheap whores, and your probably lying about sleeping with these poor girls on this campus, so why don't you just leave me out of your sick, despicable fantasies? And next time you call me babe or baby you'll be sorry."

The class ended finally after being harassed the whole time by Harry. I walk over to my brother, and hear a huff.

"So that's why you wouldn't sleep with me, you have a boyfriend." I hear Harry say from behind me.

"WHAT?!" Chris shouts.

"THIS IS MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell.

"Oh, well, I'm gonna go find my friends, see you later Summy." Harry winks walking away.

"Summy?!" I shout in confusion.

I walk to my locker and pull out a journal and my book for science. My brother walks me there and walks over to a guy with blonde hair. He and my brother fist bump and walk to their next class. I shrug off what I just saw and walk into the class. I take the only lab partner available.

"Hi, I'm Noah Anderson." He greets.

"I'm Summer Johnson. Nice to meet you Noah." I smile at how cute he is.

"So, how was first period?"

"It was okay if you count being hit on and having some tattooed jackass grabbing at you as good then it was fantastic."

"That's despicable"

"Yeah, it's sickening."

"Maybe you should stick with someone." He suggests

"Well, I usually hang out with my brother."

"Is his name Christopher?"

"Yeah. . . "

"He's also new here, so I assumed."

"I understand, no need to explain that you're not a stalker." we laugh at my little joke and go back to talking

"He's hanging out with Niall, right? Blonde hair, blue eyes, Irish accent?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry, but I think we should start working."


As we walk out of the classroom, someone taps on my shoulder. I spin around noticing Noah. I look into his eyes.

"Summer, will I be seeing you at lunch?" He asks.

"Yeah, sure." I say, as he smiles and gives me a side hug.

I walk away with the biggest smile I could possibly have on my face. I walk over to my brother and Niall I think is what Noah said.

"Hey Chris, and I think it was Niall that I've been hearing?" I say as more of a question.

"Yeah, and your name is?" Niall asks.

"Summer." I shake his hand, so he takes the chance to pull my hand up to his lips and place a kiss on the back of it.

"Today we'll be hanging out with Niall's group." Chris grins.

"Cool, is it okay if I kinda ditch, I told Noah I'd be seeing him at lunch. Unless he can come hang out with us."

"Sure, tell him when you can." Chris answers.

We walk to language arts where we meet another guy who Niall tells to look after me. Christopher and Niall walk away.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson, and Niall already told me, you're Summer Johnson. Damn baby, you shouldn't wear anything see-through anywhere near your chest, guys will go crazy over it. You don't know what guys here are like."

"Well, I'm pretty sure that it can't get worse then the jackass who asked if I wanted to ditch to go have sex in the bathroom. Then he wouldn't keep his hands away."

"And that's why you have us. You are going to with us at lunch right?"


"I wish you'd put a jacket on." Louis winks then looks towards my chest area. My jaw drops and use my arms to cover up my skin.

I feel him lean to my ear to whisper something.

"Don't tell your brother about anything we do or talk about to you, he wouldn't be very happy and he wouldn't have friends because him and our group would get into a fight. I don't think you'd want your brother to get hurt now would you?" he asks, placing his right hand on my leg.

"And I thought you were nice. Get your hand off of me!" I shout loud enough for only the people around us to hear.

"Calm down, just remember what I told you." He says smirking.

"You're just as bad as Harry!"

"Oh, you met Harry already, he's the guy who wanted to fuck you?"

"You know Harry?"

"He's part of my group. C'mon baby, no need to get bitchy, just take this, I don't want some asshole trying to look down your dress." He says, handing me his jacket.

He seriously needs to make up his mind whether he wants to be an ass or not. He's nice one minute then the next touching up on me.

Our language arts teacher Ms.Max let us do whatever the whole period then let us out early. While sitting in there Louis kept pushing the limit.

We walk outside with his arm around my waist keeping me close to him. His jacket was still on me.

"Why is your arm around me, I'm not your girlfriend?"

"But I'm not letting someone think you're free, I don't want some bloke shoving himself onto you."

We walk over to the table with the guys. I leave my stuff with my brother, so I could find Noah.

"SUMMER!!!!!" I hear.

I turn around to see Noah and from the direction of our table, Louis.

"Hey Noah, my brother's forcing me to hang out with his friends, so I wanted to see if you wanted to sit with us." I hug Noah as Louis comes over.

"Sum, why did you leave without one of us? You've already got some guy hitting on you." Louis asks.

"This is Noah, sorry Noah, Louis is hateful of any guy who looks at me and is very disrespectful." I apologize.

"It's okay, I'd love to sit with you guys!" Noah says not taking his suspicious look away from Louis.

We walk over and just as I was about to sit next to Noah, Louis stopped me and pulled me away from everyone.

"I don't trust Noah, I think he wants to get into your pants." Louis pulls me closer and whispers in my ear.

"He's not Harry, Lou. I don't even know you so please leave me alone." I add walking away and sitting next to Noah.

"Hey, Summer, can I have your number?" Noah whispers in my ear.

I take his phone from his pocket and dial in my number. I then give him my phone and leave him to the rest.

"Why are you wearing a guy's watch, don't you think that's weird?" Harry asks.

"Um, I'll be. . . back." I choke out.

I walk away form the table letting tears slip from my eyes thinking about how I got this watch.


I sit next to my dad's bed in the hospital. I bite my inner cheek to keep from crying. He leans over to me, his pale face showing his pain.

"Summy, I want you to have my watch. I remember when you were five years old, you were so fascinated with it. I want you to wear it everyday. I want to be with you everyday and experience it with you. It'll remind you that life has plans for you Summy, you'll go far. There is always at least one reason to live life, that reason may be a person, a place, or a passion. You may not have found your reason, but you will someday. I love you, Sum." He croaks out then turned to my brother, "Chris, watch out for your sister, I want you to walk through the day with her. I want you to be the model in her life that I can't be anymore. Don't ever make her feel unwanted. Hurt anyone who does. I love you, Son, but your sister will need you more than I when I pass away."

I sat there next to him as he became drowsy and talked about the weirdest of things. After a while he fell asleep. His breathing slowed down, and soon enough, his heart stopped. I listen to the beeping of the heart monitor in the hospital room scream in my ears. I was frozen there with his cold hand in mine,his watch on my wrist, and my clover necklace on my neck. I feel someone pulling me out of my chair that I hadn't left for days. Nurses come in and try to bring him back by running electricity through his body, but he just lays there, Lifeless. I feel wetness slip from my eyes as I'm still in the hazy thoughts of my mind, trying to comprehend what just happened.

*Flashback Over*

"Summer, are you alright?" I hear my brother ask as I sit up, noticing all of the group. My hair feels wet, so I put my hand up to my head and pull it away to see what it is. Blood. I must've collapsed.

Louis looks the most worried. I try to say something, anything, but I can't speak. I'm so confused by what's going on that nothing can come out of my mouth.


So tell me what you think. Once I find out I have at least one subscriber on this I'll update. Please tell me what you think though.


I love it so far!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy

I apologize, but you'll find out why later in the story. I hope you like it so far. Thank you for reading!!!

Why is Liam the bad guy?!??!

queen.lizzy queen.lizzy


Lol, thank you ever so much. :-)

Honest I'm super excited for the update.